18 Soviet Children Playing Outdoors

Soviet Children Playing Outdoors

Some photos of Soviet children walking and having fun in 60-70s of the 20th century. It was a nice time, when letting
the children play outdoors, parents were not scared neither of skinheads, nor of drunkards and junkies...
23 Service of the 20th Motorized Infantry Battalion

Service of the 20th Motorized Infantry Battalion

This photo report touches upon all spheres of 20th motorized infantry
battalion's life. The military unit is situated in Volgograd.
7 A Rich Catch

A Rich Catch

Fishing is both a good hobby and an effective way of procuring food. A man has developed many different ways of fishing - boats, fishing nets, hundreds of rods,
baits and tackles for every kind of fishing. And animals still have only fangs, clawas and natural dexterity. So who is better at fishing? Russians?
26 Best Industrial Ad Ever Is Made In Ukraine!

Best Industrial Ad Ever Is Made In Ukraine!

Some Ukrainian factory uses an advanced ad techniques to
sell their industrial class goods! They actually win!
6 Stuntman Show In Rostov-On-Don

Stuntman Show In Rostov-On-Don

Last Friday Rostov-on-Don city held an extreme stuntman show. The craziest and most desperate extreme-lovers took part in the show. There were different tricks with fire,
jumping, both with cars and big trucks, but everything went off victimless and the participants, as well as the spectators got much pleasure and adrenaline!
9 The Winter Has Come

The Winter Has Come

It seems that winter has already come to Russia ... The shots might look a bit depressing at first
sight, but they actually more than meet the eye, if you paint them as you see it in your mind...
6 An Abandoned Plant, The Kharkov Region

An Abandoned Plant, The Kharkov Region

Photos of an old abandoned factory in the Kharkov region, Ukraine. Unfortunately the photos are of a low quality, because they were taken throw
the automobile glass, due to some unknown reasons. Nevertheless, it's a bright example of eastern-European post-industrial views.
13 Magadan – Notorious Beauty

Magadan – Notorious Beauty

Magadan... For the majority it associates with labor camps, prisons and prisoners. But these photos open quite a new view at this place
- beautiful landscapes and nature, radiantly white snows and pure sea of different colors... Enjoy the beauty of this land!
9 Winter In The Crimea, 50’s

Winter In The Crimea, 50’s

Some scans of photos made by someone's granddad in the winter Crimea. The pictures are about 50 or 60
years old. It seems that nothing has changed since then - the same nature, the same landscapes.
15 The Reconstruction Of 1941 War Parade In Moscow

The Reconstruction Of 1941 War Parade In Moscow

On the 7th of November Moscow held a grandiose theatrical performance. The parade in Red Square was reconstructing the war parade of 1941, after which the troops
had gone exactly to the battlefield. Different corps that took part in the performance were clothed in the World War II Soviet military uniform.

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