Icy Baikal 1
41 Icy Baikal

Icy Baikal

Again a post about the deepest lake in the world - Baikal Lake. And now not about its steel garbage, but about its beauty and its mysteriousness. But before some school info to help to understand the lake's uniqueness. Baikal is the lake of a tectonic origin in the southern part of the Eastern Siberia. The maximal depth is 1 642 meters (about 5 400 feet). About
half a year the lake is icebound. In average the period of freeze-up lasts from 15 January till 1 May. Baikal is navigable only from June till September. The locals as well as many other Russian traditionally call it the Baikal Sea. And it's not a mistake - Baikal deposits of fresh water are more than in the Great Lakes combined.
31 Two Hummer Fun

Two Hummer Fun

What can be done to two American army SUVs in Russian
forest. Or in other words how to sink two hummers.
Russian captives in Afghanistan 3
33 Kandahar captives

Kandahar captives

The first days of February were the days when premiere of a new action movie has taken place in Russia. It's called "Kandahar" ("The Crew" in international distribution) after the Kandahar city in Afghanistan - the factual capital of the Taliban movement. It may seem that it's one of the regular action movies based on
a completely made-up plot. A Russian transport airplane is hijacked in Kandahar by an Afghan fighter aircraft. The crew is imprisoned for more than a year and then they just escape on their own plane which had been resting nearby all the time. Indeed, can it be real? Without any doubt - YES!
The Airport as Pilots See It 1
54 The Airport as Pilots See It

The Airport as Pilots See It

Pilots attend a medical examination, flight briefing, obtain an outbound clearance and
do many other things at the airport. See what they usually do in detail.
Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 1
78 Russian Gadget Hackwrench Religion

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Religion

Sometimes really weird cults born, like this one the Sect of Gadget Hackwrench one. "She is the divine being, the most untouched and perfect sibling of the great God on Earth", say one of the participants. "Why I love her? It's stupid question, how I can't love the
Godess?". "She is strict, cute, optimistic and her level of technical knowledge is unachievable for a mortal being." those are just a few of the testimonies of the sect followers. And if you didn't recognize the hero - that's a Disney mouse cartoon.
The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 1
21 The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It

Do you know what happens with your suitcase in the airport behind the window with rubber cilia after registration? Passengers leave their baggage
when registered for a flight. A label is attached to a suitcase here, it contains information about an owner and his destination.
Russian fun
32 Smash it With Showel and More

Smash it With Showel and More

A secret document has leaked revealing some of the inner directives of one of the military agencies. It reveals the exact information on how to fight and intercept latest stealth jets of enemy states. We've got our copy here and translated those. Title says: "Hit with showel all the weak spots of F117".  Then more detailed instructions go: "Hit the navigation
dashboard and armaments controls with a showel." "Hit the pilots place." "By hitting the surface of the plane with a showel you make the anti-radar stealth surface damaged" "Put the small stones inside the engines with a showel". I don't know guys, maybe someone can use that, so we published. Inside we have one more infographics.
Russian vodka machine 1

25 Bottle Fun

Bottle Fun

Those kind of machines can be often met in some recreational areas where kids can try yield a plush toy for a penny or two worth of each try.
Now, those ones installed in one Russian mall have something in them that can now stimulate their parents to participate.
21 Russian Indians

Russian Indians

One of the Moscow photo-centers has held an exhibition called "The Itelmens - Indians of Russia". Itelmens are a small ethnic group, who are original inhabitants of the Kamchatka peninsula. Their population
today (speaking only of pure-blooded Itelmens) is about 1500. Their name is indeed a Russian-adapted pronunciation of the ethnically correct "itenman" which means "existing" or "living here".
Baikal rusty ships 1
14 Baikal Lake’s vessel graveyard

Baikal Lake’s vessel graveyard

A calm area on the Baikal Lake, not far from a port of the same name, keeps a secret of the ships laid up. This place is called "the graveyard" among residents. The majority of ships rusting
here are towboats and barges having served for delivering construction materials, soil, timber and fuel for the purposes of the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline.

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