12 The Crimea, Ukraine – Shell Rock Production

The Crimea, Ukraine – Shell Rock Production

A photo report from the "Northern" area of an opencast mine in the Crimea, Ukraine, where shell rock is mined. Shell rock is has been used as a building
material for a long time. This rock was formed many centuries ago, as a result of pressing of mollusks' shells, sand, lime and other natural elements.
27 “Cosy” Siberian Towns

“Cosy” Siberian Towns

Photos of little Siberian towns. Some of them are now abandoned, some are populated, but living there is
not a honeymoon. These pictures remind of the fact that a human being can adapt to any conditions.
8 Subway Station Porcelain Exhibition

Subway Station Porcelain Exhibition

In November, 2nd at one of the Moscow Subway stations the porcelain exhibition was opened. The station became bright, elegant and attractive. There are presented exhibits of national art crafts
of leading Russian factories: Imperial Porcelain Factory (St.Petersburg), «Gardner's Manufactories», Dulyovsky Porcelain Factory and «Association Gzhel» closed corporation.
31 Borsch – A Delicious Red Soup

Borsch – A Delicious Red Soup

Borsch is a very delicious and specific kind of vegetable soup and a part of national cuisines of many countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, etc. There are hundreds ways of cooking borsch. For example the Ukrainian borsch is usually cooked with fried meat (when you need
to make it quicker) or raw meat (originally beef or pork). It consists of boiled vegetables (beet, onion, cabbage and carrots) which are added in broth later. Borsch is commonly boiled for 20-40 minutes and when it is ready, is a real tastiness with sour cream!
16 Modest Shopping of the Early 90s – Part II

Modest Shopping of the Early 90s – Part II

The continuation of the photo history about shopping in the early 90-s, when there were no internet shops, mini- and
supermarkets and even normal good stores - just ordinary people buying ordinary things in ordinary places.
9 A Horrible Flood In The Krasnodar Territory

A Horrible Flood In The Krasnodar Territory

Thousands of people in the Krasnodar Territory have lost their property in one night as a result of a natural calamity. The inundation carried away 14 lives. More than 1000 houses
suffered and it is impossible to restore most of them. The Russian Government and the regional authorities promised to pay each owner of a destroyed house 150 thousand rubles.
Space Museum 2
4 The “Energy” Space-Rocket Corporation Museum

The “Energy” Space-Rocket Corporation Museum

Here is a short photo report from the museum of
"Energy" Space-Rocket Corporation in Korolyov.
11 Halloween 2010, Moscow

Halloween 2010, Moscow

On the night of October, 31st Moscow, as any other city in the World celebrated Halloween. From year to year the fest becomes more and more popular, and this time, streets of the city were crowded with witches, vampires, imps and other evil
spirits. By the way, as per decision of the largest religious confessions' heads, Halloween is declared "outside the law". "Halloween is a holiday alien to Russia" - assert the Moscow patriarchy and Russian mufti Council.
10 Traditional Russian Cuisine – Meat Dumplings

Traditional Russian Cuisine – Meat Dumplings

Meat dumplings or "pelmeni" is a traditional Russian cuisine dish. These are little boiled pieces of unleavened dough filled with minced meat of fish. Meat dumplings are especially tasty with sour cream or mayonnaise, and also with ground black pepper and
grated cheese, parsley and butter. BTW semi-finished frozen pelmeni are also popular among bachelors or other people who are bad at cooking or do not have enough time to cook - they are very tasty and rich, cheap enough, easy and quick to cook!
Komsomol Member 1 4
17 “Whiskey On The Rocks” or “The Swedish Komsomol Member”

“Whiskey On The Rocks” or “The Swedish Komsomol Member”

28 years ago in November 1981 the international scandal "with Soviet submarine" inflamed. Going already in surface position Submarine №137 was not marked by any Swedish radar. On the night of 14/15, October, 1981, Soviet diesel submarine №137, was making a usual training voyage in the Baltic Sea. Owing to failure of navigating devices and errors in place
definition, it ran off the course in low visibility and took the ground at a southeast extremity of Sweden... Besides, Swedes informed Americans that on the board of the submarine were tactical nuclear weapons, and it made the situation only more complicated. In the morning of the 7th of November the submarine turned back to its base.

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