42 Pasha in the Woods

Pasha in the Woods

This is Pasha. Someone has stole his video and put it on Internet, now many Russians have watched it and it became sort of a viral one. Many can't understand why they watch Pasha but say they can't stop. Some of the selected comments: "Why is he doing this?" "He is like Neo" "What a beautiful place and scenery!" "Pasha is great!" "Is he a sort of shaman? Summoning the rain?" "Why do he look
round all the time?" "What is this 'back to the wild" about?" "His movements are precise and accurate." "Looks like his jeans coat gives him more power" "Van Damme for homeless" "He looks like a maniac." "It was funny when he molested trees" "If we get more of such from all Russia the enemies would run scared" ...and many more
Russian tow truck

7 Tow Truck Fail

Tow Truck Fail

Some tow trucks in Russia don't just tow your car away, but would not
leave you any chance to try parking in the wrong place next time.
Russian business cards

27 Russian Business Cards

Russian Business Cards

How could the business cards of some people who probably never had them could look like? The first one above says:
"Hannibal Lector, banquets, drinks and lunches directly to your office, 24x7" See more inside:
Russian handmade

18 Two Handmades

Two Handmades

Two handmade things that can be easily made at home from some widely used materials, such as matchsticks and plastic cups. First one is plastic cup
ball, you would just need one stapler and a bunch of cups, then in ten to thirty minutes you would have your own plastic cup ball.
Russian soldiers

42 Mess with the Best…

Mess with the Best…

Yesterday in the news there was a story about Russian soldier who was beaten to death by other soldiers while on the exam to get accepted to Special Forces service. It comes out that they have a special tradition on those exams when the wannabe soldier have to face a few of Russian active service
special force desperados for a given amount of minutes, and should not get down. I don't know have the soldier in question got down or not, but he died as a result of the "exam". And here are some photos of those who were more fortunate than him and passed the exam.
nazi race

72 Nazi Fail

Nazi Fail

There are young people who sympathize nazis in Russia, like in many other countries. They don't tolerate anyone not belonging to the white race, wear big boots and short haircuts and usually celebrate Hitler's birthday. Stop, it seems here they are failing, as was proved by some Russian anti-nazi blog post. Russian guy collected the various
photos from the WW2 where and showed that Nazi troops have consisted from those who modern nazi lovers have to hate, so preaching Hitler should be totally illogical in their case. So now Russian internet nazis seems to stuck in dilemma - can Hitler be their idol or not? Below, one can find that compilation.

46 Logos Gone Wild

Logos Gone Wild

Russian photoshop masters from leprosorium.ru decided to imagine a bit how did the logos of the famous brands could
act if they were not printed objects but real life creatures. See what they came to with this.
Russia, Pacman

28 Pacman Goes Moscow

Pacman Goes Moscow

Pacman and jelyfish went exploring Moscow. And it was not a
marketing campaign of any sort, just pure act of exploration.
St.Petersburg, Russia

43 St. Petersburg: Now and Then 2

St. Petersburg: Now and Then 2

Sergei Larenkov, the author of "Petersburg Now and Then" has released the second part of the
modern city photos combined with the photo made during the city siege at World War2.
Tallest Russian monuments 9

23 The Sword of Victory

The Sword of Victory

These days there were huge celebrations for the Victory Day - the annual date when they mark the victory of Russia in World War 2. In Russia people got really amused when someone tells them that World War 2 was won by allies. Every Russia, from schoolboy to oldest granddad know that the World War 2 victory is Russian. So right after the war ended the decided to commemorate the victory in art too. They wanted to erect something as big as never was done before. So the idea came to
someone to build not one but a chain of monuments and place them in different locations to shock the imagination of people with the scale of this creation. And so it has been done. Three huge tall monuments were build in three locations - from Ural mountains in the central Russia to Berlin, Germany. All three monuments were connected by one item. It was a huge metal sword of victory. Let's go inside to see all three in detail.

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