9 No Roads In Irkutsk

No Roads In Irkutsk

Recently in Irkutsk there has been held an unusual action called "No roads in Irkutsk!" They used cars to write "No roads in Irkutsk" ("Dorog net"), and motorbikes to make a
caption "Irkutsk". The signs were planned to be seen from space. The aim of the action was to show the citizenship regarding the present condition of the roads in Irkutsk.
Drive Into House 1
9 Drove Into House

Drove Into House

Well done!
Trouble Found 1
16 Trouble Found

Trouble Found

That's what we call to be in the soup...
Perfidious roads of Tajikistan.
House In Tomsk For 10 000 000 Rubles 1
19 House In Tomsk For 10 000 000 Rubles

House In Tomsk For 10 000 000 Rubles

This house became a victim of the demolition program and the owner was offered 4 millions rubles for that. She refused and wished to have 10 millions ... Later there was a court and the house was valued for 1 million 960 thousand rubles. The owner
refused even more and decided to bring into Strasbourg Court. The house, in its turn, decided not to wait for the court - it was flooded and whelmed with sand because of sewage breakout. Now the owner will probably agree ...
Son of a Hero 1
19 Son of a Hero

Son of a Hero

Coming back home from a usual flight, a pilot U-2 of air squadron noticed a storm-trooper lying on a belly on the midground. IL-2 cabin was close - probably a pilot inside was wounded. Mutual supportiveness  among pilots is a sacred law. U-2 parked taking refuge from Germans behind a storm-trooper. In the cabin really was a pilot badly wounded in his head. He had carried out his air photography mission but
could not deliver the shot results to the base. Firstly the shot moved to U-2, then, at the cost of supreme efforts, the body of the saved wounded pilot. Gunners and tankmen protected the presumptuous cropduster drawing German attention to themselves, and U-2 luckily took off from the midground. Kamanin was awarded by Order Red Star. Pilot Arkady N. Kamanin was 14 years old...
Office in the Balcony 1
27 Office in the Balcony

Office in the Balcony

Cool idea and cool
25 Soviet Urban Legends

Soviet Urban Legends

Here are the legends that
used to exist in the USSR...
New Explosion in Moscow 1

12 Another Explosion in Moscow

Another Explosion in Moscow

Another explosion in Moscow, now that was good underground on one of a city's street sending pieces of pavement and soil to the parked cars.
They said there is one casualty as is known now, and the crater was as wide as eight meters (twenty five feet) wide.
Army units near Moscow 1

57 Military Units near Moscow City

Military Units near Moscow City

One Russian blogger has spotted tens of army heave machinery units, tanks and ballistic missiles parked
in the temporary camp that was overnight built near Moscow city suburb "Khodynskoe". o
22 Laundry Blue Surprise

Laundry Blue Surprise

Once the owners of this playful puppy left him at home
where he managed to find a sack with laundry blue...

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