11 The Most Fashionable Russian Pensioner

The Most Fashionable Russian Pensioner

The city of Kirov, Russia, has its own fashion icon whose name is Victor Kazakovtsev. He is a former accordionist who is more interested in fashion today. Victor creates different looks from things he buys
cheaply in second hand stores. Some people make fun of him, others consider him to be a style icon. But almost everyone smile looking at him. He looks so unusual and positive in his images.
3 Production of Down Jackets

Production of Down Jackets

Their down jackets are worn not only in Russia but also in the USA, Canada, Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway), South
Korea, India, Slovenia, Chile, Latvia and even in Israel. We have a unique chance to see how they are produced.
7 Children of Perestroika: What They Wore

Children of Perestroika: What They Wore

Let's remember how kids and adults of
perestroika time used to look and what they wore.
9 Some Attention to Russian Stars

Some Attention to Russian Stars

Photographs from the Russian musical award
MuzTV. Sparkling fashion of Russian stars...
38 Hipsters From Omsk

Hipsters From Omsk

The residents of the Russian city of Omsk do know much about style. They put their soul, experience and even a bit of the country's history into
their appearance. Their clothes are a kind of reflection of a sublime mystery of being and an elevated tragedy of human life...
22 Stylish French Women In Soviet Moscow

Stylish French Women In Soviet Moscow

In 1959 French models and clothes of Fashion House Christian Dior arrived in Moscow for a fashion week. Soviet people of those times who had just survived the most awful war in history could never forget the beautiful ladies and their dresses. The French guests took some photographs that were even published in LIFE magazine. Soviet people were simply shocked by what they saw. It was written on their faces that were luckily photographed by Howard Sochurek. Besides,
everything French has been in the fashion for many centuries in Russia: the French language, French novels, French fashion itself... Soviet women were charmed by French stylish beauties.  They wanted to resemble these French, try one their furs and dresses... Inside the post you can look through the instructions that were given to the French citizens before their arrival to the USSR by officials of the French embassy in Moscow.
20 Torn Jeans? There Is a Way Out!

Torn Jeans? There Is a Way Out!

Tear the legs fully away and hitch them on
chains. Voila! New fashionable jeans are ready!

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