Sunken Armored Vehicle 1
13 Sunken Armored Vehicle

Sunken Armored Vehicle

In Krasnoyarsk guards drowned an armored vehicle in the Yenisei river. Being in a drunken state young people hijacked the vehicle from the parking
place and decided to drive a bit.  Highway patrol explains: "This vehicle is an amphibious one, so they decided to drive in the water".
44 Soviet Food

Soviet Food

Food in the USSR was actually more than food. After starving post-war years, this opportunity - not only to find food but to please a family and guests with something tasty and creative - turned home cooking
into art. Yes, it's true that range of products choice was scanty. But in USSR was something that hardly can be explained to those who live in the world of abundance - "art to find scarce goods".
Trolleybuses Cemetery 2
15 Trolleybuses Cemetery

Trolleybuses Cemetery

Rusted remains of old
trolleybuses in St.

28 Life in the Gutter

Life in the Gutter

The story you’re going to learn now is not a commonplace one. This is the story of a one-day-long journey to the other world that is full of filth, grime and foulness. But in spite of all these dirty things, this world is our world too. This is an
insight on how bums of Novosibirsk live, spend their free time, entertain themselves and occasionally partying. Our humble guide for today is bum Oleg of “Bogdanovskie” gang. There he is. A sly and lively man with his head cracked.
Brides\' Parade 1
37 Brides’ Parade

Brides’ Parade

These are the photographs from the brides' parade that
was held in VDNKh, Moscow. So pretty they are!
29 Favourite Stalin’s Car

Favourite Stalin’s Car

The first armored car of upper class for the Soviet party-governmental elite was made in the end of 1940s at the automobile plant n.a. Stalin, later renamed after Likhachov. The
armored car ZIS-115 was produced in 1946-47. All in all there were manufactured about 32 copies of such limousines. The main person this car was made for was Joseph Stalin.
Laughing in the Face of Death 1
39 Laughing in the Face of Death

Laughing in the Face of Death

It is really weird for onlookers: decrepit old women with wild whooping shred a doll. The doll's clothes flocks and last year's straw are flying right and left and soon this all will be over.  The old women will go back home with a daubed head of the doll. According to an old popular belief they have just provided rich crop for the next year.
This is how ends a complicated ritual of Stroma's funerals that has been celebrated in Shutilovo village in Nizhny Novgorod region since the beginning of time. Each year old women dress up a doll and then they shred it and blow around in a field. They say that in the place of a doll there used to be a real man ...
33 Button Accordions Factory

Button Accordions Factory

This musical instrument is undoubtedly one of the most popular nowadays. First accordions appeared in Russia in the beginning of the 19th century, and thanks to
original sounding and viaual appeal, they soon became rather popular. Number of accordion masters has grown so much that their making became number two in Tula.
Thermal Power Plant Construction 2
21 Thermal Power Plant Construction

Thermal Power Plant Construction

Thermal station (TPP) is a thermal power plant producing energy and being a heat source of energy in district heating supply system of the city (central heating, hot water). We offer to see
the pictures of TPP construction, paying attention at its scope. The main building of the thermal power plant is a real huge city located on several tiers in a large iron box. 
bomb attack in Soviet Russia

13 Soviet Bombing, 1977

Soviet Bombing, 1977

Looks like they had bombings even in Soviet Union, back at the peaceful and quite 1970s. That times when anything anti-Soviet was banned, and people couldn't gather in groups larger than three of participants for the reasons different than praising Soviet regime it looks rather surrealistic and unreal, but still there were some. Day of January 8th, 1977 had three of those happened almost at once in the Soviet capital, the Moscow city. One was in the subway (maybe that was the first of the subway bombings
ever) and other too happened in the grocery store and in a residential complex. Seven were killed and more than thirty wounded. The authorities didn't succeed too much in catching the suspects, and as a matter of a fact didn't have reasons to suspect anyone neither enough evidences to build up any sane versions of who could do this. No any groups took the responsibility too, in reality there were no any groups operating in Soviet Union before this accident.

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