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15 Condi at Work

Condi at Work

Russian people love Condoleeza, so they
design a better workplace for her.
17 The Video Sunday

The Video Sunday

Every week many of new videos appear in Russian part of Internet. Some of them become very popular and circulate among numerous Russian blogs etc. We often put them here too and now decided to collect them all during the week and publish in one separate post let's say on Sundays. So meet the first video Sunday. The first video was made by some Russian guys as an answer to the speech of Condoleezza Rice. It was that time when she expressed the position about Russian actions in South Ossetia and Georgia. The makers of this video replaced Condi with Darth Vader and ..., well, see it yourself above. The video got very popular in Russia last week. The
next video was widely discussed on Russian Internet last week. It's an ad from Pioneer electronics company saying "Better use GPS when travel to distant and unknown places".   And now some Russian music. This video was a true hit last week among bloggers and others. It's an example of Russian gangsta-rap. The rising star is Slava Mook, was warmly accepted by many, many requests for mp3 and HD versions were posted and Slava promised to continue publishing his new songs. It's easy to become popular these days. Well, we stop here today, next Sunday see more Russian hits of the week.

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