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3 Caves Just Under The Capital City – Syani Stone Mines

Caves Just Under The Capital City – Syani Stone Mines

Syani or Syanskie stone mines is a Moscow artificial cave system, where limestone was excavated for the city building. But nobody knows the exact date the development work beginning. The total length of the cave system is about 18850 meters,
which makes Syani the largest stone mine in the Moscow region and one of the largest stone mines in the whole country. Moreover this figure is not exact - some passages and manholes are choked and are still being explored.
10 Russian Obama

Russian Obama

This is not Obama playing a doctor, this is Zaur
Akhmedov - a pediatrician from Samara city.
6 Locomotives At Rest

Locomotives At Rest

There are many places in Russia where old Soviet locomotoves rest
after their long service. Let's explore one of such spots.
8 The Oddest And Coolest Ukrainian Restaurants

The Oddest And Coolest Ukrainian Restaurants

Western Ukraine is famous for its unusual restaurants which often look more
like museums. Let's have a closer look at their awesome interiors.
9 Remote Life In Taymyr

Remote Life In Taymyr

Taymyr is a large peninsula located in the very North of Russia.
Welcome to get to know the life of this remote spot a bit.
6 Hydroplant For Fishermen

Hydroplant For Fishermen

A trip to a tiny deserted hydroplant with a dam that now
just brings joy to local fishermen and vacationers.
10 Shaman Feast In Modern Russia

Shaman Feast In Modern Russia

At first glance you may think you see some Indian during his traditional ritual on this picture. You'll be half right as this is indeed a ritual of worship, but it
is performed by modern Russian shamans and their guests from abroad, who came to the shaman festival from Mongolia, Germany and the USA. Feel some magic!
12 Dying Mining Town

Dying Mining Town

This former mining town may seem deserted at first sight. But it is a rather big workers'
settlement, not much alive, though. Well, the mines were closed, but people weren't.
8 Ski Army Attacks!

Ski Army Attacks!

More than 20 000 of people have taken part in the annual Moscow ski marathon. The
participants, aged 5-90 years old, could feel themselves a part of something really huge!
16 Travel To Everyday Soviet Life

Travel To Everyday Soviet Life

Vladimir Sokolaev has taken a lot of wonderful pictures of Soviet
everyday life. Looking at them we can touch the past now.

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