16 Roofs of Saint Petersburg

Roofs of Saint Petersburg

That’s not an every-day occasion to see St. Pete from a height of 30 or 40 meters (100 feet and higher) as the highest building in the city is the Admiralty, or spire of Petropalovskaya fortress, which is just 72 meters high
(240 feet) and it is forbidden to erect a building that is higher than the Admiralty. So, roofers of St. Pete offer us a great opportunity to see how the city looks from the tallest houses located over there.

26 The USSR in the 1950-1980’s

The USSR in the 1950-1980’s

There are some awesome shots back from times of the USSR. Having been shot during 1950-1980’s they represent life of the Russian people in such cities like Moscow, Novosibirsk and in some other
cities along the Transsiberian railway track. Most of them were shot just by bypassers and onlookers, but a few were made by foreign photographers like Leonard Giannada and Franco Rattazzi.
15 Underground Museum

Underground Museum

Located at a depth of 70 meters (230 feet), this underground museum gives its visitors a unique opportunity to get themselves familiar with the nuts and bolts of mining engineering and see how snow-white gypsum is mined
underground via tour around an underground gypsum mine. A part of the museum’s display is dedicated to history of mining engineering and developing of local gypsum deposit that began back in 1930’s.
Salmon Spawning 1
23 Salmon Spawning

Salmon Spawning

Here are some cool pictures of salmon
spawning at Kuril Lake in Kamchatka.
Deep sea life in the Russian White Sea
22 Wonderful Underwater World of the White Sea

Wonderful Underwater World of the White Sea

Even such an unfriendly place as the White sea is
full with life deep inside it's dark waters.
30 Plaster Defect

Plaster Defect

Recently there was restored a wall of one dwelling house, but ... it seems
that some defect is seen on the wall? What's that? Let's see closer ...
15 Anatomy of a Heart, Drama of Life and Cherry

Anatomy of a Heart, Drama of Life and Cherry

Old postcards are so cool to collect! Luxury retro-divas, wonderful hats, shameless attires ... Most of the items can't be imagined on
modern postcards, some of them have even become a taboo. This smoking girl, for example: it used to be cute, now it is outrageous.
9 A Burden of One’s Choice is Not Felt

A Burden of One’s Choice is Not Felt

A very interesting way of goods transportation
- of a dog, in this particular case.
Goats Beauty Contest 1
5 Goats Beauty Contest

Goats Beauty Contest

In Lithuania there was held an unusual beauty contest. Among these 13
participants there was chosen only one - the most beautiful.
10 Brave Diver Doggie

Brave Diver Doggie

This four-footed friend dives near Slavyanka! The dog named Bonifatsy has everything that
human divers have: a wet suit, a compressed air cylinder, a transparent helmet.

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