20 Moscow Aviation Institute – Aerospace Department

Moscow Aviation Institute – Aerospace Department

Photographs of missilery taken in the aerospace department of the Moscow Aviation
Institute. Unfortunately most of the models are classified and couldn't be shot.
Soviet Summer Camps 2
42 Soviet Summer Camps

Soviet Summer Camps

Hardly in Russia can be found someone older than 30 who
hasn't been in a Soviet summer camp at least once ...
11 Female Retro Rally

Female Retro Rally

Female Retro Rally held on June 19 in Moscow proved once again
that woman and car is a greatly wonderful combination!
23 Siberia in the Early 20-th Century

Siberia in the Early 20-th Century

Back in 1904 young painter Boris Smirnov was sent by prisoner transport to Siberia; and his path went along the Great Siberian Tract. On his way he was making sketches of settlers and
locals of this distant region, as well as of their way of life and Siberian landscape and eventually lining up a whole series of drawings and water-colour paintings.

16 Blue Bucket Guys Comeback

Blue Bucket Guys Comeback

There were already a few posts about blue-buckets so you have probably know who they are and why are they doing that. Several days ago in Moscow there was again held a running of cars of those drivers who are absolutely dissentient with ‘governmental’ cars equipped with
flashlights, and thus, able to behave themselves unlawful. But this time it was something unusual about the event. More than 100 cars (according to initiators of the running) took part. So, let’s see what these people really think of flashlights.
24 Cycle Wedding

Cycle Wedding

You probably agree that such weddings are still rather
uncommon. We suppose none of the guests was disappointed.
22 Aerograph 2010

Aerograph 2010

On June 19 in Moscow there was held an exhibition of car aerography. Here
is a selection of the most interesting photos from of the event.

53 Russia’s Used-to-Be Marine Forces

Russia’s Used-to-Be Marine Forces

A great nation with an even greater heritage of its own. And I don’t even mean the cultural heritage but the military heritage that the Soviet Union had left behind to be heartily embosomed by successors of the fortune. Country that is half encircled by the sea and that has
always been a high-shot in the top of sea-lover countries gradually (well, it could has also been ‘rapidly,’ cause no matter what it doesn’t inflict a wrench to the story) began striking aground in terms of its marine power without even anchoring it.
5 Abbey Road, St. Petersburg

Abbey Road, St. Petersburg

Russian search engine has started some time ago a panoramic view, like Street View from Google Maps. The one interesting
panorama that was fast discovered by web surfers was this one on the picture above. It can be reached by this link.
kacha 1
14 Kachinsky Air Garrison

Kachinsky Air Garrison

In Ukraine, Crimea, not so far from Sevastopol, in the village of Kacha lots of different air fleet species draw their duty. They are amphibian aircrafts BE-12, military cargo planes AN-26, search-and-rescue helicopters KA-27PS as
well as antisubmarine KA-27PL ones. And though many of them are 40 odd years old, they are battle-ready night and day and eager to attain any combat task in the territory of the Black Sea, and, in particular, Crimea.

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