33 “Buran” And Launching Site

“Buran” And Launching Site

A collection of quite interesting
photos of the USSR heritage.
kruch liver 17
5 Liver Rolls With Stuffing

Liver Rolls With Stuffing

Another interesting recipe is fried liver
rolls - a traditional Ukrainian dish.
14 The History Of Ice-Cream In The USSR

The History Of Ice-Cream In The USSR

In this post we will tell you a bit about the history of ice-cream in
the world and about its history in the USSR in more details!
11 Tsars Palaces In Paintings

Tsars Palaces In Paintings

Edward Petrovich Gau (1807-1887) was the Russian artist, a watercolor painter. Edward Gau was born in 1807 in Revel (modern Tallinn). He engaged in drawing since his childhood and in 1830-1832 was trained in Academy of Arts of Dresden. The greatest popularity to the artist was brought by watercolors of known buildings' of Moscow,
St.-Petersburg, Gatchina interiors, painted by request of the imperial family. In Moscow he drew interiors of the Big Kremlin palace, the Nikolaev palace; in St.-Petersburg — the Mihajlovsky lock, the Winter palace and the Hermitage, in Gatchina — interiors of the Big Gatchina palace. Here are some of his works.
8 Glushko Cosmonautics And Missilery Museum

Glushko Cosmonautics And Missilery Museum

This interesting museum is situated in one of the ravelins of the Petropavlovskaya fortress, St.Petersburg. There
in 1932-1933 first Soviet missiles were developed. The museum itself was founded in 1973 by V.P.Glushko.
10 One More Selection Of Moscow Views From Height

One More Selection Of Moscow Views From Height

Here is a new selection of breathtaking and beautiful Moscow shots made from roofs, towers and bridges. Such photos transmit the atmosphere of a big megalopolis very well - millions of
people like tiny ants, cars like little bugs, fanciful road curves, buildings standing so close together - this city is a great anthill, if you look at it in this way!
11 Culinary Assorted

Culinary Assorted

A few recipes beloved by
Russians, simple but delicious.
Antarctica 4
5 The Snow-White Beauty

The Snow-White Beauty

Do you hate winter? Who is sure that the most beautiful landscapes can be seen only in summer or in spring? And what about the
place where winter never ends? Antarctica - a place of ancient glaciers, white snow, permafrost and... dazzling beauty.
Wings 2
9 Aircraft Graveyard Not Far From Moscow

Aircraft Graveyard Not Far From Moscow

In former times powerful and majestic, and now just old and rusty, air machines spend their last days at such graveyards to beautiful-junk-lovers' joy.This amazing place, which will make every arcraft-,
post-industrial-, history- or photo-fan squeal with delight is situated not far from Moscow. Here are lots of planes, helicopters and agriculturial airplanes of various models and model years.
15 How To Make Cornel Vodka

How To Make Cornel Vodka

Cornel is sour, but tasty and healthy berry. People make different
cornel jams and compotes, but we will tell how to make cornel vodka!

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