16 Jump From the House

Jump From the House

When you have lotsa snow you can have some fun with it like... jumping
from five-stored building into a pile of snow, fun isn't it?
Russian robot in Odessa

13 Guarding Odessa

Guarding Odessa

When entering city of Odessa port one can be greeted by a giant metal robot staying there for years already. Constructed mainly of
auto parts, like hoods etc. - so looking at it we might guess where from the Transformers idea might has appeared.
Russian molecular models
8 Big Molecular Toys

Big Molecular Toys

This team from Moscow, Russia is into making large scale molecular biology stuff as real world object toys, mainly made of plastic, but sometimes they are soft too. It's so geeky these days to go and
buy yourself a 20 inch highly-detailed swine flu virus molecule or DNA helix made of plush for Valentine's day or some other date like that instead the boring plush puppy and stuff.

18 Rabbit of No Luck

Rabbit of No Luck

Anything’s planned? That is a usual Rabbit of no luck’s chat-up line. No, no, we aren’t going to speak about talking rabbits today. Actually, this weird rabbit knows just
one phrase more; it is an answer “No way!” and if you run him across in the street it will be the first and the last answer you’re going to hear from him ever.
The Moscow Underground 1
12 The Moscow Underground – An Outward Glance

The Moscow Underground – An Outward Glance

All in all the Moscow underground has 15 depots. “Izmailovo” was opened in January, 14th, 1950.
Initially it was a subdivision of “Sokol” depot and later it became independent.
Russian bird is brave

26 Brave Russian Bird

Brave Russian Bird

Looks like that Russian birds are so cool that they go friends
with cats eating from the same plate (sometimes)..
Russian strange eagle pets

17 Russian Eagle Pets

Russian Eagle Pets

Lately numerous occasions of people with eagle pets have been reported
from the centre of Moscow. Looks like this becomes trendy?
felt_boots 1
25 Felt Boots Factory

Felt Boots Factory

There is footwear in Russia that is quite popular in the country, and it’s called felt boots. But also, they have the other name, Russian one, which most of you probably know, here they are called Valenki. And recently they’ve started
gaining popularity again because of their low price, warm and usability. But even here there are few people who know how and where they are made. Today we have a bit of insight to Kalyazinsk felt boots factory for you.

22 Winter Drifting

Winter Drifting

When it is February, freaking cold outdoors and you have absolutely nothing to do during your lunch break – why
not to try a bit of drifting on your car? And that was exactly what one company of Russian friends did.
Flying Over Moscow 1
11 Flying Over Moscow

Flying Over Moscow

That is how Moscow was photographed from a helicopter. Video is also possible. Wonderful
panoramas… This time the helicopter was not too high, but 100-200m is not a problem at all.

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