Roads in Russia
13 Thanks for Help

Thanks for Help

Thanks for
towing me out!
Smallest Bigfoot from Russia
11 Baby Big Foot

Baby Big Foot

If Big Foot cars could have babies that one could
be one. The smallest big foot is from Russia?
18 Russian Water Taxi

Russian Water Taxi

Russian taxis from Kirov city must be
the most extreme taxis in all Russia.
Russian police car, it's cool
23 Russian Police is Cool

Russian Police is Cool

Russian police is cool
and XXX, see why:
Audi from Russia 1

42 Car with Surprise

Car with Surprise

This car was bought by a Russian guy via an online ad, just a common thing. It's price was around $13,000. Here is the screenshot of the ad. Then after the car was purchased the new owenr noticed that one of the speakers in the
car was not working so he decided to fix it, so he dismantled the door to see what's the matter with the speaker and found a bunch of photos there together with a letter. The photos and the text you can see below:
Russian car
17 Cars and Stuff 5

Cars and Stuff 5

This sign was about slippery road and one
car decided too look closer on it.
Russian fun
23 Surprise to a Neighbour

Surprise to a Neighbour

That's how some Russian young people surprise their neighbors. They
find a car of their neighbor standing on the parking lot, then...
Russian cars parking
50 Efficient Parking

Efficient Parking

When the parking lots are small and the surrounding residential buildings are big and
populated they have to park the cars this way. Probably, they access the cars from behind.
Snow Car in Russia
20 The Snow Car

The Snow Car

If the snowmen could drive they could
prefer this Russian snow car for a ride.
Russian construction hardware
55 Russian Special Construction Hardware

Russian Special Construction Hardware

Some companies in Russia earn their living by buying cheap old Russian army vehicles and converting them to civil engineering and construction hardware that then is being used at the various construction sites in Russia. With those it comes like, passing across a place where the new residential complex is being built a big military camouflaged tank can appear
from across a corner equipped with a hoe instead of the gun. Also, it might be handy in exporting to third world countries where the construction areas are sometimes being combined with a battle front. Such construction machinery won't be an easy target and would be able to continue digging under the light to moderate range fire.

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