6 How To Cook Pilaf

How To Cook Pilaf

Here is a short illustrative instruction on "How to cook pilaf" - the
traditional oriental dish with mutton, rice and vegetables!
5 Looks Like Snow But It’s Not

Looks Like Snow But It’s Not

Today in the morning Ust-Kamchatsk village could observe a strange "snow" that turned out to be ash falling. Shiveluch volcano and Klyuxhevskaya hill are to blame. Visibility in the village is 5-10 meters now, people are not
recommended to leave houses, all kindergartens, schools and enterprises have closed. Transport communication doesn't work as well, people can hear the news from loudspeaker. The ash falling may last for 10 days more...
1 Center of the Russian Science Part II

Center of the Russian Science Part II

We've already told you a bit about one of the oldest, largest and leading high schools of Russia - the Lomonosov Moscow State
University. Now let's spend some more time inside its Main building and have a look at Moscow out of its windows.
9 An Expedition To an Arctic Desert

An Expedition To an Arctic Desert

An expedition to an Arctic desert on one of the islands of the archipelago of Franz Joseph's Land in the Arctic
Ocean. Already familiar pretty Russian reporter Maria Morgun took part in the snowy expedition too.
10 The VI International Doll Salon In Moscow

The VI International Doll Salon In Moscow

On the 7-10th of October, Moscow held the VI International Doll Salon. Hundreds of different dolls - babies and adults, men and women,
real people and fairy-tale characters, celebrities and even presidents - from little to human-sized, were exhibited there.
18 Extreme Russian Show

Extreme Russian Show

Some photos from the Extreme Russian Show. Men of courage, bikes, tricks, all-terrain vehicles, extreme,
adrenaline, fails, crashes, achievements, pain, joy - everything was there and is here in the photographs now!
24 For Aviation Lovers

For Aviation Lovers

Such a monster has been recently found near
Vnukovo 3 in Moscow. Can anyone comment?
5 Byelorussian “Special Mission Units”

Byelorussian “Special Mission Units”

On the 2nd of August on the Minsk Sea, the "Belarus extreme-run 2" took place. It was necessary for participants of competitions to overcome a distance
of 5 km, running waist-deep in water, and then on the sandy and bumpy coast. 75 persons had enough courage to undergo these severe trials.
11 A Tour To The Kursk Nuclear Power Plant

A Tour To The Kursk Nuclear Power Plant

The Kursk Atomic Power Station is located in Kurchatov city on the bank of the Diet River. The station consists of
four power generating units with general capacity of 4 GWatt - one of the three largest  APS in Russia.
12 An Astonishing Ship House

An Astonishing Ship House

An unusual ship-house was built by one countryman in Borovoy
Township. He says that the idea came to him in a dream.