russian tractor deep in the water
8 Drowned tractor and magic mushrooms

Drowned tractor and magic mushrooms

Almost in every Russian village there is a story about a drowned tractor. Many tractors were being drowned during the Soviet period. During Soviet period of Russia all the vehicles belonged to a governmental structures and all the people worked in those structures, there were no any private farmer. So the governmental property was not treated with care. Often
drunk tractor drivers were fond of visiting lakes and rivers accompanied with Russian girls for some swimming and just for tractor riding fun (during Soviet period there were almost no passenger cars in private ownership in Russian countryside). Often such trips were finished with a drowned tractor. Just like on the pictures below:
bad russian roads
18 Bad, bad roads

Bad, bad roads

There is a saying made by a Russian  writer Nikolay Gogol "In Russia there are two big problems: bad roads and a lot of fools". He said
this almost 200 years ago, but if he said this today he would hit the point again. Just have a look on the picture below.
russian taxi with a corpse in the trunk
11 Corpse in the Trunk

Corpse in the Trunk

Have you ever seen a taxi car cruising across the city with a dead man’s hand
pulling out of the trunk? Most of people didn’t, at least until now.
4 Russian SUV Niva as a bigfoot

Russian SUV Niva as a bigfoot

Somebody turned Russian
car niva into a SUV...
boat of abramovich, russian richest man
14 R. Abramovich, the most wealthiest man of Russia, what cars boats and planes does he have?

R. Abramovich, the most wealthiest man of Russia, what cars boats and planes does he have?

The most famous Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich lives mainly in London, UK (Englishmen call him Red Rom) . He owns UK soccer team Chelsea and tries to enter UK high society with all his best. He spent more than $100M for buying new players to Chelsea team. There had been rumors among London high society that if Abramovich’s Chelsea would win European Cap the Queen of England would make Roman a knight, so he would be Sir Roman Abramovich. Last time Chelsea failed to do this, despite the huge sums Mr. Roman spends on it, hopefully they would succeed next time and he won’t be sorry about all the investments he made. Meanwhile let’s see what means of transportation uses Roman Abramovich and his successors in term of financial wealth in Russian hierarchy. Abramovich has a lot of garages across the world, in Russia in London
in USA and in Europe. He has plenty of different cars. The variety of them is also great. There can be found Porche Carrera GT, Aston Martin DB, very special and unique Bentley  Brookland which weights 6250 lbs. But his famous car for business visits is Mercedes S600 Pullman. He takes it everywhere he goes it’s been transported with a cargo plane following him worldwide (as well as presidents of Russia or USA do). Of course this car is heavily armoured. There is one interesting fact:  Roman never travels in one car with his wife, by his words if the car would be hit by some evil missile or bomb or just would get in accident he doesn’t want his 5 kids would loose both parents at once. Wise guy isn’t he? By the way he is only 40 years old. Just a young boy.

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