4 Another Act Of Terrorism?

Another Act Of Terrorism?

Explosion at the "Europe" shopping mall in Ufa. According to official figures, gas accumulation at one of its cafes caused the explosion. 2 people died, 2 people are hurt. The witnesses have much
more less optimistic information. According to them, many people died, about 400 people are hurt and the reason for this accident is nothing more than another act of terrorism.
4 The Two Beautiful Bridges Of Kiev

The Two Beautiful Bridges Of Kiev

These lovely pictures are of the Moscow Bridge in
Kiev, Ukraine. They were taken at the very dawn.
15 Moscow Channel In Soviet Times

Moscow Channel In Soviet Times

A compilation of the pictures from booklets and magazines devoted to the work of the Moscow Channel in Soviet times. This is a period of time from the 60s to the 80s. Here you can
see not only the channel itself, ships and cargoes but also wonderful views on different districts of Moscow and even some photographs of the Soviet girls in bikini.
6 Flying Foxes – They Exist

Flying Foxes – They Exist

Pictures of one wonderful fox that lives in Kronotsky
National Biosphere Reserve and obviously likes being active.
21 Abandoned In Russia

Abandoned In Russia

Very sad to realize how many of them are in Russia nowadays... and how
wonderful most of them have been at the time of their prosperity.
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7 Wild Nature Trip To Kolyma

Wild Nature Trip To Kolyma

Very exciting and even dangerous trip along Kolyma. Wild
nature and animals are the only residents of those places.
8 What Russians See Out Of Windows…

What Russians See Out Of Windows…

Space launching - that is something that can make your
imagination go too far when you once see it out of your window.
7 News From Russian Roads, Part 27

News From Russian Roads, Part 27

Not only icicles fall from
the roofs in Russia...
11 Kirovsk And Its Landscapes

Kirovsk And Its Landscapes

Kirovsk lies at the bottom of the Hibin Mountains, the hugest mountain range in the Kolsky peninsula. Kirovsk is a popular Russian mountain skiing centre, but the condition of some
elevators seems to tell the opposite... In any case views of the city and landscapes shot from the 1075-meter-height Aikuaivenchorr mountain won't leave anybody indifferent!
5 Metallurgical Silicon Production

Metallurgical Silicon Production

The Silicium factory in Kazakhstan produces metallurgical silicon in a special way using special ore heat-treating
furnaces. This is one of the biggest factories in the whole country and the only one specializing in this field.