Russian drifting polar stations
11 Drifting Stations: North Pole 3

Drifting Stations: North Pole 3

The Soviet Union made a great contribution to exploring different regions, some of them were absolutely deserted, others were very dangerous or their maintenance in a normal state was a crucial thing and some of them were totally out-of-reach. And North Pole is not an exception. For the first time ever, the idea of floating on the huge ice-box, which
spit off from the main arctic ice body, and exploring different nature phenomena along with making calculations of what had to be the default nature conditions was put forward by Norwegian arctic research worker Fridtjof Nansen (the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922) and then taken up by many Russian scientists.
11 Russian Carousel

Russian Carousel

We all know what is Russian roulete is. But what's Russian carousel? It's another shocking
entertainment from the nation which went up with Russian Roulette. Meet new Russian fun - carousel.

10 Open-up in the ground

Open-up in the ground

The place of this accident is unknown as well as its causes. The only thing is known is that the ground somewhere in Russia had opened up.
Somehow it reminds me of Maya’s prophecy… 2012? Who knows… Well, at least there are no casualties apart from a pair of cars.

25 Got drunk? Do not drive!

Got drunk? Do not drive!

Ten days ago there was a monument fixed up in Moscow. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t look like a piece of a monument at all, but it is still a memorial. It is destined to remind the drivers that driving while drunk is dangerous for you. The bottle of a monument is 12
meters high (45 feet~) and there are lots of crushed vehicles inside it. The sculpture is fixed in the run-up to Worldwide Day of Remembrance of Victims of Car Accidents. The sign on it states: “Got drunk? Do not drive! You will have an accident.”

8 An easy Way to Make a Flower

An easy Way to Make a Flower

Today in this article we will tell you how you can easily make a flower from materials at hand. To be more exact, from a usual
napkin. Making this rose you can effortless daze your friends or give an exquisite present to your girlfriend. So, step by step:
13 All the Signs We Want

All the Signs We Want

Everyone knows about a dull state of Russian roads and everyday mile-long traffic jams. Guys from one of Russian magazines tried to conduct an experiment and lift the spirits of Moscow drivers up. Road signs say: 1 – Give a honk if you are in
love 2 – Put the headlights on if you are out of money 3 – Put the wipers on if you are bored 4 – Put the hazard lights on if you are sleepy 5 – Make a round turn two times if you are happy Video credits - 1

7 Get Yourself Comfy Shoes

Get Yourself Comfy Shoes

This is story of place which is definitely not for animal lovers. Everything in this place is made of genuine leather and the design of shops the same in all the countries of the world. All the photos are made in one of the Moscow high-class shoes
stores. There are such prominent people in the list of regular customers of the company as the Holy Father, John Kennedy, Yves Saint-Laurent, Pablo Picasso, Alain Delon, all the Royal Family of Elizabeth the Second and many others.
Russian Gold
41 Russian Gold Reserve

Russian Gold Reserve

Historically, gold holds its value and is the experts’ pick for diversifying your portfolio and potentially increasing its performance. In fact, gold has increased in value over 150% since 2001. As opposed to equities, which can go from very high levels down to zero in a
very short time, gold is never going to zero. When other markets collapse, gold has historically seen huge increases in value as people make a quick flight to quality. Gold investing allows individuals to accumulate assets that protect their wealth.

16 Snow Delivery

Snow Delivery

Yesterday in Moscow there was held Parallel Slalom FIS Champions Cup. The annual event is carried out in Moscow already for several years, each year in November. The jump is a huge construction of 60 meters high, 37 meters wide and 210 meters
long (195/120/690 feet.) But there is one question, where did they get such an amount of snow for the event? Since this weekend weather wasn’t so cold, about 40 F, and snow was melting quite pacey in the streets of Moscow.
52 Just Make a Leap

Just Make a Leap

The second capital city of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, can boast of beauty of its architecture. But its off-beat design is not the only thing the city can show. Also it has a great diversity of
different subcultures with lots of followers. And recently two guys from one of city’s traceur movements decided to take their chances and make the use of their city’s architecture.

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