17 Michael Jackson’s Remembrance Day

Michael Jackson’s Remembrance Day

Almost two weeks ago, on June 25, there was held a remembrance day of Michael Jackson in Moscow. A gigantic crowd of people, the most
dedicated fans, gathered near the Embassy of the USA in Moscow and bestowed honors to one of the greatest musicians of the world.
Inglorious Present of \
10 Inglorious Present of “Romashka” Camp

Inglorious Present of “Romashka” Camp

"Romashka" camp or, to be more precise, one of its
buildings that was a canteen and a movie theater 2 in 1.
7 Incident In a Quiet Village

Incident In a Quiet Village

One drunk villager somewhere in the Arkhangelsk Region decided to drive a MAZ but lost control and drove into a house ... This "Lada" was not neglected by a
hapless driver too ... It's hard to believe but "Lada" driver didn't suffer at all, however rescuers had to cut him out from "the iron sandwich".
taiga_hut 1
41 A Mysterious Hut in the Woods

A Mysterious Hut in the Woods

While on their trip to taiga, a team of guys discovered some abandoned (and maybe not?) hut with a few buildings
nearby. Thanks God there was nobody at home back then and they managed make as many shots as they could!
14 Life of…Nails

Life of…Nails

Photographer Andrei Nikolaev from Odintsovo, Moscow region, is a very inquisitive and curious person. But instead of keep watching
over nature, technics, people and lots of other useless stuff he prefers peeping at nails and observing plain life they lead.
ussr_last_years 1
44 The USSR – Last 30 Years

The USSR – Last 30 Years

This collection of photos features last 30 years of the USSR’s existence; cheerfulness and confidence in the future of 60’s along with grimness and foulness of
90’s. Looking at the shots you can see the spirit of the USSR, very bright and vivid in the beginning and so gloomy and almost unseeable in the end.
floatation_device 1
12 Tank or a Waterborne Vehicle?

Tank or a Waterborne Vehicle?

In 1951, when the Soviet Union was on its high, authorities had an idea of building special floatation devices for tanks. First sample workpieces for T-54 tank were made at in 1952, and, some several weeks later tests were carried out on the Oka river. In the next two years
trial test at the sea were conducted. And in 1957, eventually, the floatation device was passed into service. There were supposed to be as many as 187 (according to the amount of tanks) floatation devices on the strength of the motor rifle division.
TV sets Production  1
20 A Visit To The TV Set Factory

A Visit To The TV Set Factory

Have you ever been interested in television set manufacture? Today
you have a chance to know how your best friend was produced.
The Day When Ears Getting Long - Fairy Parade In Moscow 1
21 The Day When Ears Getting Long – Fairy Parade In Moscow

The Day When Ears Getting Long – Fairy Parade In Moscow

Last weekend elves, fairies, dwarves and other fairy creatures got together in Stary
Arbat in order to march with lanterns and candles mysteriously smiling ...
20 Finding Engineering Solutions In Nature

Finding Engineering Solutions In Nature

Only in Russia a woman - engineer designed a unique landing gear removal system. She said she had got an idea for this after looking for a crow preparing to fly and making a jump parting
it from the Earth surface. Later she proposed this to her Soviet plane construction authorities and it got approved and widely used on thousands of Russian planes afterward.

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