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52 Facts on AK-47

Facts on AK-47

AK-47 is probably one of the most well-known Russian weaponry piece. They say it became so popular worldwide because of it's high durability (it can go for years without any kind of cleaning or special maintenance) and extreme simplicity - it has only eight moving parts and can be stripped down in one minute. In some countries of
Africa it can be bought as cheap as $12 for one piece and no any license is needed, so even children armed with the guns. Maybe that's why some of the countries of this continent have the AK-47 depiction on their coats of arms, like Mozambique on pictures above has it both on its flag and coats of arms.
31 Communal Apartments in Russia

Communal Apartments in Russia

First communal apartments, where several families live together, appeared in Russia back in the 18th century, when the landlords divided their apartments into several parts and rented them out. Such apartments had five or six rooms and a kitchen,
where all tenants cooked their food. To solve the housing problems after the October revolution the authorities allowed requisitioning of rich people’s living space for new tenants, mainly communists, soldiers and security officers.
21 Flood after raining

Flood after raining

It is common that after massive raining capital of Latvia - Riga - is
quite literally under water. Middle of June wasn't exception.
17 Nicolay Aldunin’s Miniatures

Nicolay Aldunin’s Miniatures

A super-master of miniatures Nikolay Aldunin is going to have a museum of his works in Moscow. He was born in Tula, but after becoming popular all over the country and abroad for his fabulous works, he moved to the capital and continued creating his tiny things there. He managed to
shoe a flea, carved portraits of Russian authors on rice grains and constructed a microscopic miniature of the Eiffel Tower, and lots of other awesome things, which seem to be just impossible to make without special hi-tech equipment. But he can do that!
Russian Sakhalin

77 Russian Sakhalin

Russian Sakhalin

The guy who made this photos lives in some city in Sakhalin region of Russia, the one that is near Japan. He didn't expect his photos would get popular when he just wandered across his town and made them, primarily to
show to his friends. Later the link was passed from person to person and it's still not very clear what caused them to achieve so much fame, maybe you can get a clue by seeing this photo series?
25 Helibridge


What we see here is a video popular in Russia lately of what
assumed to be a helicopter doing some tricky stuff...
12 Russian Fashion Models in the West

Russian Fashion Models in the West

Fashion historian Alexander Vasyliev believes that the model profession was invented by Russian emigrants, who were the first who said, “We’ll do it all the time and for money!” In Russia the word combination “a fashion model” became the synonym for “the standard
of beauty” ages and ages ago, and it has always been an admiration for all foreigners. Let’s take a look at the list of Russian fashion models abroad, modern ones and those who became fashion stars back in the early 20-ies of the 20-th century.
Sausage pinned with spaghetti - haired sausage

34 Russian Haired Sausage

Russian Haired Sausage

A new dish became extremely popular among some Russian bloggers lately. Now it's not quite clear who was the first one who invented this mod by pinning some uncooked sausage with hard spaghetti sticks and then boiling
this alltogether and getting first "haired sausage" ready. Then, publishing the outcomes on Internet caused a real wave of interest from many who wanted to try making their own haired frankfurter.
26 Old Russian Traditions as the English Saw It

Old Russian Traditions as the English Saw It

Samuel Collins, an Englishman, who was a doctor of tsar Alexis of Russia (the 17th century) and spent nine years at his court, wrote a letter to his friend, describing in what environment he lived and what weird traditions Russians had back then.
Neither men, nor women dare forget to wear a belt under pains and penalties of heaven. They do not whistle using their lips (it’s considered to be inappropriate), but do this with their teeth, and that is very strange.
Russian flooding in Kiev

39 The Kiev Sea

The Kiev Sea

These days Kiev's downtown has turned into a small lake where everyone could give a bath to his car or
just wander around shoeless. People seemed to enjoy the situation and even smiled a lot.

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