10 Three Days In Armenia

Three Days In Armenia

Armenia's capital Yerevan. Its the capital to a country with a long history including the times when Armenia was a part of the Soviet Union. Major reconstruction of Yerevean started in 1924 during its Soviet occupation. During this period the city's appearance changed since church-like architecture was
introduced and new streets created. Most of the old buildings were destroyed. It was a new era for Yerevan.  Armenia's beauty is not actually found at its modern cities. The real beauty is found at the mountains, where nature itself lies undisturbed with breathtaking picturesque landscapes.
20 Unusual Hobby

Unusual Hobby

Hobbies can be far from being usual. Working at reconstruction, studying historic documents and excavating
can be one of them. Some people spend a lot of time on looking for and collecting stuff like this.
2 Advanced Degree Program For Senior Rank Officers

Advanced Degree Program For Senior Rank Officers

Training meetings are considered to be a very important part of military training.
They help soldiers and officers to demonstrate and improve their skills.

13 The Volkswagen Factory In Russia

The Volkswagen Factory In Russia

The Russian Volkswagen factory is located in Kaluga. All interested persons
can get here a test drive on cars with manual or automatic gearboxes.
8 War Engines In Peaceful Time

War Engines In Peaceful Time

The 19th motorized infantry brigade is located in Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia.  It was formed in the Moscow military district in the city of Voronezh July 22, 1922.
The personnel received a lot of decorations and distinctions.  Today we'll visit this interesting unit and see its equipment and also life conditions.
3 A Piece of Beauty on Lake Baikal

A Piece of Beauty on Lake Baikal

Olkhon is one of the largest fresh-water islands in the world, and the largest and only inhabited one on Lake Baikal. An excursion along its shores
costs quite a lot but don't feel sorry for your money cause you'll get an enormous pleasure of this trip, especially if it's taken in winter.
6 Gadzhiyevo: the Capital of the Russian Northern Fleet

Gadzhiyevo: the Capital of the Russian Northern Fleet

This post is all about Gadzhiyevo, the
"capital" of the Red Banner Northern Fleet.
20 A Trip to Parallel Worlds

A Trip to Parallel Worlds

Parallel worlds do exist! Two of them are located in the Moscow Region. These are Barvikha and Skolkovo luxury villages, the places
where Russian elite lives. It's not easy to get there but still we managed to see a piece of these wonderful worlds.
22 Wonders of Armenian Architecture

Wonders of Armenian Architecture

It is known that seismic activity in Armenia occasionally exceeds the normal limits. In spite of the fact, many houses here are built without
observing essential construction standards. In the event of an earthquake, many of them will be easily demolished falling onto each other.
6 A River Cruise Trip

A River Cruise Trip

Probably everybody had river trips on a cruiser. But who managed to get in rooms with the phrase written on them : "Staff only!"? Now
you have an opportunity to see an engine room, a caboose, a mess-room, a captain's bridge and of course, to stand at the wheel.

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