5 War On The Table

War On The Table

All the models presented at the exhibition "War on the Table" at the Museum of Fine Arts located in Yekaterinburg are handmade. A lot of small details were meticulously collected
together by their authors to impress the visitors. Both adults and children will definitely get pleasure from seeing these small works of art. Some of them are inside the post.
10 The Way Mother Motherland Sees Kiev

The Way Mother Motherland Sees Kiev

The Mother Motherland Monument located in Kiev was opened 1981. Now it houses the Museum of WWII, and its overall height is 102 m. There are two viewing platforms - at a height of
36 and 92 m. We'll show you the photos made from the higher one. There is also the third platform within the sword but, unfortunately, it's closed to the public.
18 The Unique Photo Exhibion of a Soviet War Reporter

The Unique Photo Exhibion of a Soviet War Reporter

Evgeny Khaldei is one of the most famous Soviet photographers, a reporter of the TASS news in pictures, he represented its editorial staff during the Great Patriotic War. All 1,418 days he and his "Leica" went from Murmansk to Berlin. One of his most popular photos is "The Raising of the victory flag over the Reichstag". Photos of Evgeny Khaldei were among evidences at the Nuremberg trials, especially those made in Sevastopol. After the war photographer fell out
of favour, and despite the fact that after Stalin's death, he again gained access to the newspaper pages, until 1970 he could not organize his photo exhibition in the Soviet Union because of oppressions of the Soviet leaders. Today, the festival "War and Peace" is held in the Sevastopol museum of Sheremetev, here people can see unique images, printed from negatives of the author. Many of them are exhibited for the first time.
6 The Best Russian Photographer 2010

The Best Russian Photographer 2010

At the award "The best Photographer 2010" Oleg Grachev took two prize places at once. His work "Scanography" became
the first in the category of "Still Life "and took the grand prize in the category " Discovery of the Year. "
10 Building Destruction In Kurgan

Building Destruction In Kurgan

    The personnel working at a supermarket in Kurgan had complained about the bad condition of the building many times.
The wall fell following the heavy rains when the brick lining was softened enough. Fortunately, nobody was injured.
4 Ancient And Wonderful Suzdal

Ancient And Wonderful Suzdal

Suzdal is a town in the Vladimir Region, Russia, situated north-east of
Moscow, 26 kilometers from the city of Vladimir, on the Kamenka River.
6 Testing New Military Equipment

Testing New Military Equipment

The 21st Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence is located in Bronnitsy Town near Moscow and specializes in testing military
equipment. Lately, it has organized a colorful show on its military training ground where a lot of new vehicles have been tested.
18 A Green Lawn But Without Grass

A Green Lawn But Without Grass

In Saransk the ground near a new perinatal medical
center suddenly became green. But what is the matter?
17 Wedding Photos And Photoshop

Wedding Photos And Photoshop

It seems that some couples find their wedding moments not vivid enough. They believe that photo editing can make the memories of the wedding day even much more
impressive and close the boring gaps with the help of the powerful Photoshop. It's not recommended for people with highly sensitive nature to look at the pictures.
16 Abandoned Air Base

Abandoned Air Base

Vozdvizhenka Air Base is located in Ussuriysk,
Russia. It is classified as a medium airport.

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