19 Soviet City of the 80s

Soviet City of the 80s

In 1985 the Moscow publishing house "Soviet Russia" issued a big album called "Volgograd" which included
works of five Soviet photographers: R. Beniaminson, V. Pavlov, E. Evzerikhin, V. Kabyshev and V. Ivanov.
11 Russian Village Of The Early 1980s

Russian Village Of The Early 1980s

Look at this amazing collection of photographs by Alexander Kalion which will give you an idea
of the reality and hard life people of the Russian village of the early 1980s lived.
3 Gold Of “The Uzbek Case”

Gold Of “The Uzbek Case”

"The Uzbek Case" is a famous criminal case about misappropriations, baksheeshes and misuse of public funds in the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic in 1970s-1980s. The case greatly stirred among the public, and it was no wonder -
more than 800 criminal cases were launched against more than 4000 people. They all were convicted on different criminal articles and sentenced to prison with total confiscation of property, particularly the loot.

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