7 Looking From Above

Looking From Above

Beautiful photographs of 3
different cities taken at high
RedSquare 1
14 Explosion On Red Square?

Explosion On Red Square?

On the 8th of January the sappers exploded a suspicious box resembling a bomb mechanism right near the gates of the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin.
Strange enough but this extraordinary event wasn't even mentioned anywhere. Here you have a chance to see in details how it all was happening.
Kamchatka 11
12 The Other Kamchatka Peninsula

The Other Kamchatka Peninsula

The Kamchatka Peninsula. Looking at these words our brain imagines a faraway place with erupting volcanoes and geyser valleys. These are often the pictures of those popular "brand" tourist places and very few people know there is
another, unknown side of Kamchatka where you can hardly find a single tourist or even a road. Actually you will hardly get to this place by yourself. This is the north-eastern coast of the peninsula called Koryakiya.
25 Vehicles of Chernobyl

Vehicles of Chernobyl

Looking at this picture you're thinking of a parking lot or finished output, aren't you? But actually that is all private cars from the Chernobyl area. After the accident the state bought these cars
from their owners and collected them in one place. There is very little information on the fate of the Chernobyl means of transport but still you can find something interesting here.
Astana 4
10 St. Pretersburg And Astana From The Bird’s-Eye Perspective

St. Pretersburg And Astana From The Bird’s-Eye Perspective

Enjoy the magnificent 50.000 foot views of ceremonious and unchanged St.Petersburg and mystically glowing night Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan. While the first city is rich in old buildings,
monuments, bridges and museums, the second one impresses with its modern unusual trade-centers and skysсrapers. These two cities, of course, cannot be compared, but they look quite well in pair!
12 Awesome Winter Patterns

Awesome Winter Patterns

People may be stunning artists, creative and very
talented, but it seems that nature is ahead even in art...
31 Winter Days Of Two Capitals

Winter Days Of Two Capitals

As usual mass media is remaining silent, however a tremendous snow apocalypse was about to engulf the capital of Ukraine. Maidan is covered in thick snow, the transport is
paralyzed, Borispol is completely blocked up and even the president is buried in snowdrifts in his Administration. Take a look at this chilling collection of pictures.
19 Spare Potential Of The Soviet Navy

Spare Potential Of The Soviet Navy

Very few knows the USSR was going to build an atomic armada for struggling against the USN. Though most of the
ships remained just on paper (because of the lack of money), some of them have been managed to be created.
6 Ancient Stone Birches

Ancient Stone Birches

The stone birch is the main tree of the Kamchatka Peninsula. These trees are unbelievably enduring. They had already been full-grown
when Cossacks came to this place for the first time. And now every summer thousands of tourists admire this beautiful tree.
23 Romance Of The Hermit’s Life

Romance Of The Hermit’s Life

This 60-year old man is a hermit living in a thick forest somewhere in the Novgorod
Region. What made him (and all such people) choose this way of life? Nobody knows...