0 Video: Car Avoids Two Crashes: One After Another

Video: Car Avoids Two Crashes: One After Another

We don't even know how to call this: "luck" or terrible "misfortune". The car was almost in the center of an
accident. Twice. Hardly had they been pulled out from the ditch when another trouble was on the way...
2 Video: Insidious Buses

Video: Insidious Buses

The author was driving his car and listening to the music, letting the buses turn in front of him.
But how many buses were going to turn? One, two... three! The third one became a surprise!
3 Tram Accidents In the USSR

Tram Accidents In the USSR

Trams have been used in Russia for more than a century. And the history of this mode of transport had
many tragic pages. We are going to show the most famous tram accidents the country has seen.

0 Video: Road Signs Are Not For Them

Video: Road Signs Are Not For Them

This rather looks funny and sad. Three cars simultaneously turned to the right trying to avoid
troubles. What an awesome coincidence they all met at one place of Minsk, Belarus, that day!
0 Video: Traffic Lights Killer

Video: Traffic Lights Killer

This incident happened in the city of Bratsk, Russia in January 13th, 2013. A truck loaded with timber was
going at high speed, destroyed traffic lights, probably did not even notice it and kept moving on...

0 Smashed By Steel Plates

Smashed By Steel Plates

This accident happened in the Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine. Three big steel plates fell from the truck MAZ. The truck was not going too fast - at the speed of 20km/h. One of the steel plates with
weight of three tons fell on the Honda moving in the same direction. At the same time, the driver of VAZ-2109 which was going alongside, tried to avoid the crash and rolled into the ditch.

3 Video: One Crash For the Four Cars

Video: One Crash For the Four Cars

The four cars found themselves on the same snowy road and at the same time.
That day became a bad one for all the four drivers. Find the guity one.

0 Truck Hits Nineteen Cars!

Truck Hits Nineteen Cars!

Nineteen drivers from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, were rather unlucky to leave their cars at one and the same place that day. The driver of
a big truck MAZ failed to control his vehicle and wrecked nineteen cars! Fortunately, no people suffered in the accident.

5 Video: Russian Granny of Chuck Norris

Video: Russian Granny of Chuck Norris

It often happens on the winter slippery roads. But we didn't expect such a reaction of the elderly
woman who could be killed right there! Who knows, maybe Chuck Norris has a granny in Russia?
4 Do Not Park On the Slippery Road

Do Not Park On the Slippery Road

Five cars in one accident? It becomes more than possible on a slippery road. Cars break in clusters and you never know
when your car finds itself in such an unlucky company. You may leave near your house and find broken when come back..

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