Wildfire Effects 36
27 Wildfires Effects

Wildfires Effects

We have already devoted some posts to wildfires
demolishing Russia. Today, let us show some wildfires
Airborne Forces Day 1
34 Airborne Forces Day

Airborne Forces Day

Every year on 2 August former troopers get drunk and bathe in fountains. This holiday is called
Airborne Forces Day and you may like it or not but photos of its celebration are always cool.
Wildfires in Russia 2
32 Wildfires in Russia

Wildfires in Russia

These are the screenshots from the Resource Management System of Fire Information. They are based on the analysis of low
resolution photos with thermal channels (Terra/Modis, 1 km). The sites of the fire are marked. Terrible picture, right?
St. Petersburg: General Staff Building 1
10 St. Petersburg: General Staff Building

St. Petersburg: General Staff Building

These wonderful pictures have been taken from the General Staff Building in St. Petersburg. In
fact, it's almost impossible to get there, but for these guys only the sky is the limit!
Soviet Photo Art 2
26 Soviet Photo Art of the 60s & 70s

Soviet Photo Art of the 60s & 70s

A stunning vintage collection of photo
art from the Soviet 60s and 70s.
The Moscow Region On Fire 34
29 The Moscow Region On Fire

The Moscow Region On Fire

The Moscow Region is on fire. There are so many fires that people do not manage to extinguish them all. Villages are burned to ashes,
every day people die and they have  no enough means to extinguish the fires.  There are fewer and fewer water sources.
41 Hunger in Soviet Russia

Hunger in Soviet Russia

This post is based on the materials of the Don State Library. It reminds of the hunger problem in the
Soviet Russia and an important role played by American Relief Administration to help the starving.
15 A Tram Gone Mad

A Tram Gone Mad

In Odessa there happened a terrible accident one tram seemed to go mad and turned over, one man died. The tragedy happened at 10 a.m. When
the tram was going from one dock to another, its breaks refused to act. By fatal accident rail points were facing a thoroughfare.
10 Swimming With White Whales

Swimming With White Whales

In the White Sea nature reserve for white whales one can swim
with these wonderful creatures or even touch them.
The Strafer - Cameraman  1
14 The Strafer Cameraman

The Strafer Cameraman

Video materials of this pilot are unique, it's the chronicle of local conflicts in the Caucasian region and Tajikistan and participation of SU-25
strafers there. Today, being already retired, he even makes acting works from the video materials once shot from the cabin of SU-25.