16 The Timeless Russian Problem: Bad Roads

The Timeless Russian Problem: Bad Roads

A new road was built in Skolkovo about a year ago, it cost 1 billion rubles (about 37 million dollars). Now this road is in
very bad condition and this situation provoked a big scandal. And this example is not the only one of such kind.
7 Assorted Russia, Part 16

Assorted Russia, Part 16

Russian people are so resourceful, they can invent
something unexpected even for themselves. Let`s make sure of
15 Unusual Dog’s Leash

Unusual Dog’s Leash

This unique dog's leash has been designed by Artemy Lebedev, famous in Russia for his weird and bright works.
Once you pull the trigger it automatically winds by means of a spring  or unwinds under the pull influence.
7 Be Proud, Comrade

Be Proud, Comrade

In Russia there is a special type of songs many men are glad to hear and sing - those are Russian army songs, the songs that were written or sung while the army service. As you might know they have to serve compulsory - each boy no matter where he was born or how wealthy he is (of course usually this is a subject to many more deriviations we won't touch today) and the service itself usually is a very tough thing by itself. The famous Russian saying says something like "Have you
served? Be proud. Haven't? Stay happy.", meaning that those who passed thru all this should be really proud of himself not to get down, and those who by some reason avoided the service must be really happy they escaped all this toughness. But nevertheless the songs are sung by all as many think they reflect the true manhood and unity of the men. Sometimes it can't stand to be comically inclined, but sometimes they even thing those on big scene.

20 Uniforms In The Red Army

Uniforms In The Red Army

This is an interesting list of Russian military men and their uniforms from
the 20s of the twentieth century till the end of the Second World War. 
16 Soviet Fabrics Of The 20s – 30s

Soviet Fabrics Of The 20s – 30s

Soviet Union had a great number of weaving mills. Here are some interesting fragments of
the Soviet fabrics of the 20s and 30s . This is for example, a volt shawl, 1929.
21 Air Defence Forces Museum

Air Defence Forces Museum

Here is the outdoor exposition of the unique and the singular in Europe Air Defence Forces Museum in the Moscow region.
The museum contains more than 16 thousand exhibits; among them about 400 are real military equipment samples.
9 A Walk To Aerial Fields

A Walk To Aerial Fields

There are a lot of abandoned or active aerial fields in Russia. Often
these picturies are very sad and depressing, but still worth seeing.
13 A Trip To Aurochs

A Trip To Aurochs

All the left bank of the river Oka is covered with a dense forest. In the 60s of the XIXth century one Russian professor Kaufman
took notice of a strange transitional nature in this place. And now this is the only Russian nature reserve for aurochs.
5 Winter Parasailing in Novosibirsk

Winter Parasailing in Novosibirsk

Parasailing is now a popular kind of activity, and not only in summer and in southern regions - some people
adore winter parasailing. Here is a photo report from one parascending meeting in Novosibirsk.

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