7 One Ordinary Siberian Shop

One Ordinary Siberian Shop

This is an ordinary shop in Siberia. Like any other one. But could we ever think that so many strange and
amusing moments are caught by cameras there? Some people do such things which are really hard to explain...
Copy 3
15 Soviet Copy-Paste of Gadgets

Soviet Copy-Paste of Gadgets

Let's see what gadgets were popular in the USSR and
where the idea of their manufacturing came from.
crashed camera 1
23 Crashed camera

Crashed camera

That was the state of a Sony Alpha A200 when the author of these photos got it. It was... Let's say someone trod it down several times. The rear view is the same - broken LCD leaked,
protective plastic cover was missing. It was absolutely clear that there's no way to repair this poor camera. So a curious mind and a screwdriver were set on foot.
self-made camera 1

19 self_made_camera


One Russian blogger made a camera from the two matchboxes and a tin beer can.
Somebody submitted us his camera and photos he made in St. Petersburg.

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