15 Ostankino Tower views

Ostankino Tower views

Very beautiful panoramic photographs
taken from the top of Ostankino Tower.
19 The cockerel lollipop for everyone

The cockerel lollipop for everyone

An annual Christmas festival “Russian winter” is getting on. In addition to a terrific gigantic felt boot and a primitive
gigantic ruble in Revolution Square there appeared a gigantic sugar cockerel lollipop. Though it didn’t gladden for long…
33 Central Armed Forces Museum

Central Armed Forces Museum

Let us have a look at the exhibits
of Central Armed Forces Museum.
Russian inappropriate commercials

15 Top 3 Russian Inappropriate Ads

Top 3 Russian Inappropriate Ads

Here is the selection of top three ads your kids better not see from this winter in Russia. This first one is about World of Warcraft and it is the most "soft" in order not to show the more "hard" ones on the site's front page. It advertises bank cards for one of Russian top banks and promises to
everyone that "...ork of 80th level can be called career growth too." I mean, your kids can get really wrong opinion on that WOW is OK and they can get serious with it in their further life. Anyways inside we have really inappropriate two others, may be bit not safe for work.
Dullest santa parade

29 The Dullest Santa Parade

The Dullest Santa Parade

They had the dullest of the dullest Santa parades this
year in Minsk, Belarus. And no snow too.
Russian Bucket Rover

17 The Bucket Rover

The Bucket Rover

In England they have Land Rover, in USA there was a moon rover now, in Russia has appeared a
bucket rover. For now, just as a concept it still has good chances to become... or wait.
22 A chocolate copy of HTC Hero

A chocolate copy of HTC Hero

HTC is advertised in Russia by chocolate copies of their cellphones. It is not quite clear
where they could be taken, but some lucky ones receive them as messenger delivery at home.
16 St. Petersburg governor shoveling snow

St. Petersburg governor shoveling snow

A funny picture could be recently seen in the streets of St. Petersburg. Some guys put on masks of the city
governor Matviyenko and came out to shovel snow. At least the action amused the city citizens.
Russian submarine Ukraine

32 Submarine Goes Dock

Submarine Goes Dock

When this leading pearl of Ukrainian fleet was taken to dock many experienced aged mechanics wondered how come it
reached the dock at all. "It's just great that Ukraine has refused to have nuclear weapons.", note some.

39 Fountains show in Dubai

Fountains show in Dubai

One Russian traveler shared his impressions regarding a helicopter excursion over Dubai. He was lucky to come to the world highest building Burdzh Dubai, the biggest trading complex – Mall
of Dubai to have supper with friends and to see the fabulous fountains show. The fountains were blowing 50 meters high and the show was accompanied by music. Affecting spectacle!

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