10 Meanwhile In Russian Villages…

Meanwhile In Russian Villages…

In one Russian small village in the Tverskaya region there lives a wife of a herdsman. Tatyana does many things
there, and unfortunately the drink thing is not an exeption; but she's sure she's the "queen" of the village!
2 Weird Handmade Vehicles

Weird Handmade Vehicles

Weird cars made by different undoubtedly strange and talented people in Russia. Flight of fancy, unconventional
engineering thinking and improvised materials - everything you need to create your own "concept car"!
12 The Incredible Train World

The Incredible Train World

Trains, underground, stations, rails - there is a kind of special romanticism in them. Here are some
pictures, taken in different places, but the idea is the same - the incredible train world!
9 The Magnificent Baikal

The Magnificent Baikal

The deepest, the purest and undoubtedly the most beautiful lake in Russia - Baikal... A
protected area,still perfecly virgin. Enjoy the glaring views of that magnificent place!
8 An Abandoned Military Town

An Abandoned Military Town

Photos from Gremeekha military town. Winds here are so strong, that they even blow away untethered dogs. The population of the town was 300
000, but when the navy left it, the population went down to 10 000 citizens - people are boarding up windows and leaving homes.
10 Ascending 350-Meters High TV Tower

Ascending 350-Meters High TV Tower

A photoreport from the ascending 350-meters high TV tower somewhere near Galich . The view from it is sometimes really so
scaring and breathtaking, that even the photos give the creeps. The photographer and his wife are really foolhardy!
11 Different Sides of St. Petersburg

Different Sides of St. Petersburg

Here is Shkapin Street. At the beginning of XXI century, Germans were shooting here a film about the World War II. But these are not consequences of a warfare. About 5 years ago,
local authorities decided to build here a big commercial and entertainment centre. The street was almost totally demolished, but there is no trade center there till now.
18 Soviet Children Playing Outdoors

Soviet Children Playing Outdoors

Some photos of Soviet children walking and having fun in 60-70s of the 20th century. It was a nice time, when letting
the children play outdoors, parents were not scared neither of skinheads, nor of drunkards and junkies...
23 Service of the 20th Motorized Infantry Battalion

Service of the 20th Motorized Infantry Battalion

This photo report touches upon all spheres of 20th motorized infantry
battalion's life. The military unit is situated in Volgograd.
7 A Rich Catch

A Rich Catch

Fishing is both a good hobby and an effective way of procuring food. A man has developed many different ways of fishing - boats, fishing nets, hundreds of rods,
baits and tackles for every kind of fishing. And animals still have only fangs, clawas and natural dexterity. So who is better at fishing? Russians?

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