Russian car of wood

13 Wooden Car: In Detail

Wooden Car: In Detail

We have had the wooden car from Ukraine some time ago here, but
here are the more detailed views of this creation.
Russian tow truck

7 Tow Truck Fail

Tow Truck Fail

Some tow trucks in Russia don't just tow your car away, but would not
leave you any chance to try parking in the wrong place next time.
Parking in Moscow, Russia

10 Park Bit Closer

Park Bit Closer

We've had already here an evidence that people try to park effictevily in Russia, and here is another exactly same situation, when a few cars were parked
as close as they could so the owner also had to get out through his car's fifth door in order to be able drive out from his parking lot.

25 Fire?


It looks like it fire, but
what's burning?
Travel Russia Cars
16 Travel Russia Cars

Travel Russia Cars

When someone goes travel to Russia he needs to be well equiped. I am not talking about the big cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg or some other urbanized areas of the country, no when he goes to Real
Russia, he needs Real Russian Camping Cars. We have here today the most suitable recreation vehicles that Russian people use so that to make their weekend camping nice and easy.
Russian ferrari crash
15 And Another One

And Another One

So it is a fourth in a row in this month.
Though it's a Ferrari, not Lambo now.
Russian u-turn in Kharkov
6 No U-Turn

No U-Turn

What people tell about those photos is: "Some guest from the proud Southern Republic came to Kharkov and wanted to make a u-turn where it is not
allowed. At that time the road code was protected not only with silent road signs but also with 30cm (10 inch) thick layer of gravel stones."
Russian lorry blown up
6 Blast from the Gaz

Blast from the Gaz

This Russian "GAZ" lorry blew up right near the appartment building. Probably it was also revenged for parking on the sidewalks, like this Toyota suv, though this time they got it
bit over the edge and paid with the broken house front windows thanks to the blast wave. The firefighter thinks that this is a good shot for his cell phone cam.
65 Sorry, Wrong Car

Sorry, Wrong Car

This is the most viral video of yesterday from Russian Internet. Here is the quote from the original Russian post about this video, made by author: "Those Aizerbajanians (in the second Porsche Cayenne) has robbed the bank and killed one, wounded another bank worker and he has probably died later, this was in the news. They weren't caught at that time, but here comes the information that those bandits are going to the centre of Moscow on the black Porsche Cayenne with the plates number 177-177 on the Lenin Ave. The Moscow police special forces went there same moment and prepared to infiltrate them. First they got the report from the previous intersection that Cayenne has passed by - so you guys prepare to meet them. They stop the car, break the windows, throw light grenades inside the car but then notice that instead of the gang of Southerners there are only two Slavic dudes. Which, as they explained later, were going to Moscow downtown for the lunch. While police were processing those first guys they got a message by radio that another black Cayenne with 177 plates has passed by. As you
see the second one was correct. They had the same numbers on the plates but different letters. The Police has payed for the repair works for the first car, don't worry. The police acted so violently just because those were real organized criminals and because they have killed bank people, and because they were not lying down as asked, and because... well there were many reasons for this. Take a note that they hadn't beated the guys from the first car, and those from the second who acted as were asked too. According to the rules they need 5 people to intercept the car: first is breaking windshield with a hammer, others break the side windows and throw the light grenades inside. They shot the wheels because the car's gear selector was not at "P" position and was continue moving. Just to sum it up: they were catching not those who steal something small from the pockets and that's why acted like this". The video itself is below, guys from the first car got really in the bad place in the bad time:
Russian man stuck
9 Can’t Get it Back

Can’t Get it Back

He was called the "Fail of the day" yesterday on
Russian Internet. Look what happened:

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