5 Unusual Christmas Turkey

Unusual Christmas Turkey

Christmas turkey is something cooked in many houses these days. We decided to make it too. But the recipe is not usual at all. We
gonna stuff the turkey with cherries and grapes, serve it on pancakes with cabbage and celery under the spicy sauce!
2 Traditionally Russian Apple Candies

Traditionally Russian Apple Candies

Belev candy is a wonderful originally Russian delicacy. It appeared in far 1888. Its recipe was created by a merchant Amvrosy Prokhorov. He made this product famous abroad too. It used to be served to noblemen of
Russia, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Georgia. It would not have been possible if this product didn't have a wonderful taste. We are specially going to the Tula region to see how it is made.
45 How To Survive a Crisis?

How To Survive a Crisis?

Do you know how to turn a simple sunflower seed into a piece of delicious meat? If not,
ask the Russians - some of them know nice ways of how to survive the crisis...
31 Borsch – A Delicious Red Soup

Borsch – A Delicious Red Soup

Borsch is a very delicious and specific kind of vegetable soup and a part of national cuisines of many countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, etc. There are hundreds ways of cooking borsch. For example the Ukrainian borsch is usually cooked with fried meat (when you need
to make it quicker) or raw meat (originally beef or pork). It consists of boiled vegetables (beet, onion, cabbage and carrots) which are added in broth later. Borsch is commonly boiled for 20-40 minutes and when it is ready, is a real tastiness with sour cream!

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