6 Winter Affairs

Winter Affairs

As it always happens, winter comes suddenly. Recently there was a post about how it is grand in Belarus, that all the streets are so tidy and all people are so civilized. But everything is not so smooth as it can seem. Some week ago several photos of Minsk, Belarus capital, winter preparations leaked in the WWW.
Usually, when winter in Russia and other CIS countries comes about there are lots of special cars in the streets which spray special mixture of sand and salt to get rid of slippery ground on the pavements and roads of a city. And one of such cars literally shot dead 24 cars in the streets of Minsk.
17 Gleb Travin – adventures of a great bicyclist.

Gleb Travin – adventures of a great bicyclist.

More than 200 cycling clubs from all over the world are named in honor of this person. In 1928-1931 a young citizen of Kamchatka, electrician, sportsman,
reserve commander Gleb Travin made an unusual 85 000 km journey. All alone he bicycled along the Soviet Union borders including the Arctic coastline.

28 “Stolby” of Krasnoyarsk, the weekend extreme.

“Stolby” of Krasnoyarsk, the weekend extreme.

About 7 km from Krasnoyarsk there is a wonderful nature reserve “Stolby”. It is a kingdom of taiga and fanciful rocks. Each weekend thousands of Krasnoyarsk citizens come to
this place. Students, schoolchildren, mid-level managers - they all conquer the rocks equally with professionals and do not consider themselves to be supermen…

48 “Kabbalah” Vodka; With Christian Infants

“Kabbalah” Vodka; With Christian Infants

A short time ago the company “EZ Protocols” announced a start-up of vodka brand that is called “Kabbalah vodka – with Christian infants” – the newest quality benchmark on the super premium segment of the Russian market. The vodka is expected to have a distinguished wheat
flavor. Special water, enriched in silver, gold and platinum ions along with neat and stylish design will bring anyone back to the best traditions of a ritual table. As a present, every bottle has a unique handmade infant inside, which is made of fortified glass.

14 Volgodonsk Nuclear Power Plant

Volgodonsk Nuclear Power Plant

Volgodonsk NPP is a facility located near Volgodonsk city, in Rostov region. It is considered to be one of the largest plants in the southern part of Russia, which provides 15% of annual
production for the whole region. And on December 5, direction of the plant allowed a mob of Russian bloggers to take an excursion to the facility and study out what is what.
61 Has Byelorussia left Russia and Ukraine far behind?

Has Byelorussia left Russia and Ukraine far behind?

Let’s make a reservation – it’s hard to confirm, but some facts are rather eloquent. Despite Belarus’ territorial proximity to Russia, for some reason, many ex-USSR citizens still believe Byelorussia to be a poverty-ridden, agrarian country that has not
gone far from some Moldova or Tajikistan in its development. In fact living standards in this country are practically the same as in Russia or Ukraine. And in such aspects as cleanness and order Belarus will leave any CIS country far behind.
Russian policeman and a girl

32 To Give or not to Give?

To Give or not to Give?

"Hey young lady, it looks like you have broken three traffic rules at once
and..." After second or two: "Sorry miss, my fault, fare well!"

13 Taverns of Imperial Russia

Taverns of Imperial Russia

It is well-known that Russia is rich in different sport activities, most of them are winter ones but there also some sports that are year-round. One of such year-round "sports" is called drinking. But if one would look at the nowadays Russian youngsters
drinking in the streets or at their apartments it is not a tricky thing to think that there is no drinking culture in modern Russia at all. Actually, it is not true and in this article we’re going to demystify that common delusion.

9 Light saber photo-trick

Light saber photo-trick

Light drawing technique is called “freezelight” or “light graphic”. In a fully darkened room or in the night street the camera is tripod-borne.  The prolonged keeping is set, usually from 30 sec. to some minutes and in the camera
view various objects or patterns are drawn. Anything can serve as a light tool or “a brush” – flashlights, Bengal fires, fireworks… In this particular case, for BMW123d exposure, a light saber has been assembled.
28 Afghan War Soldier Refresher

Afghan War Soldier Refresher

Back in the 80’s when the Soviet-Afghan War was burning hard and the Soviet Union was keeping the field, all Soviet soldiers in Afghan
were given a refresher to know how to behave themselves in the alien society for them and how to carry themselves with strangers.

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