Russian DIY globes

19 DIY Local Globes

DIY Local Globes

In Russia and other post Soviet countries there were a real craze on independence after they finally got it with USSR collapse. Sometimes this took some weird forms like, for example, making the globes of their own country. Yes, those were just like regular globes we used to see on geography classes but instead the whole world only their own country was mapped on it. These things were officially on sale and still you can buy
something like "the globe of Ukraine" in shops of Kiev. So then people went further and decided to make the globes of their local cities or even villages. With modern technologies this can be done by practically anyone just in a few minutes and then can be used to amaze the friends and relative. We'll show you how. As a result we can get such neat globe of your place like on the picture above.
Russian base jump

14 Bad Jump

Bad Jump

This guy is famous Russian base jumper. In his rush for adrenaline he made jumps from many places known for their outstanding height, like almost all tallest man made structures in Russia and Europe. Often people gather around his next chosen place to check it all - he uses
special "flying squirrel" costume to glide sometime before the release of the parachute. This time he went to Karachi, Pakistan for his next jump. As always a crowd gathered to see it. But this time he made them more to laugh than to admire.
Russian software

12 Unknown Foggy Object

Unknown Foggy Object

What you see on those photos is a Windows XP error box floating in thin air. That's not photoshop or post effect of too much vodka. That night there was strong fog in this
Ukrainian city so due to it such an awesome illusion of windows in the skies appeared - there was an advertisement screen nearby and it went out of order.
22 Matrix 1905, Starring: Chaplin

Matrix 1905, Starring: Chaplin

Famous movie and two of the sequels revisited by some Russian group.
Now it's Matrix 1905 - "How Could Your Grandma See The Matrix?"

67 Russia’s Seven Wonders

Russia’s Seven Wonders

There are seven wonders of the world, but most of them were already destroyed either by the hands of humans or by the cruel passing of time. And last year a group of some Russian TV-channels, newspapers and radio stations hold an official
opinion poll and discovered what kinds of real wonders Russia has. Anyone could participate in the poll taking votes via internet or SMS services. So, the seven best-looking and really fascinating places were chosen. Here they are:
Russian toys

27 Suggestive Toys

Suggestive Toys

Ever wondered how plush toys do look like in Russia. If they use same teddy bears as American kids have or they have some Ivan Bears? I am not sure about little Winnie-the-Poohs but they for sure
have some tigers and more, being done on this toy factory. And no matter what toys they would make for Russian children they still are afraid of N1H1 virus using masks too.
20 What Killed Russian Tsars?

What Killed Russian Tsars?

There is a book, called “Medicine and Imperial Power in Russia”, which shows Russian history from the medical point of view. Some subjects are deserved to be real discoveries… It considered
that: 1. Emperor Nikolas I ended up by committing a suicide. In fact he had a bacterial pneumonia, which was worsened by depression because of Russian loss in Crimean War.

19 Epic Fail

Epic Fail

Long long ago when future seemed to be so distant and dim, people of the Soviet Union dreamt a lot and cherished a bunch of illusions about fantastic makings of the future. And straight 50 years ago, on the eve
of New Year, one of most famous Russian newspapers published a special edition. Group of journalists-dreamers took their risks and tried to predict how it’s going to be 50 years after, in 2010.
Russian masks craziness in Ukraine - with swine flu
26 Masks Craze

Masks Craze

Craziness with this bird flu in Ukraine seems like it has approached its peak. Millions of Ukrainians wonder around in masks like it was better days in Hong Kong but
all this with Eastern European twist. Like: ....dogs in mask (like they are afraid of the virus being mutated further from swine to dogen grippen.
Moscow winter 44
20 Moscow Winters

Moscow Winters

If you're looking for something to do in the winter months while you travel in Russia, consider making an appearance at one of Moscow's winter festivals or New Year’s Day celebrating on Red Square. The Moscow Russian Winter Festival takes place in Izmailovo Park, where visitors can enjoy
troika rides and hear folk music performances. It takes place on the last week of December and the first week of January. It is possible to experience Winter Festival activities elsewhere in Moscow, like ice sculpting on Red Square and snowman-building on Arbat Street.

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