25 Ice diving in Kazakhstan

Ice diving in Kazakhstan

Kaindy Lake is a unique place in Kazakhstan very famous among divers for its hidden underwater forest. Here
is a story of five a little bit crazy guys set off there looking for a good chance for ice diving.
Russian guy shaves his cat

12 Shaven Russian Pussy!

Shaven Russian Pussy!

When you hear about Russian shaven pussy I doubt you think about of some one literary shaving a cat... but there are some of those in Russia! Guy got tired of his cat not being able to hairstyle it properly with its fur being to stiff and not easy. This lead a poor thing to an
execution of a rear kind. With an electric shaver and help from other they managed to turn the pussy into shaven strange animal who was protecting its right to bare some hair until the end and even succeeded in biting a finger of one of the executors.
Russian soldiers are wtf

18 Soldiers of WTF

Soldiers of WTF

In order to serve in Belarussian special forces people have to be champions in WTF sports. Just to name some: they need to be able play football (soccer) while
playing solo on an electric guitar, or to run good result ski race on paved road without any ice or snow on its surface. Can you do that, soldier?!
Tomato\'s airport view 1
20 Airport as a Tomato Sees It

Airport as a Tomato Sees It

Haven't you ever been curious of how aircraft food is cooked? Let's find it out while following a regular tomato from the time it gets inside a
five-storied mechanized canteen cooking for flights taking off at the Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport till its death from the chef's knife.
Russian abandoned machinery

33 The Abandoned Machinery

The Abandoned Machinery

For years some great pieces of abandoned machinery
have been seen near Moscow, Russia
Moscow hungry foreigners 1
48 Moscow hungry foreigners

Moscow hungry foreigners

One curious Moscow guy initiated a survey on foreigners' nostalgia for food. Let's have a look at the results. First come the Englishmen. Ivor Benett, reporter English breakfast Fried eggs, real bacon, toasts,
tomatoes, baked beans and the main thing - pure English sausages. All sausages here are huge and of some strange taste - nothing to compare with pork sausages with herbs served anywhere in England.
9 How porcelain is being born

How porcelain is being born

Let's visit a small enterprise producing Russian porcelain. It's one of the rare small factories producing small series of products, which have souls because all they're hand-made.
Sure they produce not only traditional dishes but also have plenty of private and corporate orders. Enjoy watching the process of birth of these pieces of art.
65 “Slanderous” photos

“Slanderous” photos

In the end of 2009 the Uzbekistan Agency on Press and Information has initiated a criminal proceeding against a talented documentarian photographer and the first camerawoman in the country - Umida Akhmedova.  She was charged with the
"slander and outrage against the Uzbek people" in her photos. She is threatened to be sentenced to 2-3 years of correctional works or to 6 months imprisonment. Enjoy some of Umida's professional "illegal" shots.

27 Vnukovo Airport

Vnukovo Airport

Since there was business bounce in Moscow recently and with each year it goes more and more skyscraperier with hundreds of people from different countries arriving to the capital of Russia, need in expanding infrastructure of the megacity sprang up. The authorities of Moscow have been long thinking of
building new terminal at one of the well-known airports of the Russian Federation. It is 2010 outdoors and the construction goes full speed. After the terminal is ready, Vnukovo airport will be one of the biggest and modern airports in Russia with capacity of 20 millions travelers a year.

17 Other Side of the Coin

Other Side of the Coin

I bet that the only thing coming into your mind when you hear phrase Sports Photography is “Bo-o-ring!” but we are here with this photo-report made at a swimming competition
in Saint-Petersburg to melt all your doubts. Sports photography can be fun. And moreover, it can make your either laugh or cry with fear. Depends only on you.

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