15 Tow Trucks Cemetery

Tow Trucks Cemetery

In one of its inside courts, Minsk Wheeled Tractors plant has housed so-to-say “Jurassic park” where thousands of iron giants made back in the times of the Cold War dwell there thus far. Standing out in the open there gradually
peeling off and rusting they look quite sadly. It is hardly imaginable that a few decades back these rocket-o-saurs were taking aback anyone who saw them with their hugeness, roar of engines and impressive flotation.

61 Bechyovinka, the submariners’ secret town

Bechyovinka, the submariners’ secret town

There is a secret town in Kamchatka. One
can get here only by sea or a helicopter.

9 Ten Most Popular Roofs of Moscow

Ten Most Popular Roofs of Moscow

As the New Year has already retired from us and left just an aftertaste of overpast holidays, haziness in their head and whole lot of food in the freezer, many of us are ready to set about their work and routine business. But some are about casting the
total. It would be appropriate to sum some relevant things up; one’s gains or track records, but there are few off-the-wall statistics. And there is one of them: what were the ten most popular roofs of Moscow city last, 2009, year?
25 Russia of Gippenreiter

Russia of Gippenreiter

Hardly there could be found places where he has not been to: deserts of Central Asia, mountains of the Caucasus and Siberia, the North of Russia, the Urals and the Far East. He was floating
down the cataracted rivers of the Sayan Mountains, peddling his canoe in Karelia, climbing the hills and volcanoes of Kuril Islands and Kamchatka… His name is Vadim Gippenreiter.

47 The Soviet Christmas Tree Decorations

The Soviet Christmas Tree Decorations

As the New Year getting closer and closer with every single minute and in some countries and regions it has already came, we proudly present collection of the old Soviet Christmas tree
decorations. May the New Year bring you all you want: happiness, well-being, and may all the gaps, even the innermost ones will be easily bridgeable! Happy New Year!

20 Oops


Few days ago in Vladivostok there was Christmas tree erected. And so gracious and beautiful it was, not to say that it was the most expensive Christmas tree in the whole Russia. But as the weather was fierce and sea wind was blowing
really heavy, accidentally it fell down. No casualties, of course. But what would one do if there is one day till the New Year and there is no Christmas tree at all. It is perfectly clear! Set new tree, shabby one!

25 Snow Frenzy

Snow Frenzy

Last several years winter in Russia was more European and temperature seldom fell below -15C (+5F.) But is seems that this winter Mother Winter has rolled round too fast and it’s really overboard. Few weeks ago frost came to Russia and now it looks like it’s on its way westwards, straight to Eastern Europe. All this time temperature on
thermometer seldom fell below -20C (-5F.) Because of that any road was clogged up to the brim every singe day. And now, when frost almost dropped Russia off and left just a bunch of two or three feet high snowbanks here and there, it seems that Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe countries just began feeling this snow frenzy.
Russian road patrol

12 Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

This Russian road patrol stays there for way too long. Drivers from
passing by cars wonder if the officers are still inside.
Russian atm robbed

31 The Robbed ATM

The Robbed ATM

Coming early to work people has found their local ATM trashed without mercy. It was a pretty recent make machine - like from 2007 and still it took just some small time for robbers to
virtually destroy it all. Three money slots were left emptied nearby. Also now we know that deep inside the atm there is a windows xp sticker like on the back of your laptop.
Russian Ded Moroz monument

13 The Santa Monument

The Santa Monument

In one of Russian cities they have dressed 10-meter tall (33 ft) monument into a Santa dress. It took a lot of fabric worth around $2000 to
complete the task. They decided they gonna sell it later after the holidays on the auction for the whole thing to pay off.

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