44 Better Shot

Better Shot

They really need to be more careful when performing such winter car racing. This girl was hit by the moving car when she wanted to make a
better shot. She's OK but in hospital with a broken leg now. The video of the incindent is below. via vkontakte.ru
Life in Russia
24 Daily 16

Daily 16

Some assorted stuff
submitted by Russian readers.
Soviet Means of Transportation
29 Soviet Means of Transportation

Soviet Means of Transportation

Soviet means of transportation.
Just self-descriptive.
Parking at the bus stop in Russia
8 Bus Stop Parking

Bus Stop Parking

They say this guy was too drunk and took the bus stop for his
parking garage, so he parked and left the building.
Russian spare part 1

20 Spare Log

Spare Log

The import of USA second hand cars in Russia was booming for a few last years before the economic recession has started. Hundred thousands ex-USA owned cars were imported. The spare parts for such cars are not that
cheap as the cars themselves because you know, you need to import them from overseas and pay many taxes. So some people find substitutes from the locally available materials for their Jeep Cherokees.
Life in Chechnya, Russia 1

45 Life in Chechnya

Life in Chechnya

And meanwhile in Chechnya,
Russia, at formerly war scene...
24 Russian Truckin’ 8

Russian Truckin’ 8

Sometimes trucking in Russia might be dangerous.
Especially when you need to cross a river or two.
14 Video Sunday 2

Video Sunday 2

Today some videos popular on Russian Internet. First one above is from some Christmas sale! Riding a bike can be dangerous! This guy was adored by many. He tried to brake a bottle, but no luck
:( Tajikistanians working on construction sites of Moscow are very creative. Once we had "Jimmy Jimmy" singer, now a dancer. Some road accidents in Moscow, Russia.
Russian accident 1

16 How Did They?

How Did They?

This one is the most strange accident
probably of those that were featured here.
Russian coca-cola truck  1

18 Don’t Sex and Drive

Don’t Sex and Drive

This Cola-Truck driver amused all the fellow drivers by smashing all the obstacles entering the opposite lane and then ravishing thru it right to the river. When the police came on to crime scene
and saved the driver and his passenger they figured out that she was all dressed except her underwear - so the reason of the accident was put "an accidental sex during the driving".

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