6 He Did It Right!

He Did It Right!

The driver of the cool off-road Toyota decided to leave the autor of this video behind but was not allowed to. The driver of the UAZ did not let him get back in the line which resulted in the accident. It turned out the driver of the Toyota was "a
member of the Moscow government". He immediately approached the UAZ and tried to tear the door off the hinges and when he brought and uncovered the knife the UAZ driver made a really cool and right decision. Just check this out!
2 Too Slippery!

Too Slippery!

The video was shot on near the road Kemerovo-Novokuznetsk, Russia. The author managed to catch some really precious
moments. Even when his friend started to shout "It's time to run away!", he kept shooting. Only hardcore!
8 When God Gives One More Chance

When God Gives One More Chance

Better start watching since 2:20. The driver decided to overtake the bus but lost control of the car and
flew on the oncoming line right in front of the KAMAZ. It seemed he had no chances to survive at all...
0 News From Russian Roads, Part 61

News From Russian Roads, Part 61

Prisoners from the Russian city Novocherkassk have designed an offroad amphibian car. It was named CARDON and was built on the basis
of the Russian UAZ within two months. The vehicle is said to be able to overcome any obstacles: sand, mud or water.

4 BMW Vs Bridge

BMW Vs Bridge

This terrible accindent happened in Kazan, Tatarstan, and the culprit is the BMW driver. At full speed he rammed the bridge bearing at the new
interchange. But looking at these photos it's so hard to believe that the driver and the passenger both survived and practically weren't injured.
4 News From Russian Roads, Part 60

News From Russian Roads, Part 60

Sometimes drivers combine driving with something else. They can speak on the phone, for example, or count money, or eat a
hamburger... Some girls can apply make up which is quite dangerous, of course. But look what a bus driver can be occupied with...

1 New Way of Asphalt Laying

New Way of Asphalt Laying

Right before the elections of the city governor the citizens of Ryazan got a royal gift from
the authorities. New asphalt! This time it was laid according to a new technology...
1 The Stunt Goes Wrong

The Stunt Goes Wrong

The guys were shooting some movie which they called a "blockbaster". But suddenly something went wrong.
The main stuntman had no fear at all being sure that he would successfully land from the tree...
4 Traffic Police Scared By the Car

Traffic Police Scared By the Car

We are used to obey traffic police when we drive, but what we break the rule and make police officers scared? This is exactly what the driver of this NIVA did.
This should not happen, of course, but it looks funny. This video and other ones from the Russian roads can be seen in the video selection today.
10 The Launched Missile Decides To Stay

The Launched Missile Decides To Stay

Some accidents might be rather strange. And they are not always about cars. Sometimes it happens with missiles too.
The missile once launched in the sky decided to come back immediately on the ground. Look how it happened.

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