russian car sprinkles people  1

32 Speed is Everything

Speed is Everything

Why slow down? Why care about all those
losers waiting for the bus? Really why?
bus crashes bus stop in st. petersburg 1

18 The Bus Misses Stop

The Bus Misses Stop

This bus in St. Petersburg, Russia,
has missed its stop badly.
Russian Bus Stop 1

8 Another Bus Stop

Another Bus Stop

People report that this bus stop just suddenly felt down on it's backside under a severe wind
pressure and all the people surrounded it that were waiting for the bus were standing shocked.
Russian bus stop 1

14 Horror Bus Stop

Horror Bus Stop

Sometimes there is a place for horror not only in the abandoned places but even at public bus stops. This is
a regular bus stop with such a piece of horror on top. Sign reads "I was a looser, I took a bus".

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