Russian bird is brave

26 Brave Russian Bird

Brave Russian Bird

Looks like that Russian birds are so cool that they go friends
with cats eating from the same plate (sometimes)..
Russian strange eagle pets

17 Russian Eagle Pets

Russian Eagle Pets

Lately numerous occasions of people with eagle pets have been reported
from the centre of Moscow. Looks like this becomes trendy?
felt_boots 1
25 Felt Boots Factory

Felt Boots Factory

There is footwear in Russia that is quite popular in the country, and it’s called felt boots. But also, they have the other name, Russian one, which most of you probably know, here they are called Valenki. And recently they’ve started
gaining popularity again because of their low price, warm and usability. But even here there are few people who know how and where they are made. Today we have a bit of insight to Kalyazinsk felt boots factory for you.

22 Winter Drifting

Winter Drifting

When it is February, freaking cold outdoors and you have absolutely nothing to do during your lunch break – why
not to try a bit of drifting on your car? And that was exactly what one company of Russian friends did.
Flying Over Moscow 1
11 Flying Over Moscow

Flying Over Moscow

That is how Moscow was photographed from a helicopter. Video is also possible. Wonderful
panoramas… This time the helicopter was not too high, but 100-200m is not a problem at all.

15 Junk Them All

Junk Them All

Old cars cemetery is not a funny sight at all. Looking at those shadows of the past you start unconsciously think of the eternal things. As if with real man’s eyes they glare at you with their headlights and you can even see a bit
of reproach in their look. Recently a newsperson from one of the Russian auto magazines went to a place where they junk cars to see what’s going to happen with our iron horses that already have had their days.
18 Do not heat gun foam!

Do not heat gun foam!

Do not do it, it is a bad luck – for renovations… And never give gun foam to your mom because maybe
she will try to pierce its valve “to open it”… Be cautious with inflammable materials!
15 Ordinary yard on the Kiev outskirts

Ordinary yard on the Kiev outskirts

Pay attention to the background – customary dump ordinary yard of a customary high-storey
building. And what is there in the centre? Vice versa, zaporozhets, zhiguli, other junk?

18 Salekhard from a Bird’s-Eye View

Salekhard from a Bird’s-Eye View

Salekhard is an administrative capital of the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district. It’s located at the left bank of the Ob river and occupies a territory of 1018 square kilometers or 636 square miles. We have
a splendid collection of aerial photos of the city. Just look at the peculiar type of construction of all buildings, they do not look like usual houses in Moscow or any other Russian city.
10 Macro snowflakes

Macro snowflakes

Winter is a season of clean and awesome beauty. But some absolutely wonderful winter
phenomena remain hidden from our eyes. Luckily macrophotography reveals some miracles.

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