1 If Only Everyone Could Drive Like This!

If Only Everyone Could Drive Like This!

We would probably have no problems on the roads.
Look how he feels the vehicle size! True master!

3 Custom Built Cars: Soviet Style 1987

Custom Built Cars: Soviet Style 1987

The USSR had a lot of creative people indeed, many technicians, sometimes even non-educated but deeply interested and curious about all that stuff. Such people lived in Bryansk too. There was a club in the city for those who built custom cars and its members regularly met to show what they did. The first meeting was held in Moscow back
in 1963. But these pictures are dated 1987 and they demonstrate custom built cars in Bryansk. They have been published just recently by blogger Andrey Chudakov from Vyazniki, Vladimir region of Russia. He used to be a member of that club as well, and even participated in the event you see on the pictures.

4 Right Vehicle For Russian Roads

Right Vehicle For Russian Roads

This vehicle amazed the western press with its uniqueness and amazing capabilities. Being quite small, "Sherp", produced in St. Petersburg, can move on any terrain: mud, snow, ice and even in water. The author of the project, Alexey Garagashyan launched production of "Sherp" in a rented shop and sold the first machine in June 2015. Today he has many orders - not only in Russia but from abroad
too. "Sherp" is driven by a Japanese diesel engine, its maximum speed - 45 km/h. Fuel consumption - 2-3 l/h. The vehicle has unique wheels that can rotate when the machine practically does not move at all. The length of "Sherp" is 3,4 m, height - 2,3 m, clearance - 0,6 m. Presently it is sold in two modifications for 3 850 000 and 4 100 000 rubles (51000-55000 USD).

6 The Only Aircraft Carrier With Its Own Fleet of Special Vehicles Aboard

The Only Aircraft Carrier With Its Own Fleet of Special Vehicles Aboard

Aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" is famous not only for having aircraft and helicopters on its decks, but also
for it's special vehicles. We can say it's the only ship of the Russian naval forces with a "garage" aboard.

4 New Tracked Armoured Carrier DT 3PM

New Tracked Armoured Carrier DT 3PM

A new light tracked coupled armoured carrier DT-3PM has been presented to public in Ishimbai, Republic of Bashkortostan. The new vehicle looking this strange is a modified
armoured carrier based on model DT-3P for civil and military use whose carrying capacity is three tonnes (carrying capacity of a non-armoured version is four tonnes).

0 Soviet Hydrogen Powered Minibuses

Soviet Hydrogen Powered Minibuses

These vehicles powered by hydrogen started to be designed since 1976 based on bus RAF-22034. At idle and low speed they worked on hydrogen, at higher speed some petrol was added and at the maximum speed the vehicle worked
on petrol only. The minibuses helped to save much fuel and were twenty three times less toxic than ordinary gasoline powered buses. Such minibuses were used during the XXII Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980.

2 Wartime Truck Emergence

Wartime Truck Emergence

It took three days to lift this AMO-2 of the war time from the bottom of the Msta river. Finally the
truck showed up from the 4 meters depth to be delivered to the Novgorod citadel for restoration.
1 Mud Baths For Cars

Mud Baths For Cars

On Russian roads cars cannot hope that some bigger vehicles will
come and help them out because bigger vehicles start sinking too...
2 Armored Car IVECO Lynx

Armored Car IVECO Lynx

"IVECO Rys" ("Lynx") based on KAMAZ is intended to fulfill combat tasks of various troops and power structures and to carry light systems of weapons, communication and military equipment. For the ten
years of its operation there have been carried out twenty eight demostration explosions and approximately ten units of "Lynx" were exploded by the enemy in the combat conditions.
8 The Place Where Cars For Country Leaders Were Made

The Place Where Cars For Country Leaders Were Made

We are about to visit the shop where they make executive class cars, and we are going to do it illegally. It's one of the shops of the
factory named after I. A. Likhachev. In some areas it looks abandoned nevertheless it still works and remains under guard.

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