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5 The Underground Town Eski Kermen

The Underground Town Eski Kermen

Eski Kermen is the medieval city-stronghold in the Crimea. This name means "an old fortress" in the Tatar language. Eski Kermen was founded in the VIth century as a Byzantine stronghold and had existed till the end of the XIVth century. As it was not so big and important those times no significant events or historical facts remained. But
from the Xth century the town and naturally its importance began to grow. The prosperity of Eski Kermen is related to the XII-XIIIth centuries, when the town popularity was more than 3,000 people. In 1299 the stronghold was destroyed and ravaged by Mongols. Since that time it hasn't restored its significance.
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21 How to Catch Plasma

How to Catch Plasma

Since early childhood everyone knows that substance can exist in three states: solid, liquid and gas. A perfect example of it is ordinary water. We can observe it in all the three states in our daily life (especially in a kitchen). However, there exists another state
which is called plasma... The Novosibirsk Institute of Nuclear Physics is one of the world's leaders in studying plasma. They have some very interesting setups, so-called "plasma traps". Let's see how they work and what they are needed for.
10 “Karelia” Submarine Having Rest

“Karelia” Submarine Having Rest

Let's take a chance and go aboard the Karelia nuclear-powered
ballistic missile submarine while it hasn't yet left the port.
9 Against All Diseases: The Birch Sap

Against All Diseases: The Birch Sap

The collection of birch sap in Belarus allowed only for state
organisations. Further it will be processed and sold.
17 Novosibirsk From Above

Novosibirsk From Above

The Novosibirsk region is located in the south-western part of the West Siberian Plain and occupies an area of 178,2 thousand
square kilometres. It's not the first time we show you pictures of this region from above, but new photos - new pleasure!
6 LEGO-Jeeping


Contrary to the established opinion, LEGO is not just a construction kit with bricks, houses and little men. There are many different branches of
LEGO-modelling, and one of them is model-car construction. These photos were made at an interesting competition - LEGO Offroader Racing in Moscow.
11 Shock! UFO Found In Buryatia!

Shock! UFO Found In Buryatia!

Probably we are not the first to show you this shocking video and photos. This corpse was found in Buryatia and soon became a real sensation
worldwide! The weird creature 85-110 cm tall, without a right leg and supposedly female... Just watch the video inside, it's really shocking!
8 The Great Holiday In Odessa

The Great Holiday In Odessa

On the 10th of April there was an international military and historical festival dedicated to
the anniversary of Odessa liberation. Guns and clothes are real, remained from the war.
8 At the Recording Studio

At the Recording Studio

All of you heard of such a profession as a sound mixer. But do you know what exactly these
people do in a recording studio? Let's watch the curious process of song recording.
5 Two Brothers – One Passion

Two Brothers – One Passion

The exhibition of the Tkachev brothers has lately been opened at the Tretyakov Gallery. These amazing artists are well-known to
everybody who is at least slightly familiar with art. They work together on all paintings and depict beautiful village life.

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