Russian victory monument
27 New Technologies

New Technologies

As time passes by new technologies emerge, that's a natural outcome of humanity progress. In Ukraine they have new technologies at their service. Sometimes it's turns to be a bit too much as
some say. Here we have the monument to the Motherland erected in Cherkassy city shortly after the World War 2 ended to commemorate the memories of the dead in action heroes.
12 Perfrostology Institute’s Underground

Perfrostology Institute’s Underground

There is a cave (smaller than Igarskiy’s one) under the perfrostology institute, located in Yakutsk’s suburb. Mainly it is used as a
storehouse — you can find cores there which were made by drilling, different devices and even mountain cranberry supplies.
26 Russian  Biography

Russian Biography

Due to some circumstances October brings to Russian mind memories of early and mid
nineties. Let’s recollect what the country's life was like that time.
Russian northern city

21 One Northern City

One Northern City

In Russia there are plenty of small cities built deep far North near some kind of natural resource excavations. We had those diamond mines - it could be called the king of such settlements because we all know how much diamonds cost. But there are different other towns based around things like oil, gas, coal and some rare metals mining facilities which give jobs to majority of population. This one is located almost at Pacific coast of Russia (yes Russia has Pacific coast too!) and was founded around enormous layers of coal back many years ago in Soviet times. Later it was
sustained by the mining, then after Soviet Union collapse the coal mining still was active so the town survived all that times. The majority of currently living there people moved there from European parts of Russia but there are still natives living around, eating raw meats and having deer skin covered huts in which they live even at most freezing times of the year. People joke that when civilization would fall all those modern houses and facilities would crumble to dust but the natives would not notice all this modern stuff gone.
9 New Passenger Terminal “Vnukovo”

New Passenger Terminal “Vnukovo”

New passenger terminal of airport “Vnukovo” has been building in Moscow. After the construction is done
it’ll be the biggest airport in Moscow with the ability to serve about 20 million passengers per year.
15 Stripper and Haul Trucks

Stripper and Haul Trucks

What connects those two videos is that they both about fails. First one is Russian's stripper's fail while performing on Russian pole dancers contest (yes there are
such contests in Russia now!). Second is about the giant haul truck drivers, same haul trucks they use in the Yakutia diamond mines we had yesterday.
Russian marketing

12 Ad Review

Ad Review

From time to time we have some examples of what amateurish ex-Soviet marketing genius may produce. First one is pretty cool, it was published in Minsk and the media for it
was an egg, or thousands of eggs that were sold in local stores. Text on eggs were inviting people to visit "The Prodigy" concert. Pretty cool, isn't it.
Russian recipe - potato roses

13 Potato Roses

Potato Roses

Russian cuisine can help you fascinate your guests with some weird picks of it. Like those potato
chips roses can be easily cooked and put on the table as a wicked thing to taste.
Russian diamond mine

27 Yakutia Diamond Minds

Yakutia Diamond Minds

Russian diamond mines. The places where the most of Russian diamonds are being mined. Founded in Soviet times located in the place you can get only on a plane but some people
live there permanently. Magnificent Northern nature, short Summer of just one month, but those are one of the most fruitful diamond locations in the world.
Ukrainian cars

29 Left to Rust

Left to Rust

When the car becomes out of use to its owner, or when it gets to tired and refuses to keep further service it's a normal thing to leave it rusting under open skies in post Soviet countries. Officials don't fine people for that and don't tow cars away, so
many small streets or public yards have one or two of those that would not move by themselves away again. Some of them even get painted by locals to a color of a curb or of a nearby wall. Those ones stay on streets of Ukraine.

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