15 Oldtimer Gallery In Moscow

Oldtimer Gallery In Moscow

From the 7th till the 10th of October, 2010 there was held the 16-th Oldtimer Gallery. This year there were presented such interesting cars as Ford Thunderbird(favourite car of Merylin Monroe, Elvis Presley and John Kennedy);
Delahaye 175 — a make of car which doesn't exist for already half a century. A part of the exposition was devoted to the 100-th anniversary of the Alpha Romeo Company and the 40-th anniversary of Volga GAZ-24.
7 D.I.Y. – The Sweet Tower of Eiffel

D.I.Y. – The Sweet Tower of Eiffel

Have you ever been to France? And have you seen the Eiffel Tower? Here you can learn how to
make your own sweet Eiffel Tower - you just need powdered sugar, citric acid and an egg!
15 “Fight for Business” or An Expensive But Amazing Game

“Fight for Business” or An Expensive But Amazing Game

A comic srtikeball game based on the events of accumulation of the
initial capital in Russia 90-s - «Mob-2:" Fight for Business"»
26 The Channel Built At The Price Of 200000 Lives

The Channel Built At The Price Of 200000 Lives

The White Sea-Baltic channel is not a simple ship canal connecting the White Sea with Onega Lake. And it is also not an important transport object which is giving exit from the White Sea to The Baltic and The Caspian and the southern seas. It is the whole history, the beginning of the great camp buildings of
the Soviet period. During its building not only water storage ponds and sluices have appeared - even new words were added in slangy speech. In the history of the channel three periods are singled out: its building (1930-s), the restoration after the war (50-s) and the present.
10 The First Sterling Kiev Subway Depot

The First Sterling Kiev Subway Depot

The first sterling Kiev subway depot "Darnitsa" was opened on November, 5th, 1965 together with the first stage underground radius from"Dnepr" station to "Darnitsa" station. The depot is situated on the technical platform of underground (together with railroad car repair plant) which occupies a part of an
industrial area. First five years before the opening of the depot not numerous cars had been huddling in a tiny depot at "Dnepr"station . This building belongs to the metro department. And now not only big depositary (more than 200 cars), but also a maintenance service point belongs to the depot.
9 The Drowning Village

The Drowning Village

Today in mass-media the information about "natural cycles" is often accompanied by epithets "abnormal", "earlier not observed", "catastrophic" etc. This article is about problems directly connected with climatic changes. In the north of Yakutia there is a village Andryushkino. During the last decade catastrophic floods are observed there. And not only in spring but also in autumn! From
high waters suffers not only Andryushkino. In 2008 the decision on complex studying of the reasons for the change in hydrological mode of the Alazei River and for finding-out the reasons for the problem was accepted. On March, 4-th, 2008 in order to solve this sharp social and economic problem the "Alazeja-2008" complex research expedition was organized.
13 Oh, These Wonderful School Days…

Oh, These Wonderful School Days…

One day in secondary school №2 of Kargopol city. It is the most usual form of the most usual Russian school but when you look at ordinary things closely, you can always see something
specific. These cheerful children, these school desks, corridors, playgrounds - everything here reminds of serene school days, and by everybody these memories are different.
6 Ship Repair In Russia

Ship Repair In Russia

On Gorodetsky ship-repairing factory the work is moving along in high gear. Lifted on a slip steam-ship "Alexander Benua" looks as a model at an exhibition.
The propelling-steering complex is being repaired and ship's skin is also being replaced. Meanwhile they are dismantling wheels, screws and shafts.
21 Sober Life of the Twins

Sober Life of the Twins

In one small village near Tver there live two brothers. After the disorder of the state farm and when their house burned down they found forces to stop drinking. Now they are reputed honest workers. They earn money by
digging wells, mowing grass, chopping wood and by other rural works. "I do not know about the whole country, but our crisis has ended when we began to work and ceased to drink!" - says one of the brothers.
9 An Adventure With A Bag Full Of Gold

An Adventure With A Bag Full Of Gold

The gold prospectors were hastily driving an all-terrain vehicle.  They were carrying a sport bag with 20 kilograms of gold to pay off a credit. On the way they were
hunting and had sunk a bit, but the gold remained dry. Finally they reached the destination point by helicopter, and the off-road vehicle was left in the river.