12 Red Bull Flugtag Came To Moscow

Red Bull Flugtag Came To Moscow

Extraordinary competition of flying weird crafts Red Bull Flugtag 2009 took place  in Moscow. The place was just
packed with crowds of people. Moscowites gathered on the bank of the river to watch this spectacular fun!
18 The Most Unusual Underground in the World

The Most Unusual Underground in the World

Lebedyan town in Lipetsk region is known for the greatest juice producing plant in Eastern Europe, but very few people know that the most unique and weird underground station in the world is located there as well. It was constructed just 2 meters beneath the surface of the earth. The works began in
1984, and 166 people were eager to start as soon as possible, but when they learnt that the money would come only when the construction paid for itself, they all backtracked in a second. So, the whole project was to be implemented by the one who brought it up, Leonid Muliarchik.
Russian moto drum

19 The Moto Drum

The Moto Drum

The contemporary Russian minstrels have a new approach to mobile music. One can easily carry guitar or microphone, but there is always a problem
with a drum station. "We'll put it on the bike", decided the guys, "Let it follow the band on its own wheels". And so be it.
89 Goth Wedding in Moscow

Goth Wedding in Moscow

White wedding dresses and old traditions are left behind. Those who still believe that a bride must be like an angel, which has just come down from heaven, be ready to change your mind. Goths in Moscow will show you how to have a gorgeous
wedding and look really astonishing in quite usual settings. You won’t see any dark castles and candles in black iron candlesticks, still there is something which can make you drop your jaw and love Goths even more than before.
25 Dining Hall in Obninsk

Dining Hall in Obninsk

Except for the first Nuclear power plant in Obninsk you can find another place to see, a gorgeous and really authentic dining hall “Zdorovie”
(Health). There you can feel the spirit of the USSR canteens with a modern scent of hot-dogs. But first, let’s go and wash our hands.
34 Kiev Chocolate Festival

Kiev Chocolate Festival

If you dreamed of chocolate city when you were a child, Kiev chocolate festival would be just for you. It was full of chocolate sculptures and fine pictures painted with sweet brown liquid. The fountain made all of chocolate was the
main item of the show attracting eyes and tongues of the public. Those, who couldn’t wait any longer, could ask for some hot chocolate in plastic cups. Attention! Don’t click for more if you are on a diet!
Russian construction fire 2

29 New Technology of Construction

New Technology of Construction

In good old times they had built houses differently. In Russia there was a construction standard of two and a half brick thickness for a wall of a residential house. This was done in order to insulate the people's dwellings from -30 frosts hitting Russia in winters. Later, when USSR collapsed, and they started free economics the standards were no longer followed by the most of the developers due to the high cost of the brick. It
is much cheaper to make a thin one brick wall and then cover it with some high-tech insulation materials that provide same heat conservation as three brick thick wall. It is even more cheaper to buy such materials from Chinese producers. Unfortunately, those are not always made according to industry standards. Insulation layers should be extremely fire proof. Unfortunately, not this time.
Russian pierogi

11 Toffee Pierogi

Toffee Pierogi

Want to know a trick letting Russian
maids cook tasty toffee pierogi?
15 Crystal Plant of Gus-Khrustalny

Crystal Plant of Gus-Khrustalny

The crystal plant is the main and the greatest construction of Gus-Khrustalny, a small Russian town, which was granted its name for the fiver it is located on (Gus) and the crystal (khrustal’) industry. In the 19th century it was known all over the Russian Empire thanks to Ivan Maltsov, who brought in a lot of European innovations, including
making Bohemian glass. In war periods the plant was manufacturing various glass mass-produced items, like thermometers, flasks, thermoses and other consumer goods. Later its status of the main crystal plant was reclaimed. In our short but fascinating photo set you can see how the crystal things are made in modern times. 
Russian church

30 The Fallen Church

The Fallen Church

Sometimes churches got tired of the lack of the faith around
and prefer to collapse rather than to serve.

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