11 Sleepboxes In the Airport

Sleepboxes In the Airport

Such a capsule recreation room appeared in the Moscow airport Sheremetyevo. They are not used yet,
but are planned to be used by the end of 2012, when fully functional sleepboxes appear.
6 Soft Drink Cans From the 80-90s

Soft Drink Cans From the 80-90s

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi and other similar drinks were rarely imported and sold in the USSR but everybody remembers an unusual taste and
American names. The companies producing the drinks were trying to adapt them for the Soviet market. Let's remember how they looked like.
9 Auto Exhibition In Moscow

Auto Exhibition In Moscow

Modern and customized cars from
"AutoExotics 2012" in Moscow.
6 Pangolin Mercedes

Pangolin Mercedes

This is Mercedes S65 AMG Dragon. Konig Motor company is ready to make a unique  luxury sedan for $68 200. Luckily the guys
from Konig Motor didn't touch the engine of the car, it is still powered by 12-cylinder V-motor (612hp, 1000N·m).
3 Russian Shrek And Fiona

Russian Shrek And Fiona

Far from noise and curious eyes, in Akimovka settlement of the Zaporozhye region, there is a
cosy and spacious stone castle where happily lives a couple of spouses the Galitskiye.
2 Olimpiisky Stadium Today

Olimpiisky Stadium Today

Some more photos from the Olimpiisky
stadium taken just recently.

10 Project of the Future In Baku

Project of the Future In Baku

Zaha Hadid is probably the most famous female architect of our time. Here we present photos of her project - the Concert Hall of the Cultural Centre named after Geidar
Aliev in Baku, Azerbaijan. The absolute harmony of smooth lines creates an illusion of eternity, the inside concert hall is fully (!) made of natural wood.
2 The Open Day Of The Kiev Metro

The Open Day Of The Kiev Metro

March, 30th was the Kiev Metro's open day. We are going to show you its largest station that features
the largest number of floors. It's called Dorogozhychi and it's just turned 12 years old.
0 Theatrical Scenery In Miniature

Theatrical Scenery In Miniature

Spectators admiring a play don’t think about how much work it takes to stage it. It is a highly laborious work to design and create costumes, accessories,
scenery… Irina Kuts is a production designer of a drama theater in Sevastopol who along with theatrical scenery creates their miniature copies.
0 The Largest Theater In Russia

The Largest Theater In Russia

Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater is the most important theatre in Novosibirsk and Siberia. It was completed in February, 1944, the first performance being held on May 12th, 1945. It is the largest theater in Russia (larger than the
Bolshoi Theater in Moscow!). Located in downtown Novosibirsk, on Lenin Square, it is the symbol of the city. After its renovation in 2005, its computerized stage equipment became the most technically advanced in Russia.

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