20 Birth Of A Tire

Birth Of A Tire

Yaroslavl tire factory is one of the oldest Russian tire enterprises. Let's
have a look how the modern tires Cordiant are manufactured and tested.

7 Work Of The Russian High-Tech Icebreaker

Work Of The Russian High-Tech Icebreaker

Ice-class tugboat "Nevskaya Zastava" ("Neva Outpost") was designed and constructed in St. Petersburg. In spite of
icebreaker functions it can eliminate oil spills, put out fires, tow boats and take part in rescue operations.
11 Soviet Outer Space Fantasies

Soviet Outer Space Fantasies

These pictures were drawn by a science-fiction writer Andrey Sokolov in collaboration
with Soviet astronaut Aleksey Leonov. Discover Soviet outer space visions.

25 Biggest Airplane Ever

Biggest Airplane Ever

Today's world's biggest airplane An-255 Mriya ("Dream") was constructed for
the needs of Soviet space programe in transporting large-size objects.
11 Deserted Space Clinic

Deserted Space Clinic

Quite fresh and unusual object - institution where
future astronauts had their medical examination.
Astrakhan2 35
7 Happy Fishing In Astrakhan

Happy Fishing In Astrakhan

It's cool to fly over the rivers in the Astrakhan region
and then land near one and have a good fishing time!
5 Stone Guards Of Taimyr

Stone Guards Of Taimyr

Taimyr peninsula seems to be heaven for adventurous raftsmen. The rafts carry
the travellers down the river past fantastic landscapes and nosy deers.
5 One Day In the Carpathian Mountains

One Day In the Carpathian Mountains

How pleasant it is to spend a winter sunny day
over the most scenic spots in the Carpathians.
41 Astrakhan Ghetto

Astrakhan Ghetto

Astrakhan is an average Russian city, which lies on the left bank of Volga river. There are lots of modern buildings, trade centers, luxurious hotels and beautiful remarkable sights in the city, but there is also one
strange peculiarity - just in the centre of the city there is a big old and timeworn ghetto, which is more likely to be seen somewhere in non-urban area than in a city with more than half a million citizens.
19 Beauty Of The Mountains: From the Crimea To Siberia

Beauty Of The Mountains: From the Crimea To Siberia

Whether it is the Crimea or Siberia, the mountains are always fascinating to look at. Have a
chance to do it in these two scenic regions which are pretty far away from each other!

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