9 Some Videos 10

Some Videos 10

Some videos for today. The first one is about the Russian truck ZIL which tries to beat the river loaded with saw wood. Second one is about some guy who uses something that would you never think of to fool the other fellow drivers on the road pretending that those are police blinkers. In the next video you can see how it actually looks like on the road: Road police should be mad, but they really can't do anything with someone having a pair of baloons attached to his SUV's roof. And from the great distance it looks pretty decieving. Next two about Russian army. First
is probably how someone might perceive it. And that's how the young soldiers entertain guys whose service comes to an end. It's an old tradition, but before it was called a "Train for Grandpa". The younger ones call the longer serving soldiers "Grandpas".Now they have bikes instead the trains, but the scenery is being generated same old way. Now if in winter they used ropes for group jumping from the railway bridge, now they jump without anything. And that's it for today, ladies and gentlemen.
Russian driver hit

10 Beware Flying Particles

Beware Flying Particles

A story of a Russian guy going home by the highway and then his car's windshield hit suddenly by a 10 inch (25 cm) metal particle which depleted from the ahead moving lorry truck was popular today in Russia. Having a nice reaction a lot of luck he managed to lean left when the thing still hit him
into the right should and then made a nice hole in the back seat. The driver of the truck that presented him this metal thing first slowed down for a second but then probably decided it's better not to he got away to the next exit. So beware moving behind the trucks!
Russian roads

16 Durex for Brad and Hit Tuareg

Durex for Brad and Hit Tuareg

Meet Ivan Brad, 38, senior road inspector of Russian road police unit. Some PR guys of Omsk city decided to get more attention from the drivers by putting full sized Brad Pitt faced figures that they call "Ivan" on the roads of the city. And same time young lady of Moscow, Ms. Anna, decided
to conduct her own attention experiment. You can see her driving license on the photo above together with the creative wrapping she made. It includes two Durex thingies in it, so her strategy was to look how the policeman's face changes when he gets such kind of ID.
Russian Carmageddon

15 Real World Carmageddon

Real World Carmageddon

"Carmageddon" was a name of the video game, which was racing in general, but the task for the participating drivers was to destroy the cars of the competitors and with that gain a victory. Now in
Russian city Novosibirsk they have races with around the same rules. The only task is to destroy. And while there would your competitor's car still running then you have not won.
Russian girl parking

23 Parking Sensor Fail

Parking Sensor Fail

This Russian girl was parking her Land Rover SUV and was moving backwards. Then her car fell down from the edge and smashed a few cars parked down there
too. Then the girl was asked: "Why did you do this?", and her answer was "Well, my parktronic (the parking assist system) was silent!".
Russian gold plated porsche

10 Gold Plated Porsche Found

Gold Plated Porsche Found

Seems that the Gold plated Porsche that was reported stolen has been found and now we can see it in
detail, with all its few hundred golden tiles and golden screws helding them on the car's body.
Russian car thieves

25 New Car Thieves

New Car Thieves

If before car thieves mainly were looking inside of the car to get some accidentally left bag or car cd, then these days they switched to the surface of the car, thanks to all this fast electrical tools available to public
today. The car owner is risking to find his car stripped of most vital body parts in minutes when he leaves his car unattended on the street. Below photos a few of such accidents happened in Russia.
Russian ferrari got burned down

30 Ferrari on Fire

Ferrari on Fire

How reliable Ferrari cars are? Let's ask this unnamed owner of Ferrari from Moscow Russia: "I owned Ferrari for 30 minutes. Just bought it for 600,000 EUR and was heading home, when I noticed some smoke coming out from under the hood, I promptly pulled to the sideway and ran out of the car. Just in minutes all my new Ferrari
was caught on fire. I really don't know what has happened." We hope her Ferrari has just had some uncommon flaw and the luxury cars of this well known brand are safe and reliable. The firemen that came to help, just couldn't do anything, though they got nice photos and video footage for us now.
Russian gold coated BMW

21 Russian Gold Coated BMW

Russian Gold Coated BMW

Meet gold coated BMW M5 from Moscow, Russia. It's a good rival for the Russian gold plated Porsche that as
people said was hijacked already right in the middle of the day at busy Moscow street.
Another Russian parking

16 Another Parking Genius

Another Parking Genius

And yet one more parking genius. As people say he parked, but couldn't get out from the car,
obviously, and then he wasn't brave enough to drive out too, so just stayed in the car.

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