Antarctica 4
5 The Snow-White Beauty

The Snow-White Beauty

Do you hate winter? Who is sure that the most beautiful landscapes can be seen only in summer or in spring? And what about the
place where winter never ends? Antarctica - a place of ancient glaciers, white snow, permafrost and... dazzling beauty.
Wings 2
9 Aircraft Graveyard Not Far From Moscow

Aircraft Graveyard Not Far From Moscow

In former times powerful and majestic, and now just old and rusty, air machines spend their last days at such graveyards to beautiful-junk-lovers' joy.This amazing place, which will make every arcraft-,
post-industrial-, history- or photo-fan squeal with delight is situated not far from Moscow. Here are lots of planes, helicopters and agriculturial airplanes of various models and model years.
15 How To Make Cornel Vodka

How To Make Cornel Vodka

Cornel is sour, but tasty and healthy berry. People make different
cornel jams and compotes, but we will tell how to make cornel vodka!
26 Russian Assorted – Part 1

Russian Assorted – Part 1

Since today and on we are going to present
you  funny stuff that happens in Russia.
6 First Winter Day In St. Petersburg

First Winter Day In St. Petersburg

Very severe winter came to Russia this year. Today is only the second of December and the temperature is so low
already. On the other hand, everything looks so beautiful! Here are photos taken in one park of St. Petersburg.
18 Tasty Patties From The Soviet 70’s

Tasty Patties From The Soviet 70’s

Here is a simple but very tasty recipe of home-made patties with meat and liver.
In the 70's in the USSR such patties could be bought just in the streets.
12 A Trip To The Republic of Kalmykia

A Trip To The Republic of Kalmykia

In this article we are going to tell you about one part of the big auto race from Russia to
Georgia, to be more precise, about the Republic of Kalmykia and its capital - Elista.
29 Cooking Home-Made Sausage

Cooking Home-Made Sausage

Here is an interesting
recipe of home-made sausage!
6 Moscow In Bird’s-Eye Perspective

Moscow In Bird’s-Eye Perspective

Here are some beautiful photographs of Moscow from the "The Flight Over The Russia" project by Sergey Fomin. Churches, museums, parks, stadiums,
houses, depots, streets, cars, people shot form the bird's-eye perspective and spread before the eyes turn to be really worth seeing!
7 The Soviet Urban Mode Of Life

The Soviet Urban Mode Of Life

And again we return to the way of life of Soviet cities - everyting old-fashioned and grey. The same ordinary people,
the same clean streets, modest clothes, social shops and marketplaces... Nothing special - just Soviet Russia!