3 Reserve Bridge Building

Reserve Bridge Building

The work of the reserve inspector is not only romantic patrolling of forests, chasing poachers and observing nature. The territory development also takes a lot of time and energy. For
example today in Kronotsky reserve was finished the restoration of a river crossing for snowmobiles and cross-country vehicle over the nonfreezing Lebjazhka River.
On the Building of Kotelnicheskaya Embankment  1
12 On the Building of Kotelnicheskaya Embankment

On the Building of Kotelnicheskaya Embankment

Here, in this building, destinies of people were becoming history. It's quite an interesting
place in Moscow. These photos have been taken from the site between 27th and 28th floors.
Abandoned Dental College 55
33 The Creepiest of the Abandoned Buildings?

The Creepiest of the Abandoned Buildings?

It seems we've found the creepiest abandoned place! The old dentists clinics - all
these pieces of teeth and old medical tools - what can make it creepier?
30 Plaster Defect

Plaster Defect

Recently there was restored a wall of one dwelling house, but ... it seems
that some defect is seen on the wall? What's that? Let's see closer ...
That\'s How Houses Move 1
20 That’s How Houses Move

That’s How Houses Move

To make streets wider and for redevelopment  in pre-war Moscow about 100 houses and buildings were moved. They were shifted together with lodgers and during the moving process plumbing, sewage etc. were still working. Thus, for example, in January 1937, there was moved a laboratory house of a records factory in
Aprelevka weighing 690 tons. It was followed by five small buildings preventing breakthrough of the Moscow river near Serebryanny Bor. Here specialists mastered  complicated lines of the buildings shift - change of movement direction, turns.  Here hydraulic jacks were used for the first time.
tower collapse in Moscow, Russia 1

49 No Tower

No Tower

These buildings are kind of symbols of Moscow. They were built during Stalin's rule and often are associated with Moscow architecture. A few days ago for unknown reason on of those
buildings got one tower collapsed. No any aerial objects were matched on the site during it collapsed, probably there was something wrong with Stalin's mathematics.

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