21 The Security To Trust

The Security To Trust

Let us introduce to you the 7th Rezekne Red Banner Missile Division and its   strategic mobility complexes with an intercontinental ballistic missile, "Topol"
("Poplar"). Unlike the 46th Missile Division whose central command post was transformed into the museum, this one still operates and guards its Homeland.
17 Strategic Missile Forces Museum

Strategic Missile Forces Museum

In 2001 the last Ukrainian launcher of the intercontinental ballistic missile, RS-22, was destroyed and the central military command post of
the 46 th Missile Division was transformed into a museum. The USA has the similar museum which is called Ronald Reagan Minuteman.
34 The Upgraded Georgian Army

The Upgraded Georgian Army

This is a story about one Georgian infantry brigade. Its soldiers took part in the military
actions in Tskhinvali, a great number of them died then. The unit was destroyed in 2008.
10 The Supersecret Unit

The Supersecret Unit

The unit in the Tver Region is so supersecret that it cannot even be found on the Google maps. However in the beginning of
the 60s Khrushchev showed here the rocket R-16 to F. Castro and his men. It was able to fly to the USA and Cuba.
10 The Nature Reserve Near Astrakhan

The Nature Reserve Near Astrakhan

The Astrakhan region is a perfect place for ecotourism. There is no better place for tourists that like
animals and especially birds. Swans, sea eagles, egrets, pelicans, cormorants and other birds nest here.
17 Moscow Tuning Show

Moscow Tuning Show

An amazing tuning show was held in Moscow from the 15th to 17th of April. Gold and
silver cars, half-naked girls and airbrushing. All this is inside the post!
14 Life In Kyrgyzstan

Life In Kyrgyzstan

Osh is a big old Kirghiz city located in the south of the country.
The following pictures show everyday life of the Osh dwellers.
36 Secret Airbase in Khotilovo

Secret Airbase in Khotilovo

Khotilovo is a secret military airfield located in the Tver region. It is always in combat readiness to
protect the airspace of Moscow and the Central industrial region. It's not that easy to get there...
6 Very Hot on Shooting Range

Very Hot on Shooting Range

Remember the previous post about Russian marines? Here are some more pictures of
their training on a shooting range. Let's enjoy the spectacle of firing.
22 Lenin Modernized

Lenin Modernized

Here are some hilarious variations of just one Vladimir
Lenin's picture. Imagination knows no boundaries indeed...

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