Goats Beauty Contest 1
5 Goats Beauty Contest

Goats Beauty Contest

In Lithuania there was held an unusual beauty contest. Among these 13
participants there was chosen only one - the most beautiful.
10 Brave Diver Doggie

Brave Diver Doggie

This four-footed friend dives near Slavyanka! The dog named Bonifatsy has everything that
human divers have: a wet suit, a compressed air cylinder, a transparent helmet.
9 Celebration of Ivan Kupala Day in Novosibirsk

Celebration of Ivan Kupala Day in Novosibirsk

Ivan Kupala (St. John the Baptist) Day celebrated on 7th, July is a very ancient holiday that is still rather popular. However, from all the traditions of this day only
one has remained: to water a neighbor and have fun. It is considered to a be a real joy to pour a pail of water into the open doors of a bus or on a random car.
20 Yulia Timoshenko Playing a Nymph

Yulia Timoshenko Playing a Nymph

A famous Ukrainian politician Yulia Timoshenko has changed her image and turned out to be a loving wife. She put on a white airy
dress, unbound her hair and became a real nymph. And all this was done just to please her husband who celebrated his anniversary.
34 Road Traffic Incidents 2010

Road Traffic Incidents 2010

Harsh video shot by supervision cameras in
Moscow. Sounds deserve special attention!
Russians in Toronto - Creative Plate Numbers 1
15 Russians in Toronto – Creative Plate Numbers

Russians in Toronto – Creative Plate Numbers

Here's a selection of creative plate numbers -
all cars belong to Russians in Toronto.
Wonderful Tower In The Forest 44
9 A Wonderful Tower In The Forest

A Wonderful Tower In The Forest

Such towers are usually used to watch fires, other cataclysms, but this one was
abandoned long ago and only birds, rain and wind visit it now ...
15 Report on Mine Clearing

Report on Mine Clearing

An ordinary day in the military unit: plan of the day
- combat engineer reconnaissance and mine clearing.

84 McDonald’s – How It Works

McDonald’s – How It Works

It’s not a commonplace thing to visit a sanctum sanctorum – McDonald’s fast-food restaurant. Almost every one of us visits it at least a few
times a months, and some of us even more often; but have they ever thought of how all these burgers are made? Want to find out? You are welcomed inside.
17 Michael Jackson’s Remembrance Day

Michael Jackson’s Remembrance Day

Almost two weeks ago, on June 25, there was held a remembrance day of Michael Jackson in Moscow. A gigantic crowd of people, the most
dedicated fans, gathered near the Embassy of the USA in Moscow and bestowed honors to one of the greatest musicians of the world.

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