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18 The Most Beautiful Pipe-Rolling Factory Ever

The Most Beautiful Pipe-Rolling Factory Ever

Being invited to a tube-rolling factory one may ask: "What is so interesting in grey, dirty and plain workshops?" Well, in Chelyabinsk tube-rolling factory
everything is a lot different. Following the previous post about this extraordinary Russian factory let's have a tour along its bright and colorful workshops.
Russian weird helicopter house 1

9 Weird Russian Helicopter House

Weird Russian Helicopter House

It was photographed near the Chelyabinsk city. It's an actual
house and people live there, at least in summer time.
production of google earth artefact in chelyabinsk  1

51 Smile to QuickBird

Smile to QuickBird

The production of Google Earth "artefacts" - the bright spots on the dull satellite landscapes seems to be a popular task nowadays in Russia. We've had already a story about guys from Moscow who have written a curse word on the roof of one of the buildings which can be nicely see now at Google Earth. This time a whole crown of people in participated has been aware of the exact
timetable of the "QuickBird" satellite passing over the Chelyabinsk city and planned to make a big yellow smiley face of their bodies on one of the city squares in order to commemorate their city in Google Earth. You can see on these photos some part of this process, if it was successful or not we'll see after the next Google Earth update.
Prehistoric Fish in Russia 1

208 A Prehistoric Fish in the Russian Pond

A Prehistoric Fish in the Russian Pond

Look what they have found in Chelyabinsk city. The story is that there was a construction site with a deep foundation ditch. They have touched some underground river in that place so the water in the ditch didn't get away so it stayed there full of water. Then some workers a few months later spotted some movement in this water, they threw some pieces of
their lunch in the trench which caused a big activity inside. They were puzzled who is there? And caught one thing up then in big panic stepped away cause it tried to bite them so they had to kill it with some equipment and here are the remains of it. It was around 5 feet length. Nobody of them got any idea of what's that:
Satka, Russia, near Chelyabinsk 1

14 Steel Playground

Steel Playground

Steel style children playground in small
Satka town near Chelyabinsk, Russia.
26 Some of Russian Airports

Some of Russian Airports

Some airports of Russia. Just amateur shots of them. The shot above is
one of Moscow airports. There are a few of them in Moscow.  
lada 99 russian car, hole in the road
9 Russian Roads 3

Russian Roads 3

Russian roads continue surprising me. This shots are made in Chelyabinsk city, but it was commented by native Russian viewers as "it can happen in any Russian
city, for sure". Just take a look: For some sort of a need some construction workers have dug a hole, and no fencing around of it was provided.

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