18 Two DIY Things

Two DIY Things

Can you boast of making things with your own hands? Below you will find several instructions
which will guide you through the construction process of a subwoofer and a telescope.
36 Are You Internet Dependant?

Are You Internet Dependant?

Have you ever wanted just to check your mail staying at the computer all night long instead?  That's how a disease of the new generation is born. Internet has become an essential part of our lives. We use one
click to send letters to somebody who is 1000 kilometers away from us, watch new movies, read literature which can not always be found in a library and talk to people whom we have never seen before. 
51 Camp Horrors of the Past

Camp Horrors of the Past

A cooperative farm Giant organized in the Kazakh prairie in 1931 occupied 17 thousand hectares of land. That was an enterprise that
broke the fates of 6 million political and military prisoners called People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD).
12 Home-Made Tobacco For A Hookah

Home-Made Tobacco For A Hookah

Today you will learn how to make
tobacco for a hookah at home.
8 News From Russian Roads, Part 38

News From Russian Roads, Part 38

Seeing such a policeman at work drivers
are hurrying up to decrease their speed.
13 Damask Steel Master

Damask Steel Master

Meet Ilya Kulikov, a famous blacksmith from Yaroslavl who is a real master of his
craft and can turn damask steel into beautiful objects without any efforts.
25 In Cage With a Lioness

In Cage With a Lioness

Do you think predators are dangerous and need to be
avoided? Well, there are people who will disagree with you.
18 Rainy Day In Vladivostok

Rainy Day In Vladivostok

Streams of water filled the city of Vladivostok making any movement along the streets
difficult. Everybody wondered what could happen if the rain didn't stop soon.
7 To The North Pole!

To The North Pole!

Would you like to go to the North Pole on a huge ice-breaker, walk around the ship, feel the ice and drink the purest water in
the world?  Enjoy the pictures made during an expedition that was participated by Russian citizens among others.
11 Celebration Of The Navy Day In Sevastopol

Celebration Of The Navy Day In Sevastopol

The Navy Day is one of the most favorite holidays for citizens of Sevastopol who consider the city to be Russian. And as Sevastopol is also home to the Russian Black Sea fleet, celebrations of the Russian Navy Day are extremely loved here.
People hurry up to take a place on the observation grounds from 6 AM to see grounding of sea-launched assault, their fighting for positions, demonstration of ships, show of divers, etc. Let's see what was happening on the coast.

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