Cinema Sand 10
8 Cinema Sand

Cinema Sand

In St. Petersburg there was recently held an annual International Festival of Sand Sculpture. Subject of the festival - "World
cinema". Among the participants: Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Finland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, France ...
Mustang Fail 1
23 Mustang Fail

Mustang Fail

Here's a fake Mustang that actually was a Lada car which got turned into Ford Mustang
replica by some Ukrainian devotees. Wanted the best, you see the rest ...
Another Attempt to Drown a Guy in Concrete Shoes 1
18 Another Attempt to Drown a Guy in Concrete Shoes

Another Attempt to Drown a Guy in Concrete Shoes

A similar story happened in St. Petersburg just few weeks ago. The prank
seems to become quite popular in the Northern capital of Russia...
Slave Market on the Road 1
35 Slave Market on the Road

Slave Market on the Road

Yaroslavskoye highway in Moscow. These low-paid workers have been standing here for many years. They work for 500 rubles (16,5 USD) a day, often don't return home alive and at best aren't paid a ruble for months and finally turned out. They stand here from 5
a.m. to 9 p.m. and "attack" each car that stops. Local police arbitrary rules are becoming ledendary. The poor guys live in the neighbouring barracks and apartments 10-15 people in a single room paying 3000 rubles (100 USD) for a person.
soup_it_up 1
19 How an Aircraft is Souped Up?

How an Aircraft is Souped Up?

Just imagine that you are sitting in the middle of TU-154M and there are at least 3 tonnes, if not 8, of kerosene under
you. Can imagine what 8 tonnes of kerosene look like? Yeah, quite difficult, it is. Let’s soup it up?
9 Getting Even Higher

Getting Even Higher

Roofers of Moscow are again at it. And heights are getting madder and madder with every single
time. Now guys conquered one of the capital’s skyscrapers, Mirax plaza. Try not to black out!
baltika_brewery 2
16 Baltika Brewery in Samara

Baltika Brewery in Samara

Have you ever been wondering about how the Russian beer is brewed? And, by the way, not just the Russian one. Except a few popular Russian brands of beer, such as Baltika,
Jigulevskoe and Nevskoe, Arsenalnoe, Yarpivo there are some foreign ones also brewed over here (among them are Tuborg, Asahi, Kronenbourg 1664 and Carlsberg.)
plane_capturing 1
26 Then-captured Plane

Then-captured Plane

Back in August, 1995, Russian IL-76TD RA-76842 plane was captured by the militants from Taliban movement. Along with
the plane an aircrew was also captured (8 people.) And today the story is going to go about this plane.
Angelina Jolie in Moscow 2 1
39 Angelina Jolie in Moscow

Angelina Jolie in Moscow

Angelina Jolie on a visit to Moscow. Beautiful as always, smiling and
friendly - she undoubtedly made a good impression on Muscovites.
19 Artwork of Ukrainian Banksy

Artwork of Ukrainian Banksy

Here we present new graffiti from
Simferopol, being called "Ukrainian Banksy".

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