Bathing in the Mud 1
15 Boozy Bathing in the Mud

Boozy Bathing in the Mud

Motor festival "Medvezhy Ugol" ("Bear Corner") . A drunk driver of
Bentley stopped in the mud and decided to bathe there. Poor car!
the fountain of dirt in Novosibirsk, Russia 1

26 The Dirt Fountain

The Dirt Fountain

The fountain of the dirty smelly liquid richly spread passing by
cars in Novosibirsk yesterday. See the photos and the video.
volcanic dirt resort in Russia 1

13 Dirt Resort

Dirt Resort

Russia is not very reach on warm sea or ocean coasts, there is only warm shores on the Southernmost part of Russia and the good season doesn't last all year round, but there is a
good alternative - the dirt resorts. They have beaches so people can relax and get some sun and when they got enough sun they can go to the dirt for some bathing...

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