14 The Cemetery Of Jet Fighters

The Cemetery Of Jet Fighters

Alone, old and now not dangerous fighters located near Moscow.
They are a little bit disassembled, but still beautiful.
18 Huge Road Accident

Huge Road Accident

That's what happens when the
brakes of a heavy bus fail...
19 Space Anniversary Celebrated In Zvezdny City

Space Anniversary Celebrated In Zvezdny City

Practically all young boys dream to become a spaceman, but who has really become?  The space topic remains mysterious for us, intriguing and inaccessible even now.
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first human fly to space there was a solemn event in Zvezdny city that is located in the Moscow region.
14 Moscow Loves Gagarin

Moscow Loves Gagarin

Here is a compilation of photos dedicated to the first man in space - Yuri Gagarin. It's not a sin to write about heroes the
second day running, right? All of them were taken in Moscow and show all the joy and love of Russian people to their hero.
13 At The Poultry Factory

At The Poultry Factory

There are a lot of poultry factories in Russia. And now we have an opportunity to go
inside one of them and learn some interesting details about the work there.
19 The First Man In Space

The First Man In Space

Today is the memorable day. The day of the first human flight to space. But
do we know this first pilot well? Here are some facts from his life.
3 The Legendary City Baikonur

The Legendary City Baikonur

Baikonur is the city in Kazakhstan that is famous for its cosmodrome. The Baikonur cosmodrome is the first and largest operational space launch facility in the world. It is located in the
desert steppes of Kazakhstan, near the Aral Sea. It is exactly the place from which 50 years ago the first man flew to the space. Today all the world celebrates this great date.
leningradoldphotos 13
10 When Leningrad Still Existed

When Leningrad Still Existed

Here are some old pictures of
Leningrad in this post. Watch and
10 Blood Feud in Chechnya

Blood Feud in Chechnya

All the Caucasian nations, no matter what religion they confess, follow traditions of a blood feud. But it has always been considered
that blood feud in Chechnya is practised more than in any other region of Russia. Here is a short photo report on this topic.
7 Winter Fishing In Russia

Winter Fishing In Russia

Fishing in Russia has become mostly the paid pastime. But there are
still some places where fishers can go in for their hobby for free.

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