weird russian lenin statue 1

18 Weird Lenin Head

Weird Lenin Head

Another example of weird Lenin statue. Now, it has a following history. First installed in Communists times (no wonder), it was staying there for years, until somewhere in modern times some Russian kids didn't smash its head off. So it stayed for a long time with a crushed
head covered with a plastic bag. But later, local red party activists have got some sculptor involved to restore the original look of their idol, and.. as a result he got the head in place but it came out he got some mistakes in scaling the thing out.
Black Russian People Policemen 1

61 Russian Black Patrol

Russian Black Patrol

On April the First fool's day the police of Russian city Krasnoyarsk decided to play a prank on the local drivers. They have got dark skinned guys dressed as road policemen to pull the cars off the road for paper checks. In Russia you won't usually see an African policemen, simply because the population of dark
skinned people in Russia is much less than one percent. So it was really surprising for the most of the drivers. Also, when such photos were posted by a Russian language blogger he was accused in racism. All because of the title he choose. It said: "And now we take bribes in bananas."
Top 10 Soviet Cakes 2
23 Top 10 Soviet Cakes

Top 10 Soviet Cakes

Many representatives of Soviet generation still remember the time of their youth falling into nostalgia for those days. They used to smell like warm pastry. On this
photo is an old cafe "Almaz" that sold a big variety of cakes that are probably still remembered by its frequent visitors with warmth and nostalgic smile.
10 Wounded Dinosaur

Wounded Dinosaur

In the potholes and mud of Ekaterinburg there stuck ... a missile system C-300 during
the rehearsal of the Victory Parade.  It was lying like a wounded dinosaur. 
Mud Or Sludge, Tanks Don\'t Trudge 1
32 Mud Or Sludge, Tanks Don’t Trudge

Mud Or Sludge, Tanks Don’t Trudge

Maybe it is the first time you see real "alive" tanks and infantry combat vehicles instead of museum exhibits painted green. While
operation they sound like a jet. In fact this is how a gas-turbine engine works. When they start shooting it seems you go deaf.
Russian weird helicopter house 1

8 Weird Russian Helicopter House

Weird Russian Helicopter House

It was photographed near the Chelyabinsk city. It's an actual
house and people live there, at least in summer time.
Russian porsche crashed

10 Porsche Siberia

Porsche Siberia

Owning 500 hp Porsche Cabrio in Siberia gets you to
have some extra driving skills. Or...
22 Through the Looking Glass Chess Game

Through the Looking Glass Chess Game

The famous sequel of the not less famous "Alice in Wonderland" called "Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There" by Lewis Carroll has a very detailed description of a chess game with unique pieces which are rather
to be called separate characters. One Ukrainian ivorycutting master was inspired to create a special table and a set of chess pieces for this particular game by his daughter's interest to Carroll's tales.
The Invisible Man 1
13 The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

Thousands and thousands of years a hunting man chases wild animals to take their lives. The fear of the four-legged before a man became their instinct. But now, when the wild nature is shrinking
like shagreen leather, more and more people strive to find themselves near these wild creatures not to kill but with another purpose. Such people are photographers - naturalists.
unknown lithuania 1

82 Lithuania from Bird’s View

Lithuania from Bird’s View

Lithuanian photographer Marius Jovaisa has made more than 50 flights on light planes around his native country Lithuania, ex part of Soviet Union.
Though some people of Lithuania don't like remembering the seventy years under Soviet rule, calling it a big mistake and agression.

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