0 One Sparkling Incident

One Sparkling Incident

The driver of the truck simply forgot to lower the boom arm and caused some
troubles for the woman who was crossing the road right in fron of it.
0 Gasolene Tanker Explosion And Aftermath

Gasolene Tanker Explosion And Aftermath

Just yesterday a gasolene tanker exploded right in the centre of Almaty: ten cars burnt, the fire spreaded over trees and a multistorey house. Many
people thought that it was an act of a war when heard the explosion... Some pictures of the accident are presented inside the post.

0 Munition Explodes Near the City

Munition Explodes Near the City

Not far from Chapaevsk, Russia, they explode munition again. Locals could hear five sequential explosions, some of them were shot with a cam. According to official
information that thirteen millions of ammunition units are stored nearby. Those who live next to the dangerous ground are being evacuated now by the police.

2 Completely Stuck

Completely Stuck

An unusual accident happened in Tambov,
Russia. Indeed it's not what we see every day.
0 Come On, Next Time You Will Do It Better!

Come On, Next Time You Will Do It Better!

The driver marred one car, tried to escape but marred several cars more, turned finally upside
down - and for all this time didn't produce a single sound at all! It's really hard to explain!

1 Victory Day Accidents

Victory Day Accidents

These accidents both happened on the day when the whole country was celebrating the day of victory over nazi Germany. A gas bottle exploded on the roof of this bus in Moscow - two people suffered - a woman and a
child. Fortunately, at the moment of explosion there was nobody in the bus, even the driver. The Moscow authorities temporarily removed fifty similar buses working on gas from the lines to check them.

1 Hot Bath For the Car

Hot Bath For the Car

We have already shown you what is happening on the roads of Samara. Here's another accident from there: one of the pipes burst and the water flowed past the houses and then
down. The result was a huge hole that appeared near one of the the dwelling houses. Unfortunately for the owner of this Lada Calina - his car was trapped in the hole.
1 What Happened Today?

What Happened Today?

It happened so that lot of things going on around and nobody notices. Previously, news programs tried to cover things, so we decided to have here a regular news flash too, the only thing we don't have a news anchor yet but hopefully
that's a temporary situation. In just a couple of minutes you are going to see things happened that you probably haven't seen happening before. And almost everything happened just yesterday. Or a few days ago. 

5 This is Big Luck!

This is Big Luck!

No, really, one of the luckiest peds ever! First this car, then the tree. What did she
feel at that moment? Anyway, she should celebrate this luck and her second birthday.
3 Video: Really Lucky Pedestrians

Video: Really Lucky Pedestrians

It's scary to think what could happen to this woman with her two children. Luckily she could react properly
and avoid a tragedy. Sometimes everything depends on a split second which can literally save your life.

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