35 Chernobyl Amusement Park

Chernobyl Amusement Park

For the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Chernobyl accident they are going to turn the exclusion zone into a giant museum-park. It is believed that excursions there will be popular among tourists. This place used to be a home for someone. After the
explosion this area became "a desert island." Chernobyl became a synonym of "death" and many hearts are still wrung when this tragedy is mentioned. However it doesn't prevent them from turning this evil place into an amusement park.
45 On the Threshold of the Soviet Union Collapse

On the Threshold of the Soviet Union Collapse

A month before the collapse of the Soviet Union, on 7th, September, 1991, as it happened each year, in Moscow there was held another demonstration devoted to the anniversary of the Russian Revolution. People  of various political
convictions and aspirations took their flags and posters and came into the streets. An American tourist Ray Cunningham took some photos of demonstrators and, of course, he didn't expect how rare these shots would be in 19 years...
23 They Hate Police …

They Hate Police …

On September, 16th, St. Petersburg was profaned by actions of crazy provokers from an artistic group "Voina"
("War"). The group showed all its hatred of the Russian police in its vandal auction "Palace Revolution."
25 Horse Police of Moscow

Horse Police of Moscow

The horse regiment is situated in a prestigious area of Moscow, we guess there
are lots of those who dream to build here many offices and elite houses...
Heights of Kiev 1
22 Interesting Kiev

Interesting Kiev

Some wonderful photos of hot and sunny
Kiev and its interesting places.
Working With Iron And Fire 12
21 Working With Iron And Fire

Working With Iron And Fire

Somewhere in Abkhazia there live and work two talented blacksmiths - a father and a son, Vladimir and Daur
Khutaba. They proved another time that blacksmiths are interesting and even mysterious people.
Klyuchevsky Volcano Eruption 1
14 Klyuchevsky Volcano Eruption

Klyuchevsky Volcano Eruption

In this post you may see the eruption of
Klyuchevsky volcano (Kamchatka).
37 Battle For Commercial Power

Battle For Commercial Power

A battle between power structures belonging to different shareholders of hypermarkets network "Lenta." Two persons considered themselves to be
legal general managers and couldn't settle this conflict in a peaceful way. To convince each other they used tear-gas and smoke pellets.
Ships of Vladivostok 1

30 Ships of Vladivostok

Ships of Vladivostok

Vladivostok is the largest sea port of Russia in the Pacific Ocean,
it is the ideal place to enjoy the views of various ships ...
22 Leisure Time of Soviet People

Leisure Time of Soviet People

Let us remember today how people of
the Soviet Russia used to rest.

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