Saint Petersburg: Big Obukhovsky Bridge 1
4 Saint Petersburg: Big Obukhovsky Bridge

Saint Petersburg: Big Obukhovsky Bridge

Big Obukhovsky Bridge - a cable and fixed one. It is located on the border of Nevsky district and Vsevolzhsky district of the Leningrad Region.  This bridge over
the Neva river is one of the longest in Russia. These pics have been taken by one guy who managed to climb on the top of the highest pylon (126m).
Newborn KAMAZ Vehicles 6
21 Newborn KAMAZ Vehicles

Newborn KAMAZ Vehicles

Do you know what happens with KAMAZ vehicles after production? Certainly they are delivered to the finished products warehouse
first. From here some of them will be sent to an automobile sales center, others will be bought right here by wholesalers.
11 Fantastic Peat Harvesters

Fantastic Peat Harvesters

Sometimes we can come across such machines that it seems their design has been
inspired by some fantastic novels. These ones have been found somewhere in Ryazan.
32 The Moscow Kremlin Excursion

The Moscow Kremlin Excursion

For the eight centuries period of its existence, the Moscow Kremlin has witnessed many great and tragical events of the Russian history. Today it is one of the largest museums in the world. The state regalia, invaluable icons, treasures
of Russian Tsars are all kept here. This excursion is exclusive and these pictures have been shot thanks to one girl who works in the Kremlin. Ordinary tourists don't have a chance to see all this with their eyes.
The Sky Over Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant 1
36 The Sky Over Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

The Sky Over Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Let us make a photo-trip to Chernobyl and Pripyat again. Pictures taken
there are always interesting, here is another confirmation.
Some Ways to Deceive a Casino 1
21 How to Deceive a Casino

How to Deceive a Casino

Here's one of the ways to deceive a casino. Cheats put fake chips with a hidden camera on a table. Next to them they put a cigarette pack with a signal booster. A signal is passed to a monitor of an accessory who is sitting in a car with tinted glass not far
from the casino. The accessory relays information and the player hears it in an earphone and he knows what cards the dealer has. The point is that the camera is located at the level of the table and it shoots cards during dealing.
How They Make Mobile Communications 7
19 How They Make Mobile Communications

How They Make Mobile Communications

The huge part of the populated area of Russia is covered with base stations. In the fields they look like red and white towers and in the city they are hidden on the roofs of
houses. Each station receives a signal from a cellphone at the distance up to 35 km and communicates with a cellphone via engineering channels and voice canals.
If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 1
43 If He Is Loved He’s Still Alive

If He Is Loved He’s Still Alive

In the 1980s Russia was in love with a popular singer and songwriter Victor Tsoi. Unfortunately, he tragically died at the age of 28, but he still has lots of
fans who love and remember his songs. On August, 15th there was 20-years anniversary of his death and his true fans gathered at his memorial wall.
53 Generation Next

Generation Next

Yesterday we showed you some funny avatars from the Russian social network and many readers couldn't believe that they are authentic. However they are,
and to give you some confirmation we offer to see some pictures of young Russians who like  energetic "Jaguar" drink containing vodka.
23 American Life in Russia, 1959

American Life in Russia, 1959

Back in 1959 there was a strange exhibition held in Moscow. It was a show case of American way of life demonstrated to common Russian people, something unseen by them and never even dreamed to be seen during the harsh Stalin years. For this purpose thousands of examples of the American lifestyle were brought to Moscow and placed in the freshly built complex, that was also built by an American company. They brought everything you can imagine - American
cars, American food, Coca-Cola and jeans, but also they brought some really large objects like the real american shopping mall was brought and displayed in Moscow, or the example of a typical American home. This video was shot during that event by an American filmmaker and was originally more than fourty minutes long but due to youtube rules was shrinked to ten minutes. Still you can see most of it caught on tape.

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