8 Abandoned Northern Land

Abandoned Northern Land

This time - about abandoned lands of the country that used to be great, the USSR. They were never occupied with military bases and finally were assumed to be an unneccessary burden. These photos are a part of project "Far Lands" of Andrey Shapran, who since 2005 has travelled to the Southern Kuril Islands, Yakutia, Yamal, Krasnoyarsk region, Chukotka and Kamchatka. In fact these images don't need to be commented, just take time to look at them silently.
The territories are closed for people since the Soviet time. It's still hard to reach, but now the reason is different, it's hard to do technically. North Cape - this is how the territory was named by James Cook himself, he was there in 1778. It was the northernmost place he ever reached. The Russian throne belonged to Catherine II then, and these lands only started to emerge on maps from white spots.

10 Forgotten Station Silently Waiting For Signals

Forgotten Station Silently Waiting For Signals

Numerous non-functioning antennas are located not so far from Anadyr in the north of Russia. Troposphere communication station "Yukon" and a local civil TV center used to function there too. Due to army reduction and development of satellite means of communication the demand in the costly
station finally declined and in 2003 it was closed. The TV center was closed ten years later. The station does not receive any signals today and its rusty discs sadly stare at the sky. Check out how the station, that still has much equipment inside, looks like today.

10 Abandoned Storm Factory of the Crimea

Abandoned Storm Factory of the Crimea

This object built in the Soviet time in the Crimea resembles a huge glass, but water is not poured inside but in between the glass walls. On top are big storm creating fans. On the bottom of that glass is a tower. It's like a small water collider -
thought by many as strange and unnecessary, wrapped in mysteries, real and fake stories, some even believed in dolphins swimming between those glass walls. But what is this object really for? Why was it built? Let's check this out.

6 The Lonely Giant

The Lonely Giant

It's hard imagine that such a huge building has been fully abandoned for several years... .. We are in a Russian city of Taganrog and here's a main building of a former combine harvester
factory. We are going to join blogger kerrangjke and visit each storey of the building, go down to the shelter and climb to the roof to observe the city from its height.

2 They Were Ready with Massive Nuclear Retaliation

They Were Ready with Massive Nuclear Retaliation

Blogger samozvanka_0 with her friends have been to the Kaluga region of Russia to see narrowly known abandoned unified command posts located forty kilometers one from another. In fact a unified command post represents a metal twelve-level container with height 33m, diameter 3,3m, weight 125 tons. It is suspended by means of the shock
absorprion system in the standard missile pit. Each level accomodated its own specific equipment. The upper one served as a recreation zone for personnel. System "Perimeter" was the complex for automatic control of a massive nuclear retaliation. It was created in the Soviet time at the height of the Cold War.

7 Secret Lunar Station Abandoned Today

Secret Lunar Station Abandoned Today

This must be one of the coolest, most unusual and least visited abandoned places of the Crimea. Blogger aquatek-filips, the author of these photos himself, got
there by chance but he didn't regret at all. The lunar station that used to be secret is decaying now and obviously its time is almost over.

6 This Camp Could Be a Good Place For Children

This Camp Could Be a Good Place For Children

Just some pictures of another abandoned camp in the Moscow region under the cover of autumn leaves. Dear Yura Gagarin, how could
it happen that such a place turned out to be unneeded? Why do people give up so easily what they once valued so much ?

5 Shelter Hidden Deep Deep Under the Ground

Shelter Hidden Deep Deep Under the Ground

Sometimes one can come across structures that strike imagination with their sizes and designation. This is exactly one such structure: the shelter hidden surprisingly deep under the ground - about 600 meters under the surface. The shelter is built in the hard rock, being remoted
from the mother bore for several kilometers. There used to be an explosive storage in the place, but later it was requipped into a shelter. It had its own ventilation system, telephones, beds and benches, it had everything for the people who worked there.

2 Russian North: Abandoned Military And Construction Plant

Russian North: Abandoned Military And Construction Plant

We have already shown you the northernmost place of Russia - Tiksi, this time we want to focus on the installation that was left by
people like many others in the settlement. It's going to be a military-construction unit or a kingdom of rusty stuff.

0 Chiatura: Half Dead City of Georgia

Chiatura: Half Dead City of Georgia

A small city hidden in the mountaneous region of Georgia impressed photographer and traveller Pavel Morozov very much, so he spent several days there, mostly on its numerous ropeways. Chiatura is a city of miners that has dozens of functioning and broken funiculars built in the 1950s.
There is an atmosphere of the Soviet epoch in this place, it's clearly felt in half-ruined houses and almost empty streets. Nevertheless, Chiatura was promised a wonderful future back in the Soviet time, because the city had huge reserves of ore and managnese...

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