24 Some Russian tunning. ZAZ

Some Russian tunning. ZAZ

During the Soviet times Zaporozhets (or ZAZ) was an inexpensive Ukranian automobile for ordinary people. It was famous for petrol heating in salon. Nowadays it has become a real rare car and one of the
symbols of Soviet era. Probably that's why some street racers and professional designers like to take old ZAZ models and convert into new racing cars. Some transformations look really amazing.
car made from VAZ car 1

3 Just Another Strange Car

Just Another Strange Car

It's another something found on Russian streets. What's is of most interest in this "vehicle" is that it seems both
parts of a car and of a bike were used in it. The trunk is from Russian LADA car, but reduced in its width.
russian car remake 1

8 Another Russian Car for Winter

Another Russian Car for Winter

Russian people from countryside continue to upgrade their cars for more comfortable coping with the winter, bringing to
the world new strange masterpieces like this one, made from the most budget car of Soviet Era "Zaporozhets".
LIAZ Russian bus 1

31 What Can Be Done With an Old Bus

What Can Be Done With an Old Bus

This is an example of an old Soviet-Russian bus LIAZ that still can be often meet
in Russian cities on public transportation routes, like on the pic above.
strange russian car 1

28 Old Russian Car That Could Swim

Old Russian Car That Could Swim

One guy has told about a car that stays in his parking. It history goes back to Soviet times, the communist sixties. It was a car that was designed and built by special Soviet car company, it had many advanced features at that time. It had some features never being implemented in Russian cars before: the clearance could be
adjusted from with dashboard buttons, like on some modern SUVs, it had a button to start an engine, instead of a key, the dashboard indicated the current gear selected etc, it had heating of rear and front windows, and the main thing - it could run float on water as well as on regular roads.
russian slime car 1

6 Slime Car

Slime Car

This Russian car on the streets of Moscow looks like it's dirty with some kind
of red slime, I wonder if it feels like a slime when one touches it too.
Russian cars drawn with a ball-pen 1

7 Pen Drawn Cars

Pen Drawn Cars

Somebody has sent us the photos of cars, mostly Russian
cars, drawn with a regular ball-pen by some Russian guy.
old russian monster trucks 1

33 Abandoned Strange Russian Trucks

Abandoned Strange Russian Trucks

These are abandoned
Russian strange cars.
russian ambulance 1

12 Russian Ambulance

Russian Ambulance

Sometimes Russian
ambulances look like this.
russian budget race 1

17 Russian Budget Racing

Russian Budget Racing

Car racing is an expensive sports, everybody knows that. You need to spend thousands dollars after each round to repair and tune up your racing car. Racing teams rely on rich supporters. But people in smaller Russian cities can't afford this, does it mean they are deprived of the possibility to race?
These guys from Yekaterinburg, Russia make their races in their own way, on a small playground in the middle of the neighborhood, surrounded by living blocks. Another strange fact about this race that according to the photos most of the viewers are military and/or policemen.

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