21 Another Daily Shot

Another Daily Shot

Another fresh shot from Russian parliament "Duma" has
arrived. Can you caption this? photo: kommersant.ru
Russian google street view fail  1

19 And Armaments for All

And Armaments for All

Strange situation was caught up on Russian analogue of Google street view. On one of the streets of St. Petersburg city there are clearly visible people with guns in the middle of the bright day, looking like just got those guns
from some office. Taking in consideration that most types of guns are illegal to own for a common person in Russia, and clearly not legal to carry it openly except while on hunting makes this bit puzzling.
The Great Patriotic War Dedicated 1
46 The Great Patriotic War Dedicated

The Great Patriotic War Dedicated

Russia is getting ready to celebrate 65 years anniversary of the Great Victory. Old pictures of those hard days never seen
before are coming to light to remind us again and again how horrible, painful and emotional those events were.

11 Striking Artmoney

Striking Artmoney

This is how money can become a cool tool for the real art. Initially an outline is drawn, then money original fragments are
selected and cut out. Finally, small dollar elements are connected like mosaic. Any idea or an image may be born.
11 Under Attack of Ivan The Terrible

Under Attack of Ivan The Terrible

All this madness is inspired by a famous picture "Ivan the Terrible" by an outstanding
Russian artist Ilya Repin, you can see the original one one the shot above.
18 Top 10 Soviet cosmonauts

Top 10 Soviet cosmonauts

Strictly speaking the post is not about 10 best cosmonauts but about cosmonauts involved in the first 10 successful Soviet space flights. Starting from the seventh the flights were not more individual so you'll find here
more than 10 persons. Let's start. 1. Yuri Gagarin First flight of a man into the space at the height of 327 kilometers lasting in total 108 minutes that have changed his life and life of our planet.
Abandoned fire station & med school 1
20 Abandoned fire station and medical school

Abandoned fire station and medical school

Here are just some sad photos of abandoned fire station and medical school somewhere in Russia. There's almost nothing more to say about these because
a photographer who posted these photos in his blog commented only that this med school has been empty since the beginning of the 2000's.
Russian Post - Automatic Letter Sorting 1
23 Russian Post – Automatic Letter Sorting

Russian Post – Automatic Letter Sorting

Automatic letter sorting appeared in the USSR in the 60s. 180 letter sorting machines were commissioned and people were taught to write postal codes on envelopes. First
attempts to use computer technologies failed due to many circumstances and after collapse of the USSR the post had to return to manual sorting again.
Flying Over Moscow-City 1
18 Flying Over Moscow-City

Flying Over Moscow-City

The helicopter took off from the building site of "Empire" tower. The
construction stopped for two hours, workers came to watch the flights...
Blue Pails Community 1
16 Blue Pails Community

Blue Pails Community

It appears that we have a new fashion. This time a fashion for blue pails. It all began when one driver took a blue pail from his son, fixed it on the car top and went
for a drive. Soon he was stopped by road police. They talked, laughed but no accusations could be brought. We suppose such cases will happen often now...

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