5 Byelorussian “Special Mission Units”

Byelorussian “Special Mission Units”

On the 2nd of August on the Minsk Sea, the "Belarus extreme-run 2" took place. It was necessary for participants of competitions to overcome a distance
of 5 km, running waist-deep in water, and then on the sandy and bumpy coast. 75 persons had enough courage to undergo these severe trials.
11 A Tour To The Kursk Nuclear Power Plant

A Tour To The Kursk Nuclear Power Plant

The Kursk Atomic Power Station is located in Kurchatov city on the bank of the Diet River. The station consists of
four power generating units with general capacity of 4 GWatt - one of the three largest  APS in Russia.
12 An Astonishing Ship House

An Astonishing Ship House

An unusual ship-house was built by one countryman in Borovoy
Township. He says that the idea came to him in a dream.
12 Duma Gadgets Part II

Duma Gadgets Part II

Russian State Duma deputies exploring the possibilities of new gadgets in the meeting... As we can see in the pictures, they prefer things produced by Steve
Jobs' Apple Corporation - iPads, iPhones and stuff like that. It's very pleasing to see that those who rule Russia are technologically prepared!
8 The Lena – One of The Most Beautiful Rivers in Russia

The Lena – One of The Most Beautiful Rivers in Russia

Lena is the biggest river in the whole Northeast Siberia, and the 10-th longest river in the world. The river is really beautiful - pure blue water, sublime
mountains and virgin greenery - a landscape which rivets your eyes on itself and if you have seen it at least once, you would like to see it again and again.
14 An Absurd Fashion Show

An Absurd Fashion Show

Quite an unusual fashion show was held in Moscow as part of the Volvo-Week of Fashion. There took part such famous Russian people as Dima Bilan and Nikolay Valuev, and the main ideas of the show were...
prisoners' tattoos and the theme of Russian prison life itself! It was an intersting but sometimes absurd mix of glamour and jail-stuff, but as the saying goes - a diagram worths many words.
12 World War II – Photos From Military Archives

World War II – Photos From Military Archives

These are photos of the Second World War from the military archives of Germany. Grief and joy, war and peace, planes and tanks,
people and landscapes - everything here reminds of the horrors of the war which are till now troubling people's hearts.
6 Kiev Metro Tunnels – Showy But Dangerous

Kiev Metro Tunnels – Showy But Dangerous

Here are some photos of Kiev subway tunnels. The shots were made in very dangerous conditions - it's strictly prohibited to be there, for certain reasons -
the menace of terrorism, and of course, trains themselves! So, enjoy these exclusive industrial photos and dangerous but majestic atmosphere.
8 Center of the Russian Science: The Lomonosov Moscow State University

Center of the Russian Science: The Lomonosov Moscow State University

The Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the oldest, largest and leading high schools of Russia, the center of the science and culture of the country. The university has more than 600 buildings and constructions at its disposal and constructions, including the Main building. The central part of the Main 
building (sector "A") has 36 floors. 18-storeyed hostels with towers rising up to 24-floor are connected to it, and these sectors are also connected with 9-storeyed sectors also occupied with hostels and a hotel. Professors and teachers live just here, in these side smaller towers.
20 An Incredible Dream Office

An Incredible Dream Office

The office of the largest Russian-speaking searcher and  the 25th largest site in the world according to alexa.com doesn't sleep at night. The office works round-the-clock seven days a week. There is no provision for time of coming and leaving of employees - you can work at night if you want, but must
do your work well. There is everything here: skateboards and stilts,lamps and padded stools, tons of fruit and thousands of toys, even special rooms for smoking on each floor. The only thing they don't have - sofas. It is made specially that employees go home at least to sleep.

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