4 Russian Willie Wonkas At Work

Russian Willie Wonkas At Work

This is one of the sweetest factories in Russia. It was built in 1970 under the project of an Italian company "Carle and Montanari". In 1995 the factory started its
cooperation with "Nestle" company. Today it makes a big variety of chocolate sweets. All Nestle products produced in Russia are made here, at this factory of Samara.
2 Traditionally Russian Apple Candies

Traditionally Russian Apple Candies

Belev candy is a wonderful originally Russian delicacy. It appeared in far 1888. Its recipe was created by a merchant Amvrosy Prokhorov. He made this product famous abroad too. It used to be served to noblemen of
Russia, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Georgia. It would not have been possible if this product didn't have a wonderful taste. We are specially going to the Tula region to see how it is made.
5 Chocolate For Sweet Tooths

Chocolate For Sweet Tooths

Those with a sweet tooth shall enjoy the report because we are going
to show you how chocolate and chocolate candies are made.
5 Papabubble Candy Production Technique

Papabubble Candy Production Technique

Papabubble is both a Spanish company and production technique that allows candy makers to
create mini works of art of different colors and shapes right before your eyes!
6 Chocolate Heaven In Lviv

Chocolate Heaven In Lviv

Today we'll get a chance to visit a real heaven for everyone having a sweet tooth and those who like making chocolate presents. It
is not advisable to look at the pictures if you are hungry for sweets and can't run out and buy some immediately.
11 Chocolate Kamasutra: Two Temptations In One

Chocolate Kamasutra: Two Temptations In One

Meet chocolate temptation that has acquired
great popularity in Russia and Ukraine.
19 The cockerel lollipop for everyone

The cockerel lollipop for everyone

An annual Christmas festival “Russian winter” is getting on. In addition to a terrific gigantic felt boot and a primitive
gigantic ruble in Revolution Square there appeared a gigantic sugar cockerel lollipop. Though it didn’t gladden for long…
Russian candy
25 An Insect Candy

An Insect Candy

In Russia one can buy
an insect candy.

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