The Strafer - Cameraman  1
14 The Strafer Cameraman

The Strafer Cameraman

Video materials of this pilot are unique, it's the chronicle of local conflicts in the Caucasian region and Tajikistan and participation of SU-25
strafers there. Today, being already retired, he even makes acting works from the video materials once shot from the cabin of SU-25.
11 Caught on Fire

Caught on Fire

When there are forest fires around you better stay home. This video shows how tough it might be when the car full of
youngsters gets right in the middle of the burning spot during recent forest fires, filmed from inside.
Sysadmin Day in Russia 1
16 Sysadmin Day in Russia

Sysadmin Day in Russia

Sysadmin Day is annually celebrated in Russia on the last Friday of July.
On this occasion we offer to see this cool nerd pics collection.
14 Predawn St. Petersburg

Predawn St. Petersburg

Wonderful photographs of predawn St.
Petersburg taken from the roofs.

17 Holocaustic Fires in Voronezh

Holocaustic Fires in Voronezh

The other day there was a terrible wild fire in Voronezh. It started in a micro-district Maslovka and its area reached 3
thousand hectares. 5 people died, 94 injured, 21 hospitalized. 271 houses burnt, 556 people were made homeless.
21 Cool Illustrations For a Children’s Magazine

Cool Illustrations For a Children’s Magazine

Igor Oleinikov is a talented artist who used to make such cool illustrations for a children's magazine "Tramvai".
Don't you agree that when you see a similar cool illustration you always want to read the story it depicts?
Shelter For Heroes - Olympic Games 1980 1
28 Moscow Olympic Games 1980 – Rare Pictures

Moscow Olympic Games 1980 – Rare Pictures

In 1980 Canadian spouses David and Cheryl Hendersons came on a visit to Moscow to see XXII Summer Olympic Games where they took a lot of interesting photos. They were the parents of a Canadian sportswoman
Sandra Henderson who set the Olympic flame in 1976 in Montreal. Here are the pics not only of the Opening Ceremony but beautiful views of Moscow that changed so much on those July days.
Moscow SWAT 1
27 Moscow SWAT

Moscow SWAT

Moscow SWAT was giving demos the other day in
Strogino.  It was quite a spectacular performance!
Tricks of Road Police  1
18 Tricks of Road Police

Tricks of Road Police

Moving in the direction from Orenburg to Orsk, soon after "Orsk" sign the road starts descending. Further is a sign "overtaking prohibited". Drivers usually didn't notice it and did overpassed in this place, thus, many of them had their driving licence
suspended. About a month ago there was made a continuous line in that place and income of the local road police drastically decreased. Poor but clever guys from the road police painted over the continuous line turning it into dash.
Inside the State District Power Plant in Sredneuralsk 1
16 Inside the State District Power Plant in Sredneuralsk

Inside the State District Power Plant in Sredneuralsk

The State District Power Plant in Sredneuralsk has been working since 1936,  much equipment is of
the same period. It is "too much" even for Russia where such old equipment is now rare too.

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