2 Roads of Chukotka

Roads of Chukotka

Blogger sergeydolya has been recently to Chukotka (cold region in the Russian Far East) and prepared some interesting materials to his readers. One of them is all about roads. Blogger did not see asphalted ones at all (few
only in a settlement of Pevek). It's a land of washed out roads and paths. It's kinda tough but people never complain. They take the situation for granted. Just like adverse weather they cannot change.

7 Secrets of Polar Weather Forecasting

Secrets of Polar Weather Forecasting

This is a polar meteorological observatory in Valkarkay. Quite recently its interiors were filmed for a Russian movie. People, occupied here, do an important job, because the Far Eastern weather is not about
decisions whether one need to take an unmbrella or not. Sometimes the data of the observatory may save someone's life in the severe region.  Let's check out how they work and forecast weather at Valkarkay.

2 We Have a Nice Catch!

We Have a Nice Catch!

Winter fishing does not bring much in Egvekinot of Chukotka, Russia. But it does not upset locals because they may catch
crabs in winter! The process itself is rather entertaining. You can see it on the photos of blogger basov-chukotka.

3 The Nuclear Arsenal of Chukotka

The Nuclear Arsenal of Chukotka

This unique installation is situated in cold Chukotka of Russia, it was built in the time of confrontation of two strong nations. It is a kilometer long self-contained underground structure cut in the rocks. The
facility has a lot of branches provided with full nuclear protection. The object was created for storage and maintenance of nuclear weapons. Blogger underspace has been to the place and shared these images.

0 Cold and Hopeless, But Still A Populated Place

Cold and Hopeless, But Still A Populated Place

The settlement we are going to show you is located in a cold Russian region of Chukotka and called "Snezhnoye" which means "Snowy". Blogger Eugeny Basov says it's not the place you'd wish to come back
to. Snezhnoye was founded in 1929 when Soviet activists opened the first state farm in Chukotka. Many professionals were sent to work there, the farm had over twenty thousand head of deer.
Chukotka 1 1
5 Worse Side of the Russian North

Worse Side of the Russian North

A trip to the end of the world that is called Chukotka. It's really hard to live there and it seems that the climate prevents people from building roads and houses and existing normally.
The underpopulated region as it was, started to be abandoned in the 1990s-2000s, they were leaving home towns and settlements... We are going to visit some of them today.

7 Wild Trip to Chukotka

Wild Trip to Chukotka

Being in Chukotka is such an adventure! Check out a
dose of pictures of one extreme trip to the region.

2 The Reverse Side of the Earth

The Reverse Side of the Earth

Have you ever tried to sleep at -9C? Those who did say that one can sleep in comfort even at -25C. 28 марта
2013 года. We are at the far place of Chukotka (in the Russian Far East) which is called Siklyuk.
6 The Lost Land

The Lost Land

The project called "Lost Chukotka" is an attempt to preserve the history of Chukotka of the twentieth century. This land used to have its settlements, its own culture, industry, military power, it was the place where many people tried to survive. Today these places are history. Besides there are no many people left
who can tell about this land, the land which is grown with tundra today. One photographer, who lives in Anadyr, Chukotka, has presented some photos of the land and called the project "Lost Chukotka". He was striving to visit as many Chukotian places as possible and show them to the world.
5 Where Winter Is Wild And Beautiful

Where Winter Is Wild And Beautiful

Wonderful Chukotka
in photos.

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