3 You Wanted Money? Get This Instead!

You Wanted Money? Get This Instead!

One pedestrian lay down right in front of the car as if he was run over right on the crosswalk. He probably wanted the driver to give him some money for not
calling the traffic police. But the driver of Mitsubishi Outlander was apparently attracted by something else and didn't notice the man lying on the road..
0 When You Have No Time For Prayer

When You Have No Time For Prayer

When you cannot control your own car on the slippery winter road you can remember all your life in this single moment,
but hardly you have enough time to pray. It seems nothing can help you but miracles do happen sometimes...
1 Urgent Delivery of Beef

Urgent Delivery of Beef

Some road accidents are curdling blood even if nobody seriously suffers. This one is
probably just such an accident. The truck spilled numerous cows all over the road...
8 If You Like to Watch The Fire

If You Like to Watch The Fire

What can one endlessly watch? There can be different variants: 1) burning fire, flowing water, wages being paid; 2) burning fire, flowing water, a blonde parking; 3) drug addict variant: burning water, flowing fire and a snail in a costume of a steel founder shaving;
4) burning fire, flowing water, others working. This video is about the fire burning, and you can watch it not endlessly but for long eight minutes. Those who are more patient get a bonus in the middle of the video - a concrete slab falling.
0 Be Polite On the Roads!

Be Polite On the Roads!

Sometimes other drivers can revenge you if you are not too polite on the roads. But even if you don't do
anything wrong you can make others mad as well. For example a bottle can be thrown at your car or something.
4 Unusual Way to Get Out of the Car

Unusual Way to Get Out of the Car

It is another proof that we should always fasten our seat belts when in a car. Do not neglect this simple rule to be
safe. This guy was just too lucky to avoid his death. He managed to get out of the car in such an unusual way!
11 Driving In Russia

Driving In Russia

Many of these accidents could already be seen at EnglishRussia. Here we want to present a long video with a compilation of odd,
dangerous and funny situations which happened on the roads of Russia. Enjoy watching and be attentive while driving!
22 News From Russian Roads, Part 62

News From Russian Roads, Part 62

This creepy "Zaporozhets" was among those which came to participate in the meeting of Soviet cars fans. But
do not be afraid, the owner of the car used a boot, some ketchup and chicken fillet to "decorate" it.
0 Free Car Wash

Free Car Wash

This accident happened in Ryazan, Russia. Luckily the water of the "geyser" seems to be cold.
If it was hot it could be much worse. The cars standing nearby could get a free wash.
2 Get Out of the Way!

Get Out of the Way!

Dmitrovskaya street of Kiev, Ukraine, is so narrow that cars often have to drive along the tramways and leave their cars there. If a
car is not too big they already know how to copy with that. They prefer not to wait for the owner of the car to come back...

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