Zombie Wedding -  Accord of Black Hearts 1
12 Zombie Wedding –  Accord of Black Hearts

Zombie Wedding – Accord of Black Hearts

This unusual couple is having their wedding No. 3! The previous one was "a punk
wedding" - trash and passion. Maybe they will inspire you to some ideas too.

14 River Excursion in St. Petersburg

River Excursion in St. Petersburg

Recently we've observed the Northern capital of Russia from bird's eye view. Today
enjoy the beautiful photographs taken during a river excursion in St. Petersburg.
19 Two Traffic Policemen Killed by a Drunk Driver in Izhevsk

Two Traffic Policemen Killed by a Drunk Driver in Izhevsk

In June, 26 a driver of "Mazda Hatchback" refused to stop on demand of a traffic policeman, his refusal was followed by a chase: at the highest speed "Mazda" was trying to throw the police off, but was finally
caught up. We can only guess what happened next but the police' "Daewoo Nexia" was found crumpled and both policemen were dead, the driver of "Mazda" was hiding his face with hands, he was blind drunk ...
potop_minsk 1
19 A Bit Too Rainy Minsk

A Bit Too Rainy Minsk

While Moscow can at the moment bristle at its exceptional weather (+32C/ +90F), it seems that the capital of Belarus,
Minsk, is not up for the same heat spree and decided to cheer its inhabitants up with a bit of a flood.
train_cemetery 4
7 Train Cemetery

Train Cemetery

Each thing on the Earth has its life span regardless of whether it is a living being or just a piece of metal. And so when the clock begins ticking its last minutes and everything’s drawing to a close, there is a place where one is supposed to go
to. The train cemetery is located in Moscow region. Just look at eyes of them worn trains, they are full of sorrow, but still if you look at them with a right kind of eye you will see a faint twinkle in these old wreckages.
technics_show_new 1
32 Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Last Saturday in Moscow region there was held a rehearsal of display of military equipment as a part of International Forum called ‘Mechanical Engineering Technologies.’ There was built a special training ground for the display – a
unique area that allows showing riding properties of armored and wheeled machinery to the fullest extent. There are lots of obstacles of different kinds on the training ground needed for demonstration of any types of machinery.

23 Top Bears of Kamchatka Region

Top Bears of Kamchatka Region

We have already had a few posts about Kamchatka region, as far as you remember. But those were about handsomeness of nature as Kamchatka peninsula has lots of national monuments; but each can say without a tint of controversy that the beautifulness of nature is
incomplete without its dwellers, different kinds of beasts residing at it. So, one photographer that lived in Kamchatka region for years decided to settle a list of bears that he has seen through the time he was there. Let’s have a look at them regulars.
motorcycle_show 1
20 Motorcycle Show at Red Square

Motorcycle Show at Red Square

A few days ago at the very center of Moscow, Red Square, was held a motorcycle show with the participation of ones of the most well-know
bikers in the world. Hell, yeah, that’s really a rare view. When else would you see a bike soaring over St. Basil Cathedral?
15 The Geese Day

The Geese Day

The Tatarian people have their own, quaint holiday. It is called Paz-Amyase, what means ‘Geese’s help’ in English, and has lots of ancient meanings behind it. For one thing, goose is a daily-breeder in all Tatarian villages. For second thing, if a family
wants to stick a gaggle, everybody in the village will be eager and striving to help them in doing so. But there is one more, third cause. Like with each thing they do, Allah helps them to accomplish it; that’s why the Geese Day is so traditional.
Beach Mattress Racing 1
14 Beach Mattress Racing

Beach Mattress Racing

Recently in Sevastopol there was held traditional costume beach mattress racing. The event was rather
amicable than emulative and from shore it seemed to be loony bin. Awfully funny spectacle!

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