55 Russia’s Used-to-Be Marine Forces

Russia’s Used-to-Be Marine Forces

A great nation with an even greater heritage of its own. And I don’t even mean the cultural heritage but the military heritage that the Soviet Union had left behind to be heartily embosomed by successors of the fortune. Country that is half encircled by the sea and that has
always been a high-shot in the top of sea-lover countries gradually (well, it could has also been ‘rapidly,’ cause no matter what it doesn’t inflict a wrench to the story) began striking aground in terms of its marine power without even anchoring it.
5 Abbey Road, St. Petersburg

Abbey Road, St. Petersburg

Russian search engine has started some time ago a panoramic view, like Street View from Google Maps. The one interesting
panorama that was fast discovered by web surfers was this one on the picture above. It can be reached by this link.
kacha 1
14 Kachinsky Air Garrison

Kachinsky Air Garrison

In Ukraine, Crimea, not so far from Sevastopol, in the village of Kacha lots of different air fleet species draw their duty. They are amphibian aircrafts BE-12, military cargo planes AN-26, search-and-rescue helicopters KA-27PS as
well as antisubmarine KA-27PL ones. And though many of them are 40 odd years old, they are battle-ready night and day and eager to attain any combat task in the territory of the Black Sea, and, in particular, Crimea.
Leningrad. Flood on September 23, 1924 1
11 Leningrad. Flood on September 23, 1924

Leningrad. Flood on September 23, 1924

Floods in St. Petersburg is a common phenomenon. But catastrophic ones (with water 300cm and higher) happened only three times - in 1777,
1824, 1924. This is a selection of photos of the last terrible flood on September 23, 1924 when the water uprise was 380cm.
15 754,7 meters of happiness

754,7 meters of happiness

Enthusiasts in Rybinsk city tried to build the longest chain made of coins, and used 20,000+ coins for this. These ordinary people, despite bad weather, heavy rain, strong
wind, came here to implement this unusual project. They proved that small objects may compose a great creation! The coins line has reached 754,7m in length.
13 Saint Sins

Saint Sins

That was a picture to be seen recently in Kiev. Luxury Mansory
customized Bentley Continental GT (about  $400 000).
Russian Goal Bus Stops

7 Caught in the Stop: Russian Bus Stops Turned into Goals

Caught in the Stop: Russian Bus Stops Turned into Goals

Since the Soccer World Cup 2010 has started there have appeared many bus stops turned into a goal in some
Russian cities. They say that's a Carlsberg beer who was behind that creative campaign.
puschino_telescopes 1
30 Puschino Radioastronomical Observatory

Puschino Radioastronomical Observatory

Puschino Radioastronomical Observatory is the oldest Russia’s scientific establishment that is engaged in radioastronomic research. It was established on 11 April, 1956, when the authorities gave permission to build the institution and fix up a radio telescope on its area. Currently there are 2,5
radio telescopes (one of them only with its East-West axes working) operating at the observatory: RT-22 FIAN, DKR-1000 and BSA FIAN. On the header image you can see an experimental telescope. These things are dotted around the whole area of the observatory and wired up together.
Some Russian Dishes 41
24 Some Russian Dishes

Some Russian Dishes

Great ideas of Russian dishes
decoration, for the beloved ones
7 Handmade Crossbows

Handmade Crossbows

One talented guy makes crossbows from Turkish hazel-wood. For details
of this Avatar inspired beauty he uses silver and greenstone.