17 News From The Russian Roads, Part 21

News From The Russian Roads, Part 21

One dweller of a little town in the Vinntskaya region, Ukraine goes fishing on his own boat made from... old
Zaporozhets car! He decided to upgrade it when he understood that it's not safe to leave such a valuable car ashore.
12 Good Recipes For Breakfast And Dinner

Good Recipes For Breakfast And Dinner

"Lazy" curd dumplings is a very easy-to-cook dish and can be cooked practically by everyone! They are called "lazy" also because it does not take much time to prepare
them so they can be easily served for breakfast - curd dumplings are light but nutritious! Also in this post one original recipe of red borsch is added!
7 Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area Mode Of Life

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area Mode Of Life

The photos are made in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area by a famous German journalist Gerd Ludwig whose works are published in such magazines as National Geographic, Time and Life.
In his photographs he shows social changes, happening in the modern society and also touches upon ecological problems. Many of his exhibitions are devoted to Russia.
13 Picturesque Balaclava And Its Sights

Picturesque Balaclava And Its Sights

Balaclava is a remote district of Sevastopol. Previously it was a closed town due to the underground submarine repairing and equipping
factory which is now a museum. Today the town is opened and it is great, because Balaclava is an absolutely must-see place!
9 A Cute Baked Chicken

A Cute Baked Chicken

Here is a simple but eatable
recipe of cooking chicken.
21 Cooking “Kolduni” And “Dolma”

Cooking “Kolduni” And “Dolma”

In this post we are going to tell you about two very unusual ways of cooking meat! The first one is "kolduni" - "sorcerers" in
English... Why they have such a strange name - we don't know! Maybe beacause to cook them you need to be a real "kitchen wisard"?!
12 Back To Atomic Icebreaker “Lenin”

Back To Atomic Icebreaker “Lenin”

We have already written about this gorgeous vehicle, but there is another big collection
of photos from outside and inside "Lenin". We just have to show you them today.
33 “Buran” And Launching Site

“Buran” And Launching Site

A collection of quite interesting
photos of the USSR heritage.
kruch liver 17
5 Liver Rolls With Stuffing

Liver Rolls With Stuffing

Another interesting recipe is fried liver
rolls - a traditional Ukrainian dish.
14 The History Of Ice-Cream In The USSR

The History Of Ice-Cream In The USSR

In this post we will tell you a bit about the history of ice-cream in
the world and about its history in the USSR in more details!

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