Statues And Sculptures Production 6
14 Statues And Sculptures Production

Statues And Sculptures Production

Lit-Art Company specializes in monumental art casting from bronze, aluminum and
cast iron. Besides here they produce plaster sculptures of any size. 
The Most Unusual Metro In The World 2
35 The Most Unusual Metro In The World

The Most Unusual Metro In The World

Once we had a story about some personal railway, no another Russian hero Leonid Murlyanchik has been building his metro alone since 1984. All materials
are bought for his retired fee. Construction is not over yet. By the way Leonid has all necessary documents and permits for this metro. 
Russian football fans

22 Attention Scores

Attention Scores

For sure those soccer fans from Ukraine know how to attract attention. Some say they want to support their team in this way but other argue that
this rather distracts the team and makes it harder to concentrate on the game. You decide, it's all on this video footage below.
On a Visit To Gypsies 1
49 On a Visit To Gypsies

On a Visit To Gypsies

In Samarqand is an astonishing gypsies' block  and if you have a chance to be in this city you just have to visit
it! Formerly this place used to be inhabited by Jews but when they left it was settled by Gypsies.
14 Chicken, Anyone?

Chicken, Anyone?

Recently they have cancelled strict certification for food products they had before in place in Russia. Some think that's a cool move - before you even couldn't sell a cookie you bake without getting it certified which involved some heavy visits to authorities and getting many time and efforts wasted. So now it should be easier for farmers and food producers to
market their stuff. But, as it always happens a rise of a "dark" entrepreneurship. This one particular company was getting a lot of chicken that was already not suitable to be sold and used some chemicals injections to give it an attractive look. They say it is not the only company but there are plenty of such using those "technologies".
45 Russian Bridge Went Crazy!

Russian Bridge Went Crazy!

All Russia is sitting puzzled near their TVs looking on the... wobbling bridge. This phenomena is taking place in on of the Russian towns. The bridge stands across the Volga river and people say that there are absolutely no technical reasons why it should behave like that. It stayed normal for a long time but now it went crazy
without any reasonable reason - there were no earthquakes or strong winds in the area, however I bet you've never saw anything like that, when a heavy concrete bridge paved with a good deal of road surface dances like a soft rubber ribbon. Here is the video too. update: second video has been added
Blue-Pail Headed 1
17 Blue-Pail Headed

Blue-Pail Headed

Such blue pails are usually used to protest against police flashers
as they look alike. But some protestants go over the edge ...
21 Dancing Forest

Dancing Forest

This weird forest is located about 38km away from Curonian Spit, a national park in the Baltic Sea. Dancing forest is a unique natural phenomenon. Here the pines bend in odd postures, as if dancing. Some trunks are even convolute in rings. There is a belief - if one get
through such ring making a wish, it will come true. Another belief says that places where trunks make such rings are the borders of positive and negative energy and if you get through the ring from the proper side, your life will be one year longer.
Veterans Of The Great Patriotic War 1
47 Veterans Of The Great Patriotic War

Veterans Of The Great Patriotic War

A great portraits collection of the Great Patriotic War
veterans.  Photos were taken in 2006 by James Hill in Gorky Park.
Khabarovsk City - Russian Far East Capital of the 80s 1
20 Khabarovsk City – Russian Far East Capital in the 80s

Khabarovsk City – Russian Far East Capital in the 80s

Vintage photos of Khabarovsk city of the 80s. This nice city is still rather attractive and hospitable. In 2008 Khabarovsk became a winner of the
All-Russian competition "The most well-planned city of Russia" in the nomination "The city with population over 500 thousand citizens".

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