19 Map Of Russia – Though Not As Large As Was Expected

Map Of Russia – Though Not As Large As Was Expected

In early June it was announced: "A map of Russia of area 500m2 will appear on the pavement near the Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography. The gigantic map will
be drawn by artists who work with "graffiti" technique". Either students are kind of strange or we just can't count, but it doesn't seem like 500m2 ...
19 Wanna Ride In The Sky

Wanna Ride In The Sky

This vehicle is more likely an
aircycle than a motorcycle. Very cool!
Russian White House Hotel
22 White House… Hotel

White House… Hotel

In Ukraine they have built a hotel that as they claim "looks almost absolutely the same as White House of United States". Leaving the truth behind their
claims aside, we must to admit there are still plenty of people who fall for this and want to visit and spend a night in an Oval office.
Helicopter Tour Over St. Petersburg 2
16 Helicopter Tour Over St. Petersburg

Helicopter Tour Over St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg from
bird's-eye view - so
Moscow Graduates Bathing in Fountains 1
40 Moscow Graduates Bathing in Fountains

Moscow Graduates Bathing in Fountains

Moscow graduates decided to follow the
tradition and bathe in fountains too!
aircraft_laboratory 1
15 Aircraft Construction Laboratory

Aircraft Construction Laboratory

At the end of 1950’s there was a strong shortage of aircraft engineering personnel at many of aircraft factories. Thus, an idea of establishing a department of aircraft construction at Novosibirsk Electronical Technical Institute was put forward. Currently there are as many as six departments in the structure of the aircraft construction faculty, and
they are: aerohydrodynamics, gas-dynamic impulse devices, environment problems connected with engineering, aircraft construction, flying machines durability and engineering thermophysics. Aircraft construction department laboratory is one of the most impressive ones in the whole institute. So, let’s have a look at this.
12 Avtovaz Technics Museum

Avtovaz Technics Museum

Avtovaz technic museum is a unique and is the biggest museum in Russia in terms of numbers of exhibits and total space occupied. At the moment, Avtovaz technic museum has more than 460
exhibits and occupies territory of 38 hectares, thus, the museum established in Tolyatti, homeland of VAZ, can be considered one of the biggest park-museums in the Russian Federation.
17 Strategic Missile Forces Museum – Intercontinental Wars

Strategic Missile Forces Museum – Intercontinental Wars

These photos are taken in the Strategic Missile Forces Museum. Its exhibits unveil much
interesting, they make us think that our ideas about missilery are often mistaken.
kacha 1
21 Kachinsky Air Garrison; Helicopters

Kachinsky Air Garrison; Helicopters

Kacha is not only aircraft but helicopters as well. Over here, in Crimea, such sorts of aircraft as
search-and-rescue KA-27PS helicopters, antisubmarine KA-27PL and multipurpose MI-8 ones.
31 Subterranean River

Subterranean River

The Pervaya Eltsovka River consists of two subterranean pieces, an old littered one and a new one - that is still being built. The old part represents square tunnels, stink and much
litter. Here comes different household rubbish that is dumped by people upstream. As a result, the collecting header is blocked by congestion of plastic bottles.

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