10 Bottle Stuffed With Cars

Bottle Stuffed With Cars

A giant bottle 12m high weighing 8 tons filled with warped cars is to be set up 26km away from Minsky highway in Odintsovo, Moscow. The main goal of the project is to show the citizens what consequences may be entailed
by drunk driving and how it can change a car. Clear enough that people inside these cars suffer much more. Scrap pile inside the bottle - remains of real cars in which people have been injured.
Inside Peter The Great 1
16 Inside Peter the Great

Inside Peter the Great

Peter the Great Monument! Probably only the builders have been here - not at the foot but inside! Here are
the photos of the things inside the monument and views opening from the height more than 100m.
noodles 1
9 Noodle It!

Noodle It!

There is a whole lot of things in the life which we have done or tried to do at least once; and instant noodles are not an exception. I bet that every one of us ate them no
less than once, and, thus, pondered a good deal about how it is made and of what? Let’s see what happens with instant noodles before they hit the counter.
Television - An Outward Glance 2 These pictures taken during an excursion at the news channel Russia Today. Read more...
25 Television – Inside Look

Television – Inside Look

These pictures taken during an
excursion at the news channel Russia
15 White Crow Has No Fear

White Crow Has No Fear

You are lucky if you've had a chance to see a white crow. This one turned out to be rather
friendly - ate a piece of bread, took some water from the lake, let to pat it and flew away.
Rostov Flood 1

17 Flood in Rostov

Flood in Rostov

Flooding Europe means flooding Russia too, as there is a significant part of Russia lays in Europe, so we had some water shots
from the Russian cities and they keep coming - meet Rostov-on-Don - the capital of Russian south as some call it.
Armed Vehicles Factory 1

27 Russian Armored Vehicles Factory

Russian Armored Vehicles Factory

A big factory in Russia where the armed vehicles for the army are being produced. The
coolest photos might be of a basin where they test for swim the new made vehicles.
24 The Sweetest Gold

The Sweetest Gold

This gallery shows the process of extracting honey from a hive. Though these beekeepers are just
the beginners they managed to extract 70kg of honey this year being stung only twice.
Darling Kitty! Another Unusual Wedding 1
26 Darling Kitty! Another Unusual Wedding

Darling Kitty! Another Unusual Wedding

Mad about unusual weddings again! This is the ONLY photo in this post
where these cute couple look like mentally healthy people.
Fountain Swim - Part II 19
22 Fountain Swim – Part II

Fountain Swim – Part II

Manege Square in Moscow is a favourite place of Muscovites and guests of the capital. Nearly each evening
here they meet, dance, drink, fight or swim in the fountains ... This day was particularly hot.

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