14 Gadzhievo Military Base

Gadzhievo Military Base

In the dark light of the polar night one could hardly see the outlines of two submarines covered with snow standing near moorage. This phrase sounds like the beginning of the adventure Cold War novel. Actually these submarines are children of that war – war of technologies, nerves and
attrition. The contents of 16 ballistic missiles which are in the bottom of such a submarine can destroy the whole East coast of the USA. This stuff wasn’t quite cheap for the USSR  and after its breakdown the great number of these submarines couldn’t be kept anymore.
19 Chusov Metallurgical Works

Chusov Metallurgical Works

Chusov Metallurgical Works is one of the oldest plants in the Urals. It's also the biggest
ferrous metal industry enterprise with the full technological cycle of metal production.
7 Assorted Russia Part 5

Assorted Russia Part 5

In Kunari village which is in the Sverdlovsk region, there stands a beautiful house. This piece of architectural art was built by one gifted blacksmith - Sergey
Kirillov. Unfortunately he died 7 years ago, but those who remember him, say that his soul was exactly similar to this house. Now here lives his wife - Lidia.
3 The Best Of “Art-Moscow”

The Best Of “Art-Moscow”

Here is the best of the last four Art-Moscow exhibitions, where both famous artists and young unknown but talented ones exhibit their masterpieces. Subjectively, not everything here can be
called "a masterpiece", but on the other hand - every creative work is worth seeing and respecting. In any case, here are assorted photos from the four latest exhibitions!
14 Let Us Crunch a Bit!

Let Us Crunch a Bit!

This is a plant of PepsiCo, where chips Lay's are produced. It has been opened recently
in the city Azov of Rostov region. Let's go over the whole sequence of production.
10 Assorted Russia – Part 4

Assorted Russia – Part 4

One more assortment of
funny Russian stuff!
23 The Dark Side of Russia

The Dark Side of Russia

There are several pictures of Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union
in the post. They were made in the 90s. Seems many things will never change...
6 Vadim Sidur: Hard Creativity

Vadim Sidur: Hard Creativity

Vadim Sidur was one of the most amazing Russian sculptors. His most famous art cycles were "Coffin-Art" and "Iron Prophets". His statues are made of industrial debris, rusty pipes, lumps of
iron, of wood and stone. And he clapped on these materials hats and gloves. His works are striking, shoking and sometimes quite depressive, but don't leave you indifferent.
12 Cooking Naval Cabbage Soup And Mushroom Pie

Cooking Naval Cabbage Soup And Mushroom Pie

"Naval" cabbage soup first appeared in the 18th century and is
regarded as one of the oldest dishes in the Russian navy.
17 News From The Russian Roads, Part 21

News From The Russian Roads, Part 21

One dweller of a little town in the Vinntskaya region, Ukraine goes fishing on his own boat made from... old
Zaporozhets car! He decided to upgrade it when he understood that it's not safe to leave such a valuable car ashore.